plastic-to-hydrocarbon equipment in Tennessee

  • Suntree - Model Storm Boom™ - Hydrocarbon Absorption Booms

    Suntree manufactures various storm booms designed for stormwater applications. 

    By Suntree Technologies, Inc. Office in Hendersonville, TENNESSEE (USA). from Hydrocarbon Absorption Booms Product line

  • Industrial Coatings - Plastic Coatings - Carboprotect

    XYMARA CarboProtect is a solid UV Absorber developed for solvent borne coatings. Based on a red shifted hydroxyl-phenyl-benzotriazole chromophore, it is suited for coatings and substrates requiring ...

    By BASF Germany Office in Chattanooga, TENNESSEE (USA). from Carboprotect Product line

  • Sapphire - Plastic Sorting Equipment

    If you are looking to extract either mixed plastics or specific plastic resins from low-grade input material (for example PVC from MSW that is intended to be turned into RDF) or sorting plastics by type at material recovery facility (MRF) the Sapphire module will provide with a perfect low-cost solution. The Sapphire features a full spectrum near ...

    By MSS, Inc. based in Nashville, TENNESSEE (USA). from Plastic Sorting Equipment Product line

  • Streamline - Plastic Coated Copper Tube

    Streamline plastic-coated copper tube is manufactured in a variety of options for use when copper tube is to be buried or used in a potentially aggressive environment. Building and insulation materials can contain chemicals that are potentially corrosive to plain copper tube, requiring it to be protected to ensure its longevity in service. Our ...

    By Mueller Industries Inc based in Memphis, TENNESSEE (USA). from Plastic Coated Copper Tube Product line

  • Plastic Anti-Bird Netting

    Boddingtons' plastic anti-bird netting is a lightweight but strong netting that will give protection to soft fruit and vegetables from bird attacks and from browsing animals. Anti bird netting can be used for fruit cages, the protection of crops from birds (inc. pigeons), rabbits, squirrels and other similar pests. Our plastic anti-bird protection ...

    By Boddingtons - a Fiberweb business based in Old Hickory, TENNESSEE (USA). from Plastic Anti-Bird Netting Product line

  • Haiti - Plastic Bottles and Bags Clutter the Streets and Canals

    Plastic bottles and bags clutter the streets and canals of Haiti.  Some recyclers are trying to solve this ecology disaster. Scale Designs is working with them to provide necessary equipment. Importing low cost, heavy duty scales and compactors is not practical because after freight and duty costs are factored into the equation one or both ...

    By Scale Designs based in McKenzie, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Suntree - Flume Filter

    Designed to fit in a drainage flume, and captures foliage, sediment, litter, and hydrocarbons.

    By Suntree Technologies, Inc. Office in Hendersonville, TENNESSEE (USA). from Flume Filter Product line

  • Premium

    L & M - Orange Plastic Safety Fence

    4' X 100' or  4' X 300' Orange Safety Fence - Great Barrier Brand. An industry standard for contractors for decades. Affordable and Durable. Use 5' Metal T-Post or 5' Hard Wood Stakes to install. Stakes sold separately. A medium grade 13 lb Orange Safety Fence is also available.

    By L & M Supply Company Distributor in Nashville, TENNESSEE (USA). from Orange Plastic Safety Fence Product line

  • Premium

    Model .35mm - Miniflex Fiberscope

    Miniflex 1000 mm x 0.35 mm ø, Working length: 1000 mm. Outer diameter: 0.35 mm ø. Viewing angle: 0°. Field of view: 70°. Min. radius of curvature: 40 mm Focusable. This Flexoscope is equipped with a plastic outer plastic sheath.

    By USA Borescopes based in Clarksville, TENNESSEE (USA). from Miniflex Fiberscope Product line

  • Bonar Plastics - BAG in the BOX

    You can count on the Bag in Box for safe and sanitary storage or transport of non-hazardous liquids. Its double-wall, foam-filled design will protect the heavy ply bag. The disposable liner makes bulk handling easy and safe. The smooth surface inside makes it easy to clean and maintain.

    By Snyder Industries Inc. Distributor in Memphis, TENNESSEE (USA). from BAG in the BOX Product line

  • Aladdin - Optical Sorters

    By far our most popular optical sorting module! For sorting plastics by type and color at the same time in MRFs and plastics converter facilities (PET, HDPE) the Aladdin is among the best optical sorters. It contains NIR and color sensing capabilities to sort by resin and by color. Furthermore, an optional transmission sensor allows for the ...

    By MSS, Inc. based in Nashville, TENNESSEE (USA). from Optical Sorters Product line

  • Model PR Series - Piopure Breathing Air System

    In addition to removing moisture, oil, hydrocarbons, dirt and scale, the Piopure breathing air system converts toxic CO to CO2. Piopure is designed to meet OSHA Standards with CO intake of 400 PPM (by volume) or less. Piopure is designed to meet CSA Standards with CO intake of 100 PPM (by volume) or less.

    By Pioneer Air Systems based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA). from Piopure Breathing Air System Product line

  • Model PK Series - Piopack Filtration System

    The Piopack multi-stage filtration system removes moisture, oil, hydrocarbons, dirt and scale to provide grade 'D' breathing quality air. Piopack is designed to meet OSHA Standards with CO intake of 10 PPM (by volume) or less. Piopack is designed to meet CSA Standards with CO intake of 5 PPM (by volume) or less.

    By Pioneer Air Systems based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA). from Piopack Filtration System Product line

  • TurfProtecta - Turf Reinforcement Mesh / Grass Protection Mesh

    Turfprotecta turf reinforcement mesh is an extruded plastic mesh for the protection, stabilization and reinforcement of grass and turf for pedestrian, light vehicle and occasionally trafficked applications. Turf reinforcement mesh stabilizes the grass by allowing the grass to interlock with the plastic mesh structure creating a strong reinforced ...

    By Boddingtons - a Fiberweb business based in Old Hickory, TENNESSEE (USA). from Turf Reinforcement Mesh / Grass Protection Mesh Product line

  • BodPave - Model 85 - Porous Gravel Paving Grids

    Bodpave 85 plastic porous gravel paving grids are a modular permeable paving solution for ground reinforcement where a gravel surface is required. Bodpave™85 permeable paving grids are manufactured from recycled HDPE. The plastic grids interlock with each other to offer ground stabilization with a contained gravel fill as an alternative to ...

    By Boddingtons - a Fiberweb business based in Old Hickory, TENNESSEE (USA). from Porous Gravel Paving Grids Product line

  • Fast-Break - Direct Release Emulsifier

    Fast-Break is the result of ground-breaking modern surfactant technology. Our formulas superior wetting ability picks up and disperses oils and hydrocarbons quickly from any number of substrates and rises away freely. Within minutes, oils neatly separate on top, leaving a clean, environmentally benign effluent and little to no rag layer. Simply ...

    By The River City Soap Company based in Memphis, TENNESSEE (USA). from Direct Release Emulsifier Product line

  • Suntree - Model 2000 - Grate Protector

    Can be installed as a permanent or temporary BMP during or immediately after construction. The filter screens are .04 sieve size and are made from polypropylene material. Prevents everything from sediment, to grass clippings, to plastic bottles from entering the storm drain.

    By Suntree Technologies, Inc. Office in Hendersonville, TENNESSEE (USA). from Grate Protector Product line

  • Multisort ES

    An advanced color sorting system designed for precision color identifications and sorts of plastic bottles over a wide range of colors, tints, and transparencies. Utilizes revolutionary extended spectrum color sensing technology, and allows rapid detection of even slight differences in colors with extraordinary accuracy.

    By National Recycling Technologies (NRT), Inc based in Nashville, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Dura-Cast - Custom Rotomolding Plastic

    The Dura-Cast Custom Rotomolding Design and Prototype Team is comprised of our quality assurance manager, product concept designer, mold fabrication manager, production manager, and sales manager. They are organized to work with customers on product concept designs and to convert them into high quality rotomolded plastic products. The Custom ...

    By Dura-Cast Products, Inc. Distributor in Memphis, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Model 410 - Plastic Butterfly Valves

    The GEMU 410 pneumatically operated 2/2 way butterfly valve has a maintenance-free corrosion-resistant plastic piston actuator. Normally Closed and Double Acting control functions are available.

    By Gemü Valves, Inc. Distributor in Knoxville, TENNESSEE (USA). from Plastic Butterfly Valves Product line

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