pond water equipment in Arizona

  • Model OWS - Oil Water Separator

    In many manufacturing processes, coolants, quenchants and other aqueous solutions become contaminated with tramp, lube and hydraulic oils which detrimentally affect the process. In addition, catch basins, storm sewers and retention ponds are often mixed with motor oil, gasoline and other hydrocarbons which prevent the safe discharge to surface ...

    By Filtertech Office in ARIZONA (USA). from Oil Water Separator Product line

  • Ultra Passive Skimmer

    The Passive Skimmer floats on water surface and continuously absorbs oil. Unique polymer absorbent actually bonds the oil to the polymer matrix and prevents leaching. It will not create ponding or clog due to sediment.

    By BASCO, Inc Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Odor Control Co - Powders

    Dried essential oils evaporate from powder, generally used when odor source is wet. May be sprinkled or we can put a pre-measured amount (up to a pound) into a water soluble bag for you to just toss into various wet odorous areas like a lined pond or lagoon.

    By Odor Control Co., Inc. based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Model SCP 100-60-180 BV - Solar Pool Pump

    SunPumps SCP series solar powered centrifugal pool pumps with brushless DC motors are the ultimate in performance and reliability. There are two types to choose from, the BC series with a 2” outlet and the BV, or 'High Volume' series with a 2 ½” outlet, designed for large pools. SCP series solar pool pumps will replace almost ...

    By SunPumps, Inc. based in Safford, ARIZONA (USA). from Solar Pool Pump Product line

  • Ultra-TrackPans for Railcar Spill Containment

    Provide spill containment at industrial rail sidings, and locomotive fuel and maintenance facilities. Patented modular design allows below-grade piping to be installed for channeling large spills to holding ponds or tanks. Withstands temperatures ranging from -40ºF to 140ºF. 9´ TrackPan® System consists of two center-pan and four side-pan 4 1/2´ ...

    By BASCO, Inc Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Hexa-Cover® - Hexagonal Pond Cover

    Market leading Pond Cover solution since 2004. No weak spots caused by blow / injection holes, no hollow areas that can break or crack because of the contraction / expansion caused by large swings in temperature, no ballast water inside ensuring our product does not ice up and potentially leaking water into the reservoir.

    By Hexa-Cover A/S Distributor in Payson, ARIZONA (USA).

  • RainWise - Model H20LVL - Water Level Sensors

    The RainWise Water Level Sensor provides water level readings to 0.1% accuracy from 10 to 700 foot ranges. The unit is designed to meet a variety of applications, including well monitoring, pump tests, lift stations, tank level, ground water, surface water measurement, ponds, lakes and streams.

    By RainWise Inc. Distributor in ARIZONA (USA). from Water Level Sensors Product line

  • Skim-pak - Model Series 2500 - Stainless Steel Flow - Control and Floating Fixed Weir Surface Skimmer Systems

    Skim-pak series 2500 is also designed for operations such as: Sumps up to 12 x 12 feet. Storage Tanks up to 10,000 gallons. Equalization Tanks. Settling Ponds. Oil/Water Separators. Waste Water Intake, Treatment and Discharge. Lift Stations. Environmental: Oil and other VOC Spill Recovery. Surface Water Pollution Control and Remediation. Leachate ...

  • Oxymax - Aeration System

    Oxymax Aeration Systems work from the bottom of the pond, completely submerged, out of sight and silent. It couples an electric motor to a propeller water transport system. The oxygen-depleted water is moved rapidly from the bottom of the pond directly and effciently to the surface. The cooler, denser water absorbs oxygen as it quickly spreads ...

    By AquaMaster Fountains and Aerators Distributor in Glendale, ARIZONA (USA). from Aeration System Product line

  • LAGOON MASTER - Sludge Activating Aerator

    Recreational ponds, wastewater lagoons, fish grow-out ponds and small, shallow lakes have always exhibited the problem of organic matter collecting on the bottom and eventually becoming polluted. Wastewater lagoons are especially fraught with problems because their purpose is to clean the wastewater to the point that it can be released back into ...

    By Reliant Water Technologies Distributor in Litchfield Park, ARIZONA (USA). from Sludge Activating Aerator Product line

  • AquaAir - Model Ultra - Diffusers

    AquaAir Ultra provides ponds and lakes with superior aeration, circulation, and de-stratification. A stainless steel, base mounted enclosure containing up to four compressors delivers the highest air flow rates available. Service is made easy by “tool-less” compressor removal. Weighted Super Sink air tubing supplies air flow to the ...

    By AquaMaster Fountains and Aerators Distributor in Glendale, ARIZONA (USA). from Diffusers Product line

  • Go-Filter - Mobile Treatment System

    The Go-Filter Mobile Treatment System is a modular trailer mounted water quality device designed to reduce turbidity levels in discharge waters at construction sites or industrial facilities. Turbidity reduction is accomplished without the use of environmentally harmful flocculants or chemicals. A trash pump mounted on the trailer conveys captured ...

    By AquaShield, Inc Distributor in Chandler Heights, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Skim-pak - Model Series 4000 - Stainless Steel Flow - Control and Floating Fixed Weir Surface Skimmer Systems

    The skim-pak series 4000 skimmers are rugged, compact and portable for operation in tanks, lagoons, ponds, lakes, rivers and harbors. Capable of fitting through any 24” access, the Series 4000 skimmers utilize a unique self adjusting flow control eliminating manual adjustments. This unique flow control will recover more oil and less water, ...

  • Enviro Liner - Model 7000FLEXHD - Flexible Membrane Liner

    Enviro Liner 7000FLEXHD is the new Layfield-manufactured geomembrane material that extends our prefabricated Enviro Liner materials into even better levels of chemical resistance. Enviro Liner 7000FLEXHD is a coextruded structure that uses the EL 6000 formulation in the core and then adds two surface skins of fortified HDPE. This results in a ...

    By Layfield Group Limited Distributor in ARIZONA (USA).

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