process water flow equipment in Austria

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    Sludge Drying Process System

    Economic, compact and safe The ANDRITZ Paddle dryer can be used for dewatering sludge (of various types) in waste water treatment plants. Many wastewater treatment plants are coping with a waste stream of digested sludge. The sludge is normally dewatered by means of a centrifuge or belt filter press. After dewatering the sludge has a typical dry ...

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group based in Graz, AUSTRIA. from Sludge Drying Process System Product line

  • Model WCS - Mobile Flow Measurement - Waste Water

    Remote Monitoring - for Sewage Disposal Systems: Range of application from DN 50. Outlet measurement. Process water measurement. Monitoring of emergency outlets. Determination of rainwater, extraneous water and indirect discharges. Calibration for sewer network calculations. Quick and easy installation.

    By MTA Messtechnik GmbH based in Veit an der Glan, AUSTRIA. from Mobile Flow Measurement - Waste Water Product line

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    Promag - Model W 400 - Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System

    Sensor with EN ISO 12944 corrosion protection and state-of-the-art transmitter for Water&Wastewater. As a specialist with corrosion protection, Promag W is suitable for every application in the water and wastewater industry as well as for custody transfer. It is the ideal solution for direct underground installation or permanent underwater ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Wien, AUSTRIA. from Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System Product line

  • BWT - Model Rondomat Duo S - Drinking Water Softener

    BWT Rondomat Duo S – Drinking water softener with a process that can be adjusted to consumption rates. Depending on the actual consumption of the operator, water softening systems often have to be shut down for too long, which should be avoided for reasons of hygiene. The problem: excessive volumes of resin must be maintained in the system ...

    By Best Water Technology - BWT Wassertechnik GmbH based in Mondsee, AUSTRIA. from Drinking Water Softener Product line

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    Verderflex - Model Dura 35 - Industrial Peristaltic Hose Pump and Tube Pump

    The Verderflex Dura 35 is a compact, high pressure medium flow hose pump with superior. secondary containment. Designed for dosing, metering, sampling, high lift or medium head. applications in brewing, chemical processing, industrial plants, water treatment and effluent. and waste water processing.

  • Model WT - Double-Pipe Sludge Heat Exchanger

    Our double-pipe heat exchanger is used to efficiently heat sludge at biogas and waste water treatment plants.Using the counter-flow principle, sludge is heated evenly, and flows back to the process. Our WT is custom-designed, manufactured entirely in stainless steel.

    By Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH based in Nüziders, AUSTRIA. from Double-Pipe Sludge Heat Exchanger Product line

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    Chloromax - Model CCS142D - Digital Disinfection Sensor

    Memosens sensor for drinking water and process applications. Chloromax CCS142D is the digital free chlorine sensor for all kinds of water. It measures reliably even if fluctuations in flow or conductivity occur and enables control of the disinfection loop so that the water is free of germs. The sensor offers low maintenance saving you time. Thanks ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Wien, AUSTRIA. from Digital Disinfection Sensor Product line

  • BADU - Model Mat T 1 G - Backwash unit

    The valve regulates the flow of water and reverses it according to the chosen settings. Therefore the water flows back through the filter container and starts the backwashing process. These and other functions can be set easily and clearly using the 6-way multiport valve. After backwashing, fresh water must be fed into the system in order to ...

    By SPECK Pumpen Verkaufsgesellschaft GmbH Office in Leonding/Linz, AUSTRIA. from Backwash unit Product line

  • Washout System

    Residual concrete and washing water containing solids and active cement are created in every concrete plant. Immediate processing allows the problem-free return of these substances to the material flow and recycling. Recycled, residual concrete can provide up to two per cent of overall plant production and using the KSW system the waste products ...

    By Albatros Engineering GmbH based in Herzogsdorf, AUSTRIA.

  • FLUXUS - Model F501 - Permanent Flowmeters

    The FLUXUS F501 is FLEXIM's solution for many flow metering applications found in the water and wastewater sector and adjacent industries. The FLUXUS F501 offers a precise bi-directional flow measurement over a wide turndown ratio - not only at high, but especially at low flow velocities. Due to its matched and paired transducers, it also ...

    By Flexim GmbH Office in Olbendorf, AUSTRIA. from Permanent Flowmeters Product line

  • Model GF - Gravel Filter

    Biogas is saturated with water and partially loaded with dirt particles and foam.The EnvironTec's GF gravel filter ensures the simple coarse cleansing of the biogas. The gas flows through a gravel layer during which process dirt, foam and condensate droplets are separated out. Gravel can be cleaned by water injection via the cleaning nozzles or by ...

    By Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH based in Nüziders, AUSTRIA. from Gravel Filter Product line

  • Hydrovision AquaProfiler®MT Horizontal ADCP

    Category: Discharge Measurement:-High-performance, optimised measurement system for stationary flow measurement in flowing waters consisting of measurement transducer type MT and 2D AquaProfiler® doppler sensor-Wireless programming and configuration via WLAN and browser (smartphone, tablet, laptop) with the 'Setup' software-Vertically and/or ...

    By SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG Office in Villach, AUSTRIA.

  • Hydrovision Q-Eye Radar MT radar doppler

    Category: Discharge Measurement:-Cost-effective measuring system for stationary flow measurement in streams, rivers and channels, consisting of type MT measurement transducer and a contactless RV Radar Doppler Sensor-Wireless programming and configuration via WLAN and browser (smartphone, tablet, laptop) with the 'SetUp' software-1D RV30 Radar ...

    By SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG Office in Villach, AUSTRIA.

  • Hydrovision Q-Eye PSC MT Ultrasound doppler profiler

    Category: Discharge Measurement:-Cost-effective, optimised measurement system for stationary flow measurement in small, defined measuring sections (channels, streams, pipes) consisting of a MT type measurement transducer and a PSC Pulse Doppler combined sensor-Wireless programming and parameterisation via WLAN and browser (smartphone, tablet, ...

    By SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG Office in Villach, AUSTRIA.

  • Filtration Plants

    The above listed separation technologies differ from each other via pressurized and non-pressurized filtration. Solid matter separation via a micro-filter belt is a non pressurized system which functions using gravitational flow procedures. This process is mainly used by us for the filtration of particles. Membrane technology such as ultra or nano ...

    By PVS GmbH based in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from Filtration Plants Product line

  • Model GC - Refrigerant Gas Dryer

    Biogas always contains water vapour in an unsaturated state. During combustion, the water vapour results in considerable corrosion damages to the gas engines and turbines. Malfunctions caused by these damages lead to significant downtimes and high repair costs. The use of a gas dehumidification systems can considerably extend the engines’ service ...

    By Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH based in Nüziders, AUSTRIA. from Refrigerant Gas Dryer Product line

  • Cleanbox - Model 4-10 - Grease Separators System

    Wastewater from institutional kitchens, restaurants and food processing facilities is polluted with fat and grease of organic origin. Untreated grease released in the sewage system will eventually strike back by clogging the sewage system. Grease tends to form heavy congestion that grows steadily and eventually completely stops wastewater flow. ...

    By Pipelife International GmbH based in Wien, AUSTRIA. from Grease Separators System Product line

  • Hydrovision Kanalis TT MT Ultrasonic transit time

    Category: Discharge Measurement:-High-performance, optimised measurement system for stationary flow measurement in watercourses (ultrasonic travel-time differential method) consisting of an MT type measurement transducer and acoustic 200 kHz converters of the TD200/8 or TD200/18 types to max. 10 m of the waters width-Up to twelve converters/ six ...

    By SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG Office in Villach, AUSTRIA.

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    Sierra ChlorineTrak™ - Model 760S - Chlorine Gas Mass Flow Meters

    The ChlorineTrak 760S has been specifically designed to perform as an accurate and cost-effective mass flow measurement solution for chlorine injection processes found in typical waste-water treatment applications. Given the corrosive nature of chlorine gas (particularly in the presence of moisture), extremely expensive Hastelloy was needed for ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc. Distributor in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from Chlorine Gas Mass Flow Meters Product line

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    Bello Zon - Model CDVc - Chlorine Dioxide System

    1 – 2,000 g/h chlorine dioxide. Max. flow at 0.2 ppm ClO2 metering is 10,000 m3/h. Chlorine dioxide system for monitoring and metering chlorine dioxide and diluted chemicals. Maximum output and safety due to special reactor concept. Bello Zon CDVc can be easily and safely integrated into any water treatment process.

    By ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH Distributor in Rosenau / Sonntagberg, AUSTRIA. from Chlorine Dioxide System Product line

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