portable containment equipment in Indiana

  • E-PAK - Portable Molten Filler

    E-PAK Machinery’s Portable Molten Filler has the capability to fill a wide range of products and handle a wide variety of container sizes and shapes. Although it is designed primarily for filling candles, this filler has the capability to fill other hot filled products like deodorants, petroleum jelly, lip balm, and glycerin soaps.

    By E-PAK Machinery, Inc. based in La Porte, INDIANA (USA). from Portable Molten Filler Product line

  • E-PAK - Portable Pneumatic Overflow Filler

    E-PAK Machinery’s Portable Pneumatic Overflow Filler is a user-friendly, accurate, portable, and flexible means of filling a variety of water-thin to low-viscosity liquids into most any size container.

    By E-PAK Machinery, Inc. based in La Porte, INDIANA (USA). from Portable Pneumatic Overflow Filler Product line

  • Portable Oil Transfer and Filter System

    For off-line servicing and filtering without shutting down the system, a self contained unit, it is totally portable and separate from the main unit. Reduces downtime and increases oil and component life. Can be used to transfer oil from drums, reservoirs, or cleaning up spilled hydraulic fluids. Comes complete with pump, motor, hoses, heavy duty ...

    By Spill Solutions based in Anderson, INDIANA (USA). from Portable Oil Transfer and Filter System Product line

  • Griffin - High Pressure Jet Pumps

    Griffin’s High Pressure Jet Pumps are available in 4” and 6” models. These pumps are self-contained and portable.

    By Griffin Dewatering Corporation Office in Hammond, INDIANA (USA). from High Pressure Jet Pumps Product line

  • Polcon - Sentry Recorder

    Polcon Sentry Recorder is a unique, solid state, microprocessor-type recorder that senses and records differential pressure obtained from a Pitot rod, which is then used to determine the flow rate through a pipe or water-main. The recorder can be programmed to monitor flow for short or long-term testing, is self-contained, light-weight, and fits ...

    By M.E. Simpson Company, Inc. based in Valparaiso, INDIANA (USA).

  • Deionization

    Deionization systems (Ion Exchange), also known as Demineralization contain synthetic resins with reactive sites. Depending on the resin used, these sites exchange hydrogen ions for positive ions and hydroxide ions for negative ions. Depending on the quality you need we will use these separate beds, or also incorporate mixed beds which contain ...

    By Ultrapure & Industrial Services, LLC Office in Ft. Wayne, INDIANA (USA).

  • Premium

    THERMOX - Model 120HD - Portable Hydrogen Analyzer

    The 120HD analyzer functions as a katharometer. It operates by having two parallel tubes both of which contain gas and heating coils. The gases are examined by comparing the rate of loss of heat from the heating coils into the gas. The coils are arranged in a bridge circuit so that resistance changes due to unequal cooling can be measured.

    By Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX Distributor in INDIANA (USA). from Portable Hydrogen Analyzer Product line

  • Premium

    THERMOX - Model CMFA-P2000 - Portable Premix Gas/Flue Gas Analyzer

    The CMFA-P2000, (Combustion Mix Flue Gas Analyzer), was designed specifically to meet the dual furnace combustion requirements of glass container manufacturing plants. Using a highly reactive bare platinum zirconium oxide cell, the analyzer is capable of measuring excess oxygen in post combustion flue gas or excess oxygen to excess fuel in ...

    By Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX Distributor in INDIANA (USA). from Portable Premix Gas/Flue Gas Analyzer Product line

  • Sak-Pak - Activated Carbon Containing Filter

    The Sak-Pak is a Fullers Earth or Activated Carbon containing filterSak Pak Filter element developed by ErtelAlsop as a clean, cost-effective, simple alternative to the traditional means of cake filtration. The Sak-Pak, when used in an ErtelAlsop Pak housing, provides a portable enclosed environment. Sak-Paks are most effective when used after a ...

    By ErtelAlsop Distributor in INDIANA (USA). from Activated Carbon Containing Filter Product line

  • THERMOX - Model CMFA-P2000 - Portable Premix Gas/Flue Gas Analyzer

    Combustion gas measurements for NOx efficiency and product quality are especially challenging in the glass container manufacturing process. Two types of gas-fired furnaces exist that require post and pre combustion gas analysis. The glass furnace or 'melt-tank' is fired by conventional burners that mix pre-heated air and fuel in the burner nozzle. ...

    By AMETEK Distributor in INDIANA (USA). from Portable Premix Gas/Flue Gas Analyzer Product line

  • JC Series (J Series)

    JC Series portable submersible pumps by Gorman-Rupp are excellent for sewage bypass and other solids-handling applications. These pumps are designed specifically for trash handling and incorporate several engineering features that prevent jamming and clogging, the two most common problems in pumping fluids containing solids. These models feature ...

    By Gorman-Rupp Co. Distributor in INDIANA (USA). from JC Series (J Series) Product line

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