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CMC SmartCEMS - Model PGAS - Portable Gas Analyzer System

by CMC Solutions, LLC     based in Farmington Hills, MICHIGAN (USA)

The SmartCEMS Portable Gas Analyzer System is a component of a predictive emission monitoring system (PEMS) that provides for continuous stack gas sampling for pollutants and diluents under U.S. EPA 40 CFR Part 60 and/or U.S. EPA 40 CFR Part 75 regulations. The Portable Gas Analyzer System can test up to 6 gases simultaneously, or swap sensors out ...

HORIBA - Model PG-350E - Portable Gas Analyzer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     based in Leichlingen, GERMANY

Laboratory-precise five components gas analysis, anywhere according to DIN EN 15267 - 3, DIN EN 14181. Approved as Standard Reference Method (SRM) for: CO (DIN EN 15058). O2 (DIN EN 14789). NOx (DIN EN 14792).

Innov-X - Model Alpha Series - Portable XRF Analyzers for Soil Sampling

by Argus-Hazco     based in Chesterfield, MICHIGAN (USA)

Environmental studies can now save time and money with real-time, on-the-spot elemental analysis - from Magnesium to Uranium, from PPM to 100% - in solids, liquids, powders, cores, fragments, filters & films, slurries and more. Portable XRF provides cost-effective, timely analysis. Innov-X combined an x-ray tube source, multiple beam filtering ...

PCA - Model Ecoprobe5 - Portable Analyzer for Contaminated Soils

by PCA Technologies SRL     based in Parabiago, ITALY

Ecoprobe5 portable analyzer allows a preliminary assessment of the chemical and physical condition of soils. It detects the presence of polluting compounds, in order to make actions for land remediation. It also provides O2 concentration, barometric pressure and vacuum degree during aspiration.

PCA - Model Explonix - Portable Analyzer for Explosives and Radioactive Materials

by PCA Technologies SRL     based in Parabiago, ITALY

Explonix portable analyzer allows a fast and reliable detection of explosives (even the non-volatile) and radioactive materials in trace. The application for airports is the most frequent, screening passengers and their baggage; it integrates easily with other devices for safety ensuring (eg. X-Ray scanners, bomb-squad robots). MiniExplonix ...

Portable NIR Analyzer

by AppliTek NV - Environmental Analysis Division     based in Nazareth, BELGIUM

This handheld analyzer is the ideal analytical solution to conduct non-invasive measurements on chemical and physical properties of powders, gels and solids. It is a solid-state NIR design with an external battery for quick and reliable analysis in the field, either by contact or non-contact. A wide range of application-oriented options such as ...

SURCIS - Model PASTEL UV - Portable Multiparameter Analyzer

by SURCIS, S.L.     based in Barcelona, SPAIN

PASTEL-UV is capable of measuring up to 6 parameters simultaneously in less than one minute, and thus allows a fast characterization of the effluent.

AMETEK - Model 5100 P - Portable Gas Analyzer

by Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX     based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The AMETEK Model 5100 Portable Gas Analyzer is used for spot checking the performance of plant equipment, like dryers, and verifying the measurements of on-line moisture analyzers. The portable unit operates on the principle of TDLAS and guarantees high specificity, sensitivity and fast response speeds. The unit has a built-in reference cell for ...

THERMOX - Model 120HD - Portable Hydrogen Analyzer

by Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX     based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The 120HD analyzer functions as a katharometer. It operates by having two parallel tubes both of which contain gas and heating coils. The gases are examined by comparing the rate of loss of heat from the heating coils into the gas. The coils are arranged in a bridge circuit so that resistance changes due to unequal cooling can be measured.

InfraCal - Model 2 - Portable Infrared Analyzer

by Spectro Scientific     based in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Whether it's quality control for a production line, environmental compliance, or a repetitive analysis you need to make on a regular basis, the InfraCal 2 Analyzer will make the measurement easily and reliably. With improved sensitivity and added features over the basic InfraCal Analyzer, typical measurement results take less than a minute. The ...

E Instruments - Model E8500-MK - Portable Emissions Analyzer Marine Kit

by E Instruments International, LLC     based in Langhorne, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The E Instruments E8500-MK Portable Emissions Analyzer Marine Kit can provide reliable and accurate measurements of O2, CO, CO2, True NOx(NO+NO2), SO2, and CxHy hydrocarbons to help ships achieve and confirm compliance with MARPOL AnnexVI and the NOx Technical Code and obtain IAPP certificati

Systech - Model EC92DIS - Intrinsically Safe Portable Oxygen Analyzer

by Systech Instruments Ltd     based in Thame, UNITED KINGDOM

Portable oxygen analyzer used to measure oxygen levels suitable for hazardous environments. The EC92DIS portable oxygen analyzer can be used in hazardous areas - approved for II 1G Ex ia IIc Ga T4 - Zone 0 (ATEX). It is designed to measure oxygen levels and can detect oxygen levels as low as 1ppm, up to high percent oxygen levels and can be used ...

Model 6320 Series - Portable Analyzer

by Windrock Inc     based in Knoxville, TENNESSEE (USA)

The Windrock Model 6320 family of analyzers has revolutionized the analysis of reciprocating machinery. With features found in no other portable devices, Windrock analyzers are designed specifically to evaluate reciprocating compressor an

ECOM - Model EN2 - Portable Analyzer

by LFG Parts Supply     based in Clinton, ILLINOIS (USA)

The ECOM EN2 is a portable analyzer that can do the job of much larger and more expensive analzyers.  The EN2 can measure up to 4 gases: O2, CO, NO, NO2. Calculates CO2 efficiency and excess air.  Includes probes for temperature and stack draft / pressure. The on-board printer, SD Memory Card and wireless Bluetooth come ...

Model OMA-206P - Portable Analyzer

by Applied Analytics, Inc.     based in Burlington, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The OMA-206P is AAI's rugged analyzer-in-a-suitcase offering. The lightweight case housing the instrument is unbreakable, watertight, airtight, dustproof, chemical-resistant, and corrosion-proof. Made from Ultra High Impact structural copolymer, this enclosure is extremely strong and durable. The OMA-206P is built to withstand the harshest ...

Model Z-300 - Portable Analyzer

by SciAps, Inc.     based in Woburn, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The Z-300 accomplishes what no other portable analyzer has done. It’s a handheld analyzer that measures every element in the Periodic Table. The Z-300 is revolutionary. It’s the most portable, high performance LIBS analyzer ever created. Its advanced technology includes a stacked, high resolution spectrometer that spans from 190 nm ...

omnilab - Model W - Portables Analyzers

by Biorealis, Ltd.     based in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

Portable analyzer omnilab - W is dedicated dominantly for small and medium size companies operating in the wine industry. This multiparametric device is able to measure 10 most imporatant analytes  in wine and must and allows:

Portable Analyzer


Portable analyzer for controlled atmosphere chambers. Battery-powered, light and compact analyzer.  Simplified start-up and control. Sensor precision: 0.05% up to 1.5% and 0.1% above this. Sensor resolution: 0.01% up to 1.5% and 0.1% above this. Integrated sample pump. OLED screen. Response time: depending on the length of the line, generally ...

MiniDis - Model ADXpert - Portable and Automatic Mini-Distillation Analyzer

by Grabner Instruments Messtechnik GmbH     based in Wien, AUSTRIA

This true atmospheric distillation analyzer is extremely compact, portable and light weight and operates as a fully stand-alone unit. Designed for the quick and accurate quality control in laboratories and in the field, a distillation run on light products takes just 15 minutes and requires as little as 6 mL of sample. Because of its small size, ...

Gasmet - Model DX4040 - Portable Ambient Air Analyzer

by Gasmet Technologies Oy     based in Helsinki, FINLAND

Gasmet's DX4040 FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) gas analyzer can detect 25 different gases simultaneously with results in just 25 seconds. The DX4040 has a library of measurable gases that can be changed easily through the systems interface. It can also be used for VOCs, TICs, waste anesthetic gases and unknowns. 

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