process water filtration equipment in Israel

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    ACME - Industrial Applications for Strainers Line

    Summary of areas where an Acme scraper strainer can be installed in industrial marketplace and automatic strainer application. The market niche for ACME scraper-strainers and application for strainers is for screen openings larger than .003 inches or 75 microns and goes up to a high end of 6 inch or 150mm particles. At the finer straining end of ...

    By Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd. Distributor in Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL. from Industrial Applications for Strainers Line Product line

  • ClayMix Filtration-Adsorption System

    'ClayMix', a filtration-adsorption system for the removal of organic pollutants from water, was developed in the laboratories of the Hebrew University of Jerusalmem. It is based on innovative technology of multi-layer granular media mixtures comprised of micelle-clay,   organo-clay and sand-clay, which end up as a chemically stable ...

    By EN GIBTON Ltd based in Ashkelon, ISRAEL.

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    Fluence NIROBOX™ - Model FW - Containerized Fresh Water Treatment Unit

    One Nirobox FW unit can transform freshwater sources to drinking water or industrial process water. NIROBOX FW is a modular, self-contained system that treats feed water from non-saline sources such as rivers, lakes, or wells. The units can handle total dissolved solids (TDS) up to 1,000 ppm. Nirobox FW uses advanced membrane filtration ...

    By Fluence Corporation Office in Caesarea, ISRAEL. from Containerized Fresh Water Treatment Unit Product line

  • TreatMent - Media Filters

    This type of plants is used for treatment of groundwater and surface water typically for reduction of iron, manganese, ammonium and aggressivity in waterworks, companies and private households. Pressure filter plants can also be used for special fields of application such as dechlorination of water, reuse of process water, filtration of seawater, ...

    By TreatMent based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Media Filters Product line

  • Drinking Water Purification Systems

    The NUF systems efficiently remove suspended solids, pathogens, bacteria, viruses and organic matters from surface (lake, river, pond, etc.) and/or borehole water in one single pass, thanks to the 0.03 µ absolute filtration rate of the NUF® membranes. Raw water enters the system at low pressure while the purification process takes place ...

    By NUFiltration Ltd based in Caesarea, ISRAEL.

  • AquatiqPCR - C/G Molecular Detection of Pathogenic Cryptosporidium and Giardia in Water

    Advantages: No need for an expert eye – Dismiss microscopic examination. Fast – Definitive results are achieved in a matter of hours. Sensitive – Less than 5 oocysts/cysts per sample (filtrate of 50l). Specific – Prevalent pathogenic species only*. Robust – Excellent reproducibility on any qPCR instrument . Cost ...

    By Genaphora based in Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL.

  • ScanJet - Model 1.500 - Automatic Filters

    Raw water is supplied by the consumer’s system to the entry point of the filter. The filter filters the water to the micron degree of the screen and the filtered water exist the filter through the outlet port.Self-cleaning process: A filter cake starts to build up due to dirt load on the screen. The Filtration system enters into flushing ...

    By Amiad Filtration Systems Ltd. based in ISRAEL. from Automatic Filters Product line

  • Fiber Disc Filter

    Our Fiber Disc Filter presents a new and innovative implementation of thread-filtration technology. Our unique design is based on the flow of contaminated water through a series of threads wound around a trapeze shaped base. Groups of the trapeze bases combine to form a round disc. Desired filtration capacity is achieved by mounting a series ...

    By Maagan Filtration based in ISRAEL. from Fiber Disc Filter Product line

  • Plastic Filters

    The Scanaway assembly consists of a suction-scanner, a hollow pipe with suction nozzles, that is facing the inner side of the screen.Outside the filter a handle is connected to the “suction” scanner, allowing turning the scanner in a spiral movement so it rotates inside the screen surface without touching the screen mesh. Opening the ...

    By Amiad Filtration Systems Ltd. based in ISRAEL. from Plastic Filters Product line

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    AZUD - Automatic Filtration Range Disc Filters

    AZUD range of products present multiple combinations to an efficient and economic filtration process, adapting to the different types of water and especial requirements of the agricultural, gardening, golf courses and landscaping areas.

    By Sistema Azud, S.A. Distributor in Kfar Tavor, ISRAEL. from Automatic Filtration Range Disc Filters Product line

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    AZUD HELIX - Model DLP - Automatic Disc Filters

    These systems adapt to installations in which the pressure conditions are a limiting to the rest of self-cleaning systems, reducing the consumed water on the backflushing and maintenance and the pressure, optimizing the filtration process and improving the energy cost of the installation.

    By Sistema Azud, S.A. Distributor in Kfar Tavor, ISRAEL. from Automatic Disc Filters Product line

  • Model DSP 205 - Screw Press

    The Doppstadt Screw Press 205 is designed for solid-liquid separation of organic waste. During this process the bio-available fraction of the input material is concentrated in the liquid phase (filtrate). The filtrate is then used as a substrate to produce biogas using wet fermentation. According to the application the retentate can be composted ...

    By Doppstadt Distributor in KFAR-AZA, ISRAEL. from Screw Press Product line

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