process gas sampling equipment in Netherlands

  • Ankersmid - Model AST & ATF - Gas Sample Tube

    Ankersmid sample tubes are selected according to specific applications. Influencing process parameter are the gas composition, water vapure saturation, dust loading, process temperature, pressure and the gas velocity.

    By Ankersmid Sampling - Ankersmid Group Office in NETHERLANDS. from Gas Sample Tube Product line

  • HORIBA - Model MU-2000 - Process Gas UV Spectroscopic Analyzer

    HORIBA's comprehensive technologies are combined to achieve more advanced, reliable and accurate gas monitoring. HORIBA offers the MU-2000, an unprecedented high quality UV spectroscopic analyzer using our innovative optical sampling and software systems.

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH Office in NETHERLANDS. from Process Gas UV Spectroscopic Analyzer Product line

  • Crowcon - Single Point Sample System

    The single point system is designed to monitor gas samples from pipelines or processes. A powerful high-flow pump extracts and transports gas samples to the system where they are conditioned to remove dust and moisture. The conditioned sample gas is then passed across one and four gas sensors before being either exhausted to atmosphere or returned ...

    By Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd - a Halma company Office in Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS. from Single Point Sample System Product line

  • Crowcon - Air Aspirator Sampling Systems

    Designed for use in Zone 1 or Zone 2 hazardous areas, the air aspirated system uses a compressed air driven vacuum generator to draw a gas sample from a single point. Explosion- proof gas detectors are fitted to monitor for flammable gases, toxic gases or oxygen. Each detector provides a 4-20mA output. An intrinsically safe flow-fail device warns ...

    By Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd - a Halma company Office in Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS. from Air Aspirator Sampling Systems Product line

  • Olfasense - Standard odour sampling device

    Our standard odour sampling device consists of a vacuum container that is evacuated by a vacuum pump.The sampling point and the standard sampler are connected by a probe. When the sampling device is evacuated, the gas sampling bag inside sucks in sample air via the probe. The sampling device is constructed to make sure that none of its components ...

    By Olfasense Group based in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS. from Standard odour sampling device Product line

  • 1/2` and 3/8` Cross Flow Cells

    Process-ready Cross Flow Cells are useful for online measurement of gas or liquid streams in demanding industrial environments. The 1/2' and 3/8' cells are available in various materials, have adjustable pathlengths, and can easily be connected to Ocean Optics spectrometers for spectral analysis of samples in online process applications.

    By Ocean Optics - a Halma Company Office in Duiven, NETHERLANDS. from 1/2` and 3/8` Cross Flow Cells Product line

  • Helios NanoLab - Model 460F1 - Semiconductor

    The Helios NanoLab™ 460F1 contains the EasyLift Nanomanipulator to support higher yields for TEM sample lift-out through an intuitive, integrated UI. It also features the MultiChem Gas Delivery System for optimized beam-assisted deposition or etching. Both systems were designed and built based on years of application knowledge and expertise ...

    By North America NanoPort (FEI) Office in Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS. from Semiconductor Product line

  • Micro Flow Cells

    Process-ready Micro Flow Cells from Custom Sensors & Technology are useful for online measurement of gas or liquid streams in demanding industrial environments The cells provide extremely small pathlengths (to 0.02 mm) without restricting sample flow. Adjustable Optical Interface Couplers easily adapt to high absorbance concentrations (0-50.0 ...

    By Ocean Optics - a Halma Company Office in Duiven, NETHERLANDS. from Micro Flow Cells Product line

  • Premium

    ENVEA (ex Environnement S.A) - Model MIR 9000H - Heated Multi-Gas Infra-Red GFC Analyzer

    The MIR 9000H is a multi-gas analyzer using the Gas Filters Correlation technology (GFC). With its hot measurement principle (180 °C on a hot and humid sample), the MIR 9000H is the perfect tool for the analysis of the main gas parameters in many applications, including DeNOx (SCR / SNCR) and the optimization of flue gas treatment processes.

    By ENVEA Distributor in Helsinki, NETHERLANDS. from Heated Multi-Gas Infra-Red GFC Analyzer Product line

  • Premium

    Cerex - Model UV 3000C - Fixed Mount Multi-Gas Analyzer System

    The Cerex UV 3000C is a fixed mount multi-gas analyzer with internal sample cell. Available with an integrated twelve port multiplexer, the UV 3000C offers sequential zone monitoring of up to ten locations for leak detection, process monitoring or indoor air quality monitoring. Two ports are generally reserved for operator specified quality ...

    By Cerex Monitoring Solutions, LLC. Distributor in NETHERLANDS. from Fixed Mount Multi-Gas Analyzer System Product line

  • Protea - Gas Cells and Liquid Cells

    For spectroscopic absorption measurements of gas and liquid phase samples, correct choice of gas cell is paramount. Protea can supply a complete system with optimum sample cell, or we can provide a sample cell for your current instrument. We can provide FTIR gas cells, laser gas cells, FTIR liquid cells and process flow cells.

    By Protea Limited Distributor in NETHERLANDS. from Gas Cells and Liquid Cells Product line

  • Model TLG-837 - Tail Gas Analyzer

    AAl's solid state, in situ solution for monitoring Claus process efficiency in the Sulfur Recovery Unit. The critical point of innovation is the patented in situ probe, which automatically condenses sulfur vapor out of the sample gas in a controlled manner, thereby neutralizing the problem that cripples most tail gas analyzers.

    By Applied Analytics, Inc. Distributor in NETHERLANDS. from Tail Gas Analyzer Product line

  • ATI - Model C16 - Portable Gas Leak Detector

    ATI's Series C16 PortaSens II Portable Gas Leak Detector is a versatile tool for performing regular leak checks in gas storage areas, around process equipment and piping, or in confined spaces prior to entry. Designed for easy one-hand operation, the gas detector contains an internal sample pump and a flexible sampling wand to allow pinpoint ...

    By Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI) Distributor in NETHERLANDS. from Portable Gas Leak Detector Product line

  • Protea - Pumps

    Protea’s gas analysers are extractive gas analysers and as such we need to ensure repeatable, consistent sample flow is provided to the equipment. The choice of pump is of great importance to ensure high uptime of analytical equipment. Protea can supply low-cost, low flow sample pumps for mobile applications. For sampling of corrosive gases, ...

    By Protea Limited Distributor in NETHERLANDS. from Pumps Product line

  • Procal - Model 5000 - UV Emissions Analyser

    Procal 5000 is an ultra-violet (UV), continuous emission monitoring analyser, designed for in situ analysis of gas-phase emission components. Using absorption spectroscopy, Procal 5000 stores and analyses the full UV spectrum and calculates the gas emission concentrations. A typical system comprises an in situ analyser, an integral calibration ...

    By Procal - Parker Hannifin Corp Distributor in NETHERLANDS. from UV Emissions Analyser Product line

  • Protea - Filters

    Filtering of gas for particulate matter is of great importance to ensure high uptime for gas analysers and sample pumps. With Protea’s experience of process and emissions monitoring of many different applications, we can recommend the best choice of filter material and porosity. With our advanced FTIR gas analysers we are able to source and ...

    By Protea Limited Distributor in NETHERLANDS. from Filters Product line

  • Protea - Model QMS - Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry

    Mass Spectrometry is a useful mechanism for gas analysis in process applications, being able to detect and measure almost all gases with low detection limits and fast response. A mass spectrometer measures the mass-to-charge ratio of the molecules in a sample and by collecting and analysing the mass spectrum we can identity and quantify which ...

    By Protea Limited Distributor in NETHERLANDS. from Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry Product line

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