pressure cleaning equipment in South Korea

  • Pressure Monitoring System

    A pressure monitoring system enables the operator to better determine the optimal cleaning frequency of the membranes. The fouling rate may vary by aeration zone, hence it is recommended to install at least one system in each zone. By constantly monitoring pressure in the system operators can take steps to prevent declines in oxygen transfer ...

    By SSI Aeration, Inc. Office in SOUTH KOREA. from Pressure Monitoring System Product line

  • Model EL 270 - High Pressure Cleaner

    EL500 is designed for the most powerful cleaning work and loose rusts removal. EL500 model is mounted on mobile frame with casters & stoppers and all control devices are aligned to front side for convenient pump operation. Premium quality self-rotary (optional accessory) can perform wide blasting area and much more faster blasting ...

    By BC International based in Busan, SOUTH KOREA.

  • NOL Series - Open Channel Type Low Pressure UV Disinfection System

    Small to large capacity range, easy to expand capacity by modular design. Automatic wiper mechanism eliminating the requirement of manual cleaning of quartz sleeves. High efficiency, long lamp life amalgam technology. Overall control features such as UV monitoring, remote controlling, system monitoring and water evel regulator. Know-how on ...

    By NEOTEC UV Ltd. based in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA.

  • Acid Dosing System

    In-situ Acid Dosing Systems are available to control calcareous deposits in the perforations which will reduce membrane back pressure. Acid Dosing Systems reduce the need for operators to physically scrub the membranes during cleaning which saves time and labor.

    By SSI Aeration, Inc. Office in SOUTH KOREA. from Acid Dosing System Product line

  • Genius - Model 1052 - PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator

    For applications requiring heating and cooling nitrogen, the Genius 1052 contains highly effective Pressure Swing Adsorption and Carbon Molecular Sieve technologies to deliver a clean nitrogen gas supply. Developed for GCxGC modulators, this model can be used for a wide variety of applications requiring similar nitrogen outputs.

    By Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd Office in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA. from PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator Product line

  • Model Type UV - Open Channel Package Disinfection Unit

    Module, water channel and water level controller are in a set, easy to install , automation and remote control for unmanned plants, automatic sleeve cleaning system , fixed weir ensuring stable water level, low capital cost & operation cost by low pressure lamp technology and compact design, suitable for small size facilities (5~1,000m3/day).

    By ECOSET CO.,LTD based in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA.

  • Premium

    Flowfit - Model CYA251 - Universal Flow Assembly for Nitrate/SAC, Turbidity and Oxygen Sensors

    Flowfit CYA251 is a flow assembly for nitrate/SAC, turbidity and oxygen sensors with a diameter of 40mm. It allows optimum adaption to your piping system thanks to numerous available process connections. The ruggedized material withstands even aggressive media and harsh environmental conditions and a back-pressure valve protects your ...

  • UV Disinfection Units

    Effective monitoring and complete automatic system enabling the easier operation, check up and remote control, very low head-loss hardly influencing the process hydraulics, flanges connected directly to pipeline, no need of extra construction of structure, automatic sleeve cleaning system eliminating the requirement of additional chemical cleaning ...

    By ECOSET CO.,LTD based in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA.

  • OPTIMASS 7000

    OPTIMASS 7000 is the only sensor for mass flow with a straight measuring tube that is available in Hastelloy®, titanium or stainless steel. OPTIMASS 7000 reliably measures mass flow, density, volume, temperature, mass or volume concentration as well as solids content. Secondary pressure containment around sensor. Easily drained and easy to clean. ...

    By Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh & Co. KG Office in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA. from OPTIMASS 7000 Product line

  • Xonic - Model 100L - Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter

    Xonic 100 measure transit-time of flow and use DSP (digital signal processing) technology to analyze ultrasonic signals. This DSP technology can remove any noise from pipe and electronics. Also, Xonic 100 use Cross Correlation and FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) technology to make very clean ultrasonic signals. Measuring pipe is from 20 ~ 6,000mm, ...

    By JAIN Technology Co., Ltd. based in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA. from Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter Product line

  • Premium

    Metrohm - Model 2026 - Titrolyzer Configured for pH Measurements

    The 2026 Titrolyzer configured for pH measurements is the perfect instrument for situations where inline pH measurements fail. Temperature, pressure changes, streaming potential effects and more have no influence on the measurement. The electrode condition is continuously monitored, and calibration and cleaning is done automatically. This results ...

    By Metrohm AG Distributor in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA. from Titrolyzer Configured for pH Measurements Product line

  • Premium

    Specac - Gas Transmission Cell Windows

    Gas Transmission spectroscopy Windows: Replacement pairs of windows for Specac gas cells. Storm Gas Cell WindowsThe Storm Gas Cell is ideal for the infrared measurement of concentrated gases vapours and gas mixtures at ambient pressures and temperatures. The Storm's fixed 10cm design is easily demountable allowing easy maintenance and cleaning for ...

    By Specac Limited Distributor in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA. from Gas Transmission Cell Windows Product line

  • Premium

    Aquaprobe - Model AP-7000 - Multiparameter Water Quality Probe

    The AP-7000 Aquaprobe is designed for long term deployment utilising a central cleaning system to keep the fitted sensors clean reducing the effects of bio-fouling common in extended deployments. The multiparameter AP-7000 set, consists of a GPS Aquameter, AP-7000 probe DO (optical), EC, pH, Redox, Sal, TDS, depth, temperature and 6 ports for ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in SOUTH KOREA. from Multiparameter Water Quality Probe Product line

  • Pegasor - Air Supply Unit

    Pegasor Air Supply -unit provides clean air for the Pegasor M and Mi2 -sensors. Air supply unit is especially useful in environments where pressurized air is not available or difficult to reach - such as on board vehicle installations.

    By Pegasor Oy (Ltd) Distributor in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA.

  • Model WGR - Switcher Nozzles

    The new WGR Switcher is two tools in one. Switch between pulling or cleaning without removing the nozzle from the pipe. When the pump is idled down and brought back to pressure the tool will switch the water flow between two different sets of jets.

    By StoneAge, Inc. Distributor in SOUTH KOREA. from Switcher Nozzles Product line

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