pressure cleaning equipment in Russia

  • Pressure-Fed Bow Screens and Cleaning Systems

    Separation of solids from waste water and process water by means of a bended wedge wire screenplate.

    By REKO Industrial Equipment b.v. Office in Samara Region, RUSSIA.

  • MiniJet - Model 20015300000 - High Pressure Jetting Machine

    The MiniJet is a high pressure jetting machine for residential- and light commercial use. Equipped with a silent and powerful electric motor and professional pump it is ideal for cleaning drains from 25 to 100 mm. The motor/pump can be easily removed and used independently (with a NW 5 hose) from the hose reel, meaning you can leave the hose reel ...

    By Rior B.V./Rioned Office in Moscow, RUSSIA. from High Pressure Jetting Machine Product line

  • INFA-JETRON - Model AJB - Silo Filter

    The INFA-JETRON is a fully automatic storage filter for the dust extraction of exhaust air from silos or containers filled with pneumatic pressure (pneumatical cleaning). The filter is suitable for all dry and free-flowing bulk materials.Due to its unique maintainability the expert magazine “Filtration + Separation” honoured the filter ...

    By Infastaub GmbH Office in St. Petersburg, RUSSIA. from Silo Filter Product line

  • Premium

    Flowfit - Model CYA251 - Universal Flow Assembly for Nitrate/SAC, Turbidity and Oxygen Sensors

    Flowfit CYA251 is a flow assembly for nitrate/SAC, turbidity and oxygen sensors with a diameter of 40mm. It allows optimum adaption to your piping system thanks to numerous available process connections. The ruggedized material withstands even aggressive media and harsh environmental conditions and a back-pressure valve protects your ...

  • Elgin - Model KEMTRON 1500HD2 - Packaged Mud Recycling System

    The KEMTRON 1500HD2 is the flagship product in Elgin's trenchless line of packaged mud recycling / cleaning systems. By boasting an impressive 1,500 gallons per minute (95 lps) cleaning capacity, this unit is designed to handle high solids and high viscosity drilling fluid recycling requirements. The KEMTRON 1500HD2 features a 9,000 gallon (34,000 ...

    By Elgin Separation Solutions Office in Moscow, RUSSIA. from Packaged Mud Recycling System Product line

  • KOSUN - Industry sewage pump

    1. Suction of river mud, soil,sizing agent for agricultural irrigation and also used to liquid transporting in draught and flood seasons in rural areas; 2.Suction of thicker liquid.sewage,paste material,running sand of municipal, chemical , printing and dyeing , medical, shipbuilding, casting , food fields and urban river slurry as well as liquid ...

  • OPTIMASS 7000

    OPTIMASS 7000 is the only sensor for mass flow with a straight measuring tube that is available in Hastelloy®, titanium or stainless steel. OPTIMASS 7000 reliably measures mass flow, density, volume, temperature, mass or volume concentration as well as solids content. Secondary pressure containment around sensor. Easily drained and easy to clean. ...

    By Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh & Co. KG Office in Moscow, RUSSIA. from OPTIMASS 7000 Product line

  • Elgin - Model 1500DT - Dredge Dewatering System

    The Elgin 1500DT is the flagship product in Elgin's  line of mobile dredge dewatering systems.  By boasting an impressive 2,000 gallons per minute (95 lps) cleaning capacity, this unit is designed to handle high solids and high viscosity drilling fluid recycling requirements.  The Elgin 1500DT features a 9,000 gallon (34,000 liters) ...

    By Elgin Separation Solutions Office in Moscow, RUSSIA. from Dredge Dewatering System Product line

  • FLEXICHEVRON - High Capacity Mist Eliminators

    FLEXICHEVRON styles 250 (horizontal) and 350 (vertical) mist eliminators can efficiently remove droplets smaller than 10 microns in diameter in clean service even at higher pressures. Style 250 and 350 designs rely on separate liquid drainage channels for their high capacity. These designs offer higher allowable velocities and different ...

    By Koch-Glitsch, LP Office in Moscow, RUSSIA. from High Capacity Mist Eliminators Product line

  • Ceramic membranes

    Ceramic membrane is a porous fine ceramic filter which is sintered from Alumina, Titania or Zirconium under ultra high temperature. Ceramic membrane normally has an asymmetrical structure with porous support active membrane layer. The macro porous support ensures the mechanical resistance while the active layer functions separation ranging from ...

    By Mendeleev University Science Park based in Moscow, RUSSIA.

  • Premium

    Inciner8 - Venturi Scrubber - Gas Cleaning System

    For a less demanding, lower throughput gas cleaning system, the venturi scrubber is a well tested and respected design used by many industrial processes. It uses a combination of vortex technology and high pressure water misting to remove harmful elements from the exhaust gases.

    By Inciner8 Limited Distributor in RUSSIA. from Venturi Scrubber - Gas Cleaning System Product line

  • Premium

    AZUD HELIX - Model DLP - Automatic Disc Filters

    These systems adapt to installations in which the pressure conditions are a limiting to the rest of self-cleaning systems, reducing the consumed water on the backflushing and maintenance and the pressure, optimizing the filtration process and improving the energy cost of the installation.

    By Sistema Azud, S.A. Distributor in RUSSIA. from Automatic Disc Filters Product line

  • Premium

    AZUD HELIX - Model 200-300 - Automatic Disc Filters

    Automatic in-line Self Cleaning equipment with disc filtering element with 2' valves (Series 200) or 3' valves (Series 300). High Density Polyethylene manifolds. Easy to install. Maximum resistance and durability. Max flow 256 m3/h (1125 gpm). Modular configuration allows design according to customer preference or space availability. Automation ...

    By Sistema Azud, S.A. Distributor in RUSSIA. from Automatic Disc Filters Product line

  • Premium

    Specac - Gas Transmission Cell Windows

    Gas Transmission spectroscopy Windows: Replacement pairs of windows for Specac gas cells. Storm Gas Cell WindowsThe Storm Gas Cell is ideal for the infrared measurement of concentrated gases vapours and gas mixtures at ambient pressures and temperatures. The Storm's fixed 10cm design is easily demountable allowing easy maintenance and cleaning for ...

    By Specac Limited Distributor in St. Petersburg, RUSSIA. from Gas Transmission Cell Windows Product line

  • Premium

    Model WS - Filtration Disc

    This type of disc offers easy cleaning and high resistance against the differentials of pressure. It is manufactured in plastic; it is resistant to all the products normally used in agriculture and industry. It requires low maintenance frequency and offers a huge filtration surface. AZUD has a wide range of filtration grades from 5 micron, to the ...

    By Sistema Azud, S.A. Distributor in RUSSIA. from Filtration Disc Product line

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