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by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS

The calcimeter by Eijkelkamp is suitable for the simultaneous determination of the carbonate content in 5 samples. Where possible the vulnerable glass was replaced by synthetic materials. Because hydrochloric acid is used a stable and ergonomic design was chosen. The calcimeter is delivered complete with reaction vessels and test tubes (without ...

Eco Physics - Model PAG 003 - Dual Reaction Chamber Analyzers

by ECO PHYSICS, INC.     based in Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN (USA)

The Pure Air Generator PAG 003 is your source for efficient and reliable zero air. It eliminates the need for ultrahigh purity zero air cylinders. In particular it is designed for CLDs measuring sub ppb levels. Other trace gas analyzers benefit as well.

Avanti - Model JXN-30 - Centrifugation

by Beckman Coulter, Inc.     based in Brea, CALIFORNIA (USA)

High throughput and high productivity are standard fare for every Beckman Coulter centrifuge and the Avanti JXN Series is no exception. It’s more than capable of delivering solutions for shared labs, GMP environments, networked instruments and more. With the Avanti JXN Series centrifuges, you will not only manage your daily laboratory ...

Synspec Spectras - Model GC955-601 BTX - Benzene and BTEX Analyser

by Enviro Technology Services plc     based in Stroud, UNITED KINGDOM

The Syntech Spectras GC955 series 600 BTX analyser is built for the measurement of benzene, toluene and xylene isomers in ambient air.

Model 5.402, 5.403 - Ultrafine Particle Counters

by Grimm Technologies     based in Douglasville, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Ambient aerosols (a) enter the sample pipe (c) to saturator (d). Here they traverse a Butyl Alcohol vapor whereby they become saturated with this vapor. The sample air flow can be configured for high (1.5 l/min) or low flow operation (0.3 l/min) total flow through this saturator.  Next, saturated air flows into the condenser (e) where vapor ...

Hamon - Wet Gas Scrubbers

by Hamon USA     based in Somerville, NEW JERSEY (USA)

While many systems can be used to obtain particulate and sulfur oxide reductions, not all systems are created equal. The following sections outline a number of key factors, which make the ExxonMobil Wet Gas Scrubber as supplied by Hamon Research Cottrell the best choice for FCCU emissions control:

Ecotech - Model Aurora 1000 - Integrating Nephelometer

by Ecotech Pty Ltd     based in Knoxfield, AUSTRALIA

Easy to use and maintain, the Aurora 1000 lowers the cost of ownership for aerosol light scattering, visibility and particulate monitoring instrumentation. The Aurora 1000 uses a single wavelength LED for light scattering coefficient and visibility measurements. Ecotech, through collaboration with globally renowned atmospheric research institutes, ...

Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems

by Epcon Industrial Systems, LP     based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA)

Epcon has designed SCR systems based on cutting edge technologies as an industry leader in research & development with our own original designs.

Hamon - Fabric Filter

by Hamon USA     based in Somerville, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Hamon Research-Cottrell fabric filter systems are a major component of a long tradition of excellence. We combine more than 40 years of experience in fabric filtration including the latest approaches in low pressure high volume pulse jet filters as well as older technologies such as reverse gas filtration.

BIOTOX - Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) Process

by Biothermica Technologies Inc.     based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA)

The BIOTOX regenerative thermal oxidation process consists of oxidizing in a combustion chamber the organic compounds (vocs and cocs) contained in the industrial emissions being treated, while recovering sensible heat from combustion gases by means of ceramic beds. The recovered heat is then used to preheat entry gases thanks to an efficient heat ...

Ambio - Biofiltration - Air Pollution Control Technology

by Ambio Biofiltration Ltd     based in Rockland, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Biofiltration is an air pollution control technology. It is essentially a packed bed of particles in which microorganisms are immobilized on top of the packing particles called support medium. The contaminated air stream (pollutants such as ammonia, amines, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), reduced sulphur compounds (RSC), and/or VOCs) is humidified and ...

Graduated Straightening Grid Technology (GSG)

by Fuel Tech, Inc.     based in Warrenville, ILLINOIS (USA)

Our patented GSG Graduated Straightening Grid technology has been applied to areas in the power plant from the economizer to the air heater

Fiber Bed Oil Mist Collector

by Monroe Environmental Corporation     based in Monroe, MICHIGAN (USA)

Custom designed oil mist collector consisting of a continuous-duty, aerosol coalescing filter, fan assembly and, when needed, an optional pre-filter stage.

CF-S - Media Filtration System

by Containment & Filtration Solutions     based in Flower Mound, TEXAS (USA)

The CF-S’s media filtration system utilizes variable-density fabrics with advanced engineered qualities to capture and retain a broad spectrum of pollutants to meet rigid regulatory requirements. CF-S has spent countless hours researching and finding the right combinations of materials that can provide optimum stormwater ...

LSE - Model NH3 - 1710 - Air Pollution Monitoring of Ammonia Analyser

by Enviro Technology Services plc     based in Stroud, UNITED KINGDOM

LSE Monitors has developed a robust and cost-effective analyser based on photo acoustics with a quantum cascade laser. The concentration of NH3 in sample air is continuously determined with a detection limit of 0.025 ppm and a time resolution of 2 seconds. Continuous ammonia measurements in ambient air Ammonia (NH3) plays an important role in ...

STS - Model SMF 4 - Portable Fluorimeter for Organic Pollution Monitoring

by Safe Training Systems Ltd     based in Wokingham, UNITED KINGDOM

STS have produced the fully portable SMF4 Fluorimeter which allows instant quantification of Tryptophan, a surrogate for BOD, in water samples on site, allowing immediate decisions to be taken regarding water quality and control actions.This technique simplifies and quantifies investigations into cross connections in sewers and recycled water ...

D.R. Technology - Venturi Scrubbing for Air Pollution Control

by D.R. Technology, Inc.     based in Freehold, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Particulate Scrubbers are used to transfer solids, liquid droplets/mists from a carrier gas into a receiving liquid. This transfer requires both the humidification of the gas by the host liquid and creation of target droplets into which the transference occurs. This process requires energy to create the liquid droplets that will humidify and form ...

LSE - Model N2O - 4405 - Air Pollution Monitoring of Nitrous Oxide Analyser

by Enviro Technology Services plc     based in Stroud, UNITED KINGDOM

LSE Monitors has developed a robust and cost-effective analyser based on photo acoustics with a quantum cas-cade laser. The concentration of N2O in ambient air is continuously determined with a sensitivity of 0.005 ppm and a time resolution of 120 s. Although the concentration of N2O in the atmosphere is relatively high (330 ppbv), the day and ...

TWT - Chemical-Physical Systems for Selective Removal of Pollutants

by Tecnoimpianti Water Treatment Srl (TWT)     based in Pozzuolo Martesana (MI), ITALY

TWT’s is able to propose adequate solutions for our customers’ needing for what concerns the selective removal of specific pollutants from difficult purging waters.

Targeted Pollutant Reactive Filter Media (TPRFM)

by Clean Green Technology Inc.     based in Huntington Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA)

CGT Targeted Pollutant Reactive Filter Media (TPRFM) can physically, chemically and biologically treat polluted run off by using well documented reactions and processes that enables the treated water to be available for re-use or for discharge to the natural environment.  The treatment processes are determined by the media components and ...

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