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TAPI - Model 465M - Process Ozone Monitor

by Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation (TAPI)     Distributor in ALABAMA (USA)

The Model 465M is a microprocessor based medium range ozone monitor for measuring process ozone concentrations in water treatment, food processing, and research applications. The design has been specifically optimized for applications requiring the measurement of ozone at near-ambient pressure such as water treatment contactor off-gas measurement. ...

Myron L - Model 750 Series II - Conductivity/TDS Monitor/Controllers

by Myron L Company     Distributor in ALABAMA (USA)

The unique circuitry of the 750 Series II Conductivity Monitor/controllers guarantees accurate and reliable measurements. Drift-free performance is assured by “field proven” electronics, including automatic DC offset compensation and highly accurate drive voltage.

TAPI - Model 465H - Process Ozone Monitor

by Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation (TAPI)     Distributor in ALABAMA (USA)

The Model 465H is a microprocessor based high concentration ozone monitor for measuring ozone in process gas streams in water treatment, food processing, and research applications. The 465H has been designed to give accurate and stable readings over long time periods with little or no maintenance or calibration. The Model 465H is available in a ...

Myron L - Digital Dialysate Meters

by Myron L Company     Distributor in ALABAMA (USA)

Low Maintenance. EASY User Friendly Interface. Replaces up to 7 different instruments. Learn, Use and Train FAST on only one instrument for all water quality testing. FREE live technical support with little to no wait time. RELIABLE manufacturer of the original Dialysate Meter. Myron L Company has served hemodialysis professionals for over 40 ...

Model Sizes: 1 ½ - 10 - High Performance Turbine Meter

by Neptune Technology Group Inc.     based in Tallassee, ALABAMA (USA)

HP Turbine water meters offer some of the widest flow ranges of any turbine meters on the market. All HP Turbine water meters meet or exceed the latest performance and accuracy requirements of AWWA C701 and maximum continuous flow rates may be exceeded by as much as 25% for intermittent periods.

Model O2x-Box - Super Oxygenation Process

by FBC Technologies, Inc.     Office in Birmingham, ALABAMA (USA)

FBC Technologies’ O²x-Box can take your oxygen depleted wastewater and instantly turn it into supersaturated water with a dissolved oxygen (DO) content of 8.0 mg/L. In 1999, FBC Technologies discovered the potential of utilizing the power of a high-speed pressurized turbine to manufacture micro-fine bubbles measuring less than 15 ...

Myron L - Model 720 Series II - pH/ORP Monitor/Controllers

by Myron L Company     Distributor in ALABAMA (USA)

The advanced “isolated” circuitry of the 720 Series II pH/ORP Monitor/ controllers guarantees accurate and reliable measurements — completely eliminating ground-loop and noise issues.

Indusco - Air Strippers

by Indusco Environmental Services Inc.     based in Spanish Fort, ALABAMA (USA)

Indusco Environmental Services, Inc. provides equipment for the most economical means of removing contaminants from water through the process of air stripping or aeration. The stripping process involves using a high volume of forced air flow through the water stream to volatilize the contaminants and discharge the air. The same techniques used in ...

Cooling Tower Cleaning

by BakerCorp     Office in Decatur, ALABAMA (USA)

The diagram below shows a sludge removal system to clean the basin of a refinery cooling tower. This prevents fouling problems that can be caused when sludge in the basin is transferred to the cooling water lines and heat exchangers in the process unit.


by BakerCorp     Office in Decatur, ALABAMA (USA)

This diagram shows a typical dewatering system for lakeside construction. Using this system, a large volume of dirty, silty water can be pumped from inside a coffer dam and through the filtration process efficiently. The construction can then be completed inside the coffer dam while the clean effluent water is safely returned to the lake.

Contaminated Groundwater / Soil Treatment

by BakerCorp     Office in Decatur, ALABAMA (USA)

The diagram below shows a typical groundwater treatment system in which contaminated runoff water and soil drainage can be removed and safely disposed of before new construction begins. Contaminated water is pumped out of the excavation site and processed through several stages of increasingly fine filtration. The clean effluent is then suitable ...

Mixed Super Critical Fluid Technology

by Inventure Chemical     based in Tuscaloosa, AL, ALABAMA (USA)

Inventure Renewable's patented Mixed Super Critical Fluid processing technology allows for the direct conversion of a host of waste biomass materials to fuels, chemicals and non-gasification intermediates.

FSI - Model SPD 200 - Mini Water Treatment Unit

by Floc Systems Inc.     Distributor in ALABAMA (USA)

Floc Systems Inc. mini water treatment unit - the sediment processing device (SPD) 200 - is the perfect choice for treating all types of waste water where space is limited and mobility is key. The combination of the SPD 200 with the introduction of Tigerfloc using an auger feeder results in clear discharge water almost immediately.

Indusco - Vertical Packed Bed Scrubbers

by Indusco Environmental Services Inc.     based in Spanish Fort, ALABAMA (USA)

Indusco Environmental Services, Inc. vertical packed bed scrubbers are designed for applications requiring the removal of a wide range of various types of contaminants from various types of gas streams.  Typical applications for contaminant removal include noxious or toxic fumes from all types of chemical process operations or ...

Mel Wet Systems

by Carmeuse Lime     Office in Saginaw, ALABAMA (USA)

In the MEL process, lime reagent, containing calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) and magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2), is used to react with the SO2.  As with the LSFO process, the hydroxide slurry is added to the recycle tank to replenish reagent consumed under pH control of 6 to 7.

Continuous Fluid-Beds

by Applied Chemical Technology, Inc.     based in Florence, ALABAMA (USA)

Applied Chemical Technology, Inc. Continuous Fluid-Beds offer non-stop production capabilities for almost unlimited process application. Our versatile range of fluid-bed sizes can meet any need, from research and development operations to full-scale production plants. Bring the unique advantages of ACT fluid-bed technology to your process with a ...

Dirty Water and Digestate Disposal Hosereels and Booms

by Briggs Irrigation     Distributor in ALABAMA (USA)

Our complete range of hosereels can be adapted to irrigate dirty water, including waste water from beverage and food processing, or thin digestate slurries from anaerobic digesters. The reels are fitted with a reliable diesel engine to provide hydraulic power or can be powered directly from the tractor hydraulics. The reels are designed to operate ...

Washer Compactor

by Schreiber LLC     based in Trussville, ALABAMA (USA)

The Schreiber Washer/Compactor washes out organics and dewaters screenings in a batch sequence. Screenings enter the top of the unit and are agitated by a rotating shaftless screw under a spray of wash-water. As the screw agitates in forward and reverse motion, organic substances are loosened from the screenings and drain back to the process ...

Moss - Solid Fuel Boiler Systems

by George K. Moss Co., Inc.     based in Birmingham, ALABAMA (USA)

Moss provides steam and hot water boiler systems designed to fit your wood (sawdust, bark, chips, planner shavings, hogged fuels), coal (anthracite, bituminous, sub-bituminous, or lignite) or biomass (wheat, corn, rice, coffee, pecan shells, peanut hulls, rice, poultry litter, animal by products, cow manure, etc.) fuel burning applications. Our ...

Continuously Sequencing Reactor (CSR)

by Schreiber LLC     based in Trussville, ALABAMA (USA)

The Schreiber Continuously Sequencing Reactor, or CSR, is a Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) system contained in a single basin. It produces the 3 process phases required for BNR - oxic, anoxic and anaerobic - in one basin. The 3 phases do not occur at the same time in the basin. They occur sequentially -repetitively, over time. During the oxic ...

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