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Power Plant equipment

  • Power Plants

    The concept of applying cylindrical filter modules for Flue Gas Cleaning is a proven solution to prevent corrosion.The SimPulse 3C filter is the only pulse-jet filter concept on the market, providing an optimum utilization of the 'long bag' principle with a number of significant features.The combination of a cylindrical design and downflow ...

    By Simatek A/S based in Soroe, DENMARK. from Flue Gas Cleaning Product line

  • FutureGen - Power Plant

    One of the things that makes the FutureGen power plant unique is its ability to capture the CO2 created during the electricity generation process, compress it and pump it into deep geologic formations thousands of feet below the earth’s surface where it is permanently stored. This technology is known as carbon storage (sometimes also called ...

    By FutureGen Alliance, Inc. based in Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (USA).

  • BWSC - Waste-to-Energy Power Plants

    The world generates about 4 billion tons of all types of waste per year. Cities alone generate about 1.5 billion tons of solid waste per year and this is expected to increase to 2.4 billion tons by 2025. Currently, three quarters of the waste is disposed in landfills, with only one quarter being recycled. Landfilling is environmentally problematic ...

  • BWSC - Floating Power Plants

    BWSC markets a proven power barge design with arrangements based on BWSC’s vast experience in reciprocating engine-based power plants. The power barge is designed to utilise 4-8 large bore engines operating natural gas or dual fuel (HFO or LFO) with thermal efficiency up to 50% at all loads, also part load. Standard power plant spacing ...

  • Innovation - Model 1 - Biological power plant

    It produces electricity from waste.


  • Privately-owned Power Plant

    The concept of a privately-owned power plant increasingly discussed in view of increasing energy prices and understanding of the need for sustainable environmental protection is based on the realistic perspectives of tailor-made decentralised energy generation.  Decentralised energy generation reaches an essentially higher degree of ...

    By f.u.n.k.e. SENERGIE GmbH based in Engen, GERMANY.

  • PV Power Plant

    PV power generation has many unique advantages which normal power generations can not possess: reliable installation, no noise, no pollution, acquiring resources everywhere without limitation to the area, no fuel needed, no mechanical rotation parts, so has very low break-down, convenient maintenance, short time in building up, and size can be ...

    By Changzhou Kindersolar Energy Co.,Ltd based in Changzhou-Jiangsu, CHINA.

  • ENERGIN - Model PPT - 25 MW Power Plants

    ENERGIN PPT are power plants based on the parallel installation of 4-50 Generator Sets type ENERGIN® M12 GEN G500. Thereby a rated power of 2-25 MW is available. The use of this highly standardized Generator Sets offers many advantages over plants with less, but larger engines.

    By R Schmitt Enertec GmbH based in Mendig, GERMANY.

  • BackPack Power Plant

    The Militarized Backpack Power Plant (BPP-ML) measures only 3 feet in length and is even more rugged, portable and adaptable to extreme power site demands than the original BPP. Like its civilian predecessor it is self-contained with its own integrated power, control, cooling and sensor systems. The unit collapses into three major parts which ...

    By Bourne Energy based in Malibu, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • BOP Power Plants

    Examples of Power Plants BOP equipments and systems we test, commission, optimize, service and operate.

    By EGYPTROL based in Nasr City, EGYPT. from Commissioning Product line

  • Construction of Small Hydro Power Plants

    Power station construction procedure starts at the moment of the first contact with the investor. Our specialists help customers at the stage of the location of power station, suggesting draft solutions of the problems related to hydro engineering part, water flow, mechanical and electric part. Afterwards we prepare the design of the entire power ...

    By ZRE Gdansk S.A. based in Gdansk, POLAND. from Water Power Industry Product line

  • Power Plant Overhead Crane

    Power plant overhead crane is European double girder crane which used in the main plant of the power plant, with low clearance, compact structure, security and firm use. It is usually installed in the main plant of the power plant, for generator set installation and maintenance, electrical equipment and other items lifting and handling.

    By Weihua Crane Machinery Co., Ltd. based in xinxiang, CHINA.

  • FastLight - Cycle Power Plant

    Fasti Light Turns a Combined Cycle Power Plant Into An Energy Storage Plant. FastLight uses above-ground compressed air storage cylinders to store air using unneeded power from combined cycle power plants when there is excess energy from renewables on the power grid.

    By Powerphase based in Jupiter, FLORIDA (USA).

  • INSET - Micro Hydro Power Plants

    Output up to 5 kW (MHPP-10Pr) H = 2,0 - 4,5m, Q = 0,07-0,14 m3/s; output up to 10 kW (MHPP-10Pr) H = 4,0 - 10,0 m, Q = 0,10-0,21 m3/s; output up to 15 kW (MHPP-15Pr) H = 4,5 - 12,0 m, Q = 0,10-0,30 m3/s; output up to 50 kW (MHPP-50Pr) H = 2,0 - 10,0 m, Q = 0,30-0,90 m3/s; output up to 100 kW (MHPP-100Pr) H = 6,0 - 18,0 m, Q = 0,50-1,20 m3/s.

    By INSET Ltd. based in St Petersburg, RUSSIA.

  • The Green Box - Mini Power Plant

    Green Elephant has set up its first standardized and pre-fabricated biogas plant – the GreenBox - in Mumbai in September 2011. The GreenBox is a mini power plant, offering the facility to process organic waste to clean gas. The plant converts the waste via anaerobic digestion to biogas, which is further used as a cooking fuel in the colony ...

    By Green Elephant Engeneering Pvt. Ltd. based in Pune, INDIA.

  • Energyen - Model LP/HP - Feed Water Heater for Thermal Power Plant

    This item is installed to improve power generator efficiency by heating supplied water and reducing breakage due to heat stress from temperature differences in boiler tubes. Because a single heater consists of cooling areas, condensing areas, and heating areas, this item requires thoughtful engineering and production. Feed water heaters are ...

    By Energyen Corporation based in Gunsan-Si, SOUTH KOREA. from Thermal Power Plant Product line

  • Repairs and Upgrades of Hydro Power Plants

    Thanks to the potential of ZRE Gdansk, the Company is predisposed to the role of general contractor in renovations of power-generating equipment. Our experience and collaboration with scientific institutions and specialist companies of various branches enables suggestion of solutions for customers concerning such problems as: correction of ...

    By ZRE Gdansk S.A. based in Gdansk, POLAND. from Water Power Industry Product line

  • Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP)

    Our combustion system is optimized in a CHP plant. A high pressure boiler is attached to our furnace and can, depending on the steam need, produce steam up to 25 tonnes / h and 480 ° C in one or two stages.

    By Jernforsen Energi System AB based in Halmstad, SWEDEN.

  • Combined Cycle Power Plant - Energy

    In 1984, a combined cycle power plant incorporating the latest turbine technology, supplied by Takasago Machinery Works to Tohoku Electric Power Co.'s Higashi Niigata Power Station, was first put into commercial operation. In terms of thermal efficiency, this accomplishment was epoch-making for the period. The plant saved far greater energy than ...

    By Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) based in Tokyo, JAPAN.

  • Power Plant Fuel Conditioning Skid

    This automated Algae-X Fuel Oil Conditioning System is custom engineered to decontaminate and condition all fuel for a Power Plant equipped with GE Turbines. It is a continuous duty, fully automated system that provides optimal quality fuel with < 50 ppm at < 5 micron of contaminant and < 200 ppm of water. The skid is equipped with wo ...

    By AXI International based in Fort Myers, FLORIDA (USA). from Automated Fuel Filtration Systems Product line

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