point-of-use filtration equipment in Egypt

  • Model 8 FAS/R 250 - Filtration Plants

    Filtration is undoubtedly, the most important basic treatment for water and mechanical treatment applied to water.Filtration, often, is followed or preceded by many other chemical-physical or biological treatments that take part in the other characteristics of the water. The settleable substances, in virtue of their chemical-physical nature, of ...

    By WTEC Plants Srl Office in Heliopolis, EGYPT. from Filtration Plants Product line

  • WTEC - Nano-Filtration Process System

    Nano-filtration process is mainly used to remove the bivalent ions contained in water and to remove partially, any traces of nitrate and other mineral salts present. It is a Reverse Osmosis process that envisages the use of membranes less selective to the Salts. The advantage is that they require a much lower working pressure. At the same time it ...

    By WTEC Plants Srl Office in Heliopolis, EGYPT. from Nano-Filtration Process System Product line

  • INGE - Waster Water Treatment by Ultra Filtrations

    Inge GmbH company develops innovative ultrafiltration technologies used in the treatment of drinking water, process water, sea water and waste water.IngeĀ® provide systems that purify water by reliably removing bacteria, viruses, particles and suspended solids.IngeĀ® goal is to set new standards in the field of ultrafiltration in order to develop ...

    By ProServe Egypt based in Alexandria, EGYPT.

  • Pure Life - Model CMB - Melt-Blown PP Filter Cartridge

    Cartridge is once formed by heat meltingfilum, from purepoly propylene, Which is suitablefor pre-filtring the high-lustratiori liquid. and it'susually used tosecurity filter forultra filtration membrane.

    By Pure Life Filters based in Damietta, EGYPT. from Melt-Blown PP Filter Cartridge Product line

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    Lime Filtration

    The use of lime for treating flue gases is a proven technology. Flue gas is generated from the thermal treatment process in Energy from Waste plants (EfW) and contains acidic gases such as hydrogen chloride, sulphur dioxide and hydrogen fluoride. The use of lime in the three main flue gas treatment processes of; dry, semi-dry and wet processes ...

    By Inciner8 Limited Distributor in EGYPT. from Lime Filtration Product line

  • Demineralisation According To VGB Standards

    For the treatment of raw water and process water to demineralised water Berkefeld uses the following procedures: Pretreatment by conventional filtration or / and membrane technologies, Demineralisation by ion exchange, Reverse Osmosis and Mixed Bed Exchanger, Electro deionisation (CEDI), Degasification (membrane degasification, rinser, vacuum ...

    By Veolia Water Technologies Office in New Cairo, EGYPT. from Demineralisation According To VGB Standards Product line

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    Eijkelkamp - Filterholder for In-Line Filtration System

    The filter apparatus, suitable for field and laboratory, has a net filtration area of 130 cm2. The medium to be filtered only has contact with the chemically inert teflon. The rest of the apparatus consist of stainless steel. If the proper filter membrane is used, very agressive fluids and gasses can also be filtered. The filter apparatus can be ...

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    DEVISE - Model UF PACK - Ultra-Filtration Package Systems for Greywater Treatment and Wastewater Tertiary Treatment

    The UF-PACKTM is a system used for Greywater Treatment as well as Tertiary Wastewater Treatment for reuse applications. It is based on the ultrafiltration (UF) technology using low-fouling hollow fiber membranes and can provide high quality water effluent. It is unique due to its compactness, effectiveness, and ease of installation.DEVISE ...

    By DEVISE ENGINEERING S.A. Distributor in Cairo, EGYPT.

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    DEVISE - Model UF PACK - Packaged Water Treatment Plants

    For the needs of potable water treatment DEVISE ENGINEERING S.A. designs and constructs complete packaged plants using conventional treatment process such as physical-chemical, clarification and rapid gravity filtration.

    By DEVISE ENGINEERING S.A. Distributor in Cairo, EGYPT.

  • SERFILCO - Model KNIGHT - Filtration Systems

    Material: ST, SS304, SS316. Performance: 1500 - 9000 gpm. The SERFILCO KNIGHT filtration systems feature the most durable pumps and filter chambers in our product line. They are designed to provide years of trouble-free service in demanding applications. The KNIGHT systems are intended for use where thermoplastic systems are unsuitable due to ...

    By Serfilco International Ltd Distributor in EGYPT. from Filtration Systems Product line

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    ENVEA (ex Environnement S.A) - Model PCME QAL 991 - Dust / Particulates Monitor System

    Suitable for industrial processes controlled with dry scrubbing and high efficiency bag filtration. The PCME QAL 991 uses unique ElectroDynamic™ Probe Electrification technology, which outperforms alternative probe electrification technologies by extracting a specific frequency band of the induced AC signal. This patented feature ensures ...

    By ENVEA Distributor in Heliopolis, EGYPT. from Dust / Particulates Monitor System Product line

  • Aqualine - Ultra Filtration Systems

    Aqualine ultrafiltration Units are basically a filtration process. UF uses membranes with a pore size of 0.01 micron and this acts as a barrier for bacteria, virus and other micro organisms without using chemicals.  Any particle greater than 0.01 microns will be removed and turbidity can be reduced to below 0.1 NTU. Chlorine is the best known ...

    By Esli Water Treatment Company Distributor in Cairo, EGYPT. from Ultra Filtration Systems Product line

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    Eijkelkamp - Model 08.15 - Soil Sampling and Classification Set

    Soil research is a very important aspect in the planning and execution of agricultural- as well as civil engineering and operations. In order to make the soil research as comprehensive as possible the following studies must be made with regards to: The build up of a soil; i.e. determining the composition, the thickness and the position of the ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in EGYPT. from Soil Sampling and Classification Set Product line

  • RoQuest - Model 3000 - Liquid Coagulant Contains

    RoQuest 3000 liquid coagulant contains a proprietary blend of organic polymers that works best on waters with hard silt based colloidal particulates. This multicomponent polymer coagulant is formulated specifically for membrane use, including applications of particle-laden borehole sources or treated municipal supplies that are used for industrial ...

    By Avista Technologies, Inc. Distributor in Cairo, EGYPT. from Liquid Coagulant Contains Product line

  • Donaldson Torit Downflo - Model II - Dust Collectors

    The long-standing, most influential cartridge collector in industrial air filtration history, the Donaldson® Torit® Downflo® II (DFT), delivers optimum performance and is one of the best values available in today’s marketplace. A leader in the industry for over 20 years with thousands of successful installations in place, DFT ...

    By Donaldson Torit Distributor in EGYPT. from Dust Collectors Product line

  • RoQuest - Model 4000 - Liquid Coagulant

    RoQuest 4000 liquid coagulant is an organic polymer and ferric sulfate blend used to enhance the removal of a broad spectrum of inorganic particulate, organics, silt, and colloids in multimedia filters. This multicomponent polymer and iron salt coagulant is formulated specifically for membrane use, including applications of surface waters that are ...

    By Avista Technologies, Inc. Distributor in Cairo, EGYPT. from Liquid Coagulant Product line

  • Eco-Tec - Spectrum Filter

    The Spectrum Filter™ is able to achieve its high level of performance by using two particulate media layers and a patented backwash process. An upper layer of coarse media allows for an extended service cycle by providing depth filtration of large particles while a lower layer of very dense micro media provides surface filtration of smaller ...

    By Eco-Tec Inc. Distributor in Alexandria, EGYPT. from Spectrum Filter Product line

  • MEMBRAY - Toray MBR Membrane

    Toray's Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) process is a combination of biological wastewater treatment and membrane filtration. Biodegradable pollution is reduced using bacteria and microorganisms. Following biological treatment, the activated-sludge is separated from the treated water by a microfiltration membrane.

    By Toray Membrane Europe Distributor in EGYPT.

  • Eco-Tec Spectrum - Model Plus - Nutshell Media Filters

    Nutshell media filters are commonly used in the treatment of produced water to reduce the oil and solids content of the water prior to injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) or prior to subsequent treatment such as softening the water as feed to steam generators used in heavy oil production. However, residual oil and suspended solids ...

    By Eco-Tec Inc. Distributor in Alexandria, EGYPT. from Nutshell Media Filters Product line

  • RoQuest - Model FS - Liquid Coagulant Contains Ferric Sulfate

    RoQuest FS liquid coagulant contains ferric sulfate and is designed for use as a flocculant in direct filtration applications. This coagulant enhances filter performance by removing colloids, silt and many organic molecules to produce an improved filtrate that will reduce downstream reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) membrane fouling. ...

    By Avista Technologies, Inc. Distributor in Cairo, EGYPT. from Liquid Coagulant Contains Ferric Sulfate Product line

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