process water product equipment in North Carolina

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    GWT - Reverse Osmosis Desalination - Process Water

    Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a widely utilized technology for dissolved solids (TDS) removal. In these applications based on the pretreatment used, RO water recoveries can be between 75-80% with salt rejection rates between 97-99%.

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. Office in Mooresville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Reverse Osmosis Desalination - Process Water Product line

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    Water Filter Cartridges

    Genesis Water Technologies is committed to providing innovative US manufactured GWT series water filter cartridges to maintain drinking water and process water treatment systems at their optimal level of performance.

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. Office in Mooresville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Water Filter Cartridges Product line

  • API Oil Water Separator — Steel

    Coalescing oil water separators are passive, physical separation systems designed for removal of oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids, LNAPL and DNAPL products from water. Skimoil’s designed performance can be described by a combination of Stoke’s Law and current coalescing plate theory, wherein, the oil droplet rise rate and other parameters ...

    By SkimOil Inc. based in Carrboro, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from API Oil Water Separator — Steel Product line

  • Filtration, Drying Systems, Process Water Chillers & Components System

    We specialize in building compressed air dryers customized for biogas, hydrogen, syngas, landfill, digester, and wastewater treatment applications. Our drying systems are designed to handle discharge pressures as high as 6000 PSIG. We build and integrate cartridge dryer/filtration manifolds for NGV refueling stations. These refrigerated air dryers ...

  • Aquanomix - Water Reuse Systems

    Aquanomix’s treatment skids engineered to filter and disinfect harvested rainwater, greywater, foundation, storm and process for reuse as cooling tower, toilet, water features, and irrigation makeup water. Aquanomix skids feature a controls system to monitor onboard diagnostics and integrate with an existing building management system. ...

    By Aquanomix based in Davidson, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

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    GWT - Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Systems

    Water disinfection solutions are critical to both communities and industries across the world. Genesis Water Technologies provides energy efficient chemical free close chamber UV systems designed to meet the needs for safe clean water that is free from pathogenic micro-organisms and toxic environmental contaminants. Genesis Water Technologies ...

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. Office in Mooresville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Systems Product line

  • Fortrans - Model 5000b - Water pH Control & Monitoring System

    Fortrans Inc. manufactures a self-contained pH control and monitoring system that uses CO2 gas to neutralize high-pH process water and lower total suspended solids in process water produced at ready-mix concrete plants. This system uses our patented Dif-Jet gas mixing device which dissolves  over 90% of carbon dioxide gas into carbonic acid.

    By Fortrans, Inc. based in Wendell, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Water pH Control & Monitoring System Product line

  • ECC - Hollow Floating Ball Cover System for Waste Water

    Waterfowl fatalities and process fouling in municipal and industrial ponds can be prevented by covering ponds with a Floating Ball Cover system. Two main problems associated with birds and waste water are process fouling resulting from increased organic accumulations, and wildlife fatalities from toxic process wastewater. Wastewater can be ...

    By ECC, LLC based in Wilmington, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Hollow Floating Ball Cover System for Waste Water Product line

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    ACME - Industrial Applications for Strainers Line

    Summary of areas where an Acme scraper strainer can be installed in industrial marketplace and automatic strainer application. The market niche for ACME scraper-strainers and application for strainers is for screen openings larger than .003 inches or 75 microns and goes up to a high end of 6 inch or 150mm particles. At the finer straining end of ...

    By Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd. Distributor in Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Industrial Applications for Strainers Line Product line

  • Fortrans - Model 5000 S - Automatic pH and Solids Control System

    Industrial process water management is a vital issue in the concrete manufacturing industry. The 5000s model of pH control systems from Fortrans features a full size utility building with lockable steel door, lights and shelving. The 5000s offers similar process water and stormwater treatment capabilities as the 5000b system. Additionally, ...

    By Fortrans, Inc. based in Wendell, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Automatic pH and Solids Control System Product line

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    GWT Series ZeoTurb - Advanced Zeolite Water Treatment Medium

    GWT Series advanced ZeoTurb media is a unique advanced zeolite water treatment medium. This product is an environmentally safe treatment solution for flocculation of turbidity and silt absorption in primary clarification processes for potable water, process water and domestic waste water applications. This treatment product is used in both ...

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. Office in Mooresville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Advanced Zeolite Water Treatment Medium Product line

  • DiF-JET - Deaeration Systems

    Fortrans has integrated our patented Dif-Jet gas injector into a remarkably simple and low-cost water deaeration system for process applications. These systems deoxygenate water by injecting and circulating nitrogen gas into a closed-head deaeration tank to displace the oxygen.

    By Fortrans, Inc. based in Wendell, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Deaeration Systems Product line

  • Model SIRT AS - Arsenic Adsorbents

    SIRT AS is an activated alumina compound manufactured using a proprietary process to enhance removal of arsenic, fluoride, phosphate, zinc and other contaminants from potable water. This is a highly porous material with a surface area in excess of 200 m2 / gram.

    By Surfatas based in Huntersville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Arsenic Adsorbents Product line

  • DPC Water - CO2 Removal System

    Carbon Dioxide is a substantial load on Anionic resin in Mixed Bed IX and Anion IX: Removing CO2 reduces the load on the Anionic resin, increasing water production between regeneration cycles. Through-put performance between regenerations as high as 8.5x has been achieved. Reduce Anion IX requirement in new installations by incorporating ...

    By DPC Water Solutions based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • InfoSense - Model SL-RAT - Acoustic Pipe Inspector

    Our technology relies on the fact that sound traveling through air mimics the flow of water through a pipe.  We use an active transmitter – think of it as the part “yelling” down the pipe, coupled with a receiver – the “brain” that uses sophisticated algorithms and a patented process to interpret blockages ...

    By InfoSense, Inc. based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Fortrans - Model 5000 SP - Portable pH Control System

    Over our ten years in providing pH monitoring and management solutions to concrete manufacturing plants, our team has received a great deal of praise for our systems. We also had a few requests along the way, including comments that indicated a desire to have access to a portable pH control system. The team at Fortrans® listened, and the ...

    By Fortrans, Inc. based in Wendell, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Portable pH Control System Product line

  • Liquid Transfer Systems

    Proper delivery of water to any given process is critical to production. Without proper pressure and flow delivered to washer nozzles they can not be expected to perform properly. The same thing applies to any process that relies on a supply of water. We provide a wide range of pump systems to deliver both clean and wastewater streams.

    By R3 Water Technologies based in Claremont, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

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    Flottweg Soft Shot - Solid Discharge System

    A separator from Flottweg is equipped with the Soft Shot discharge system. This solid discharge system allows precise combinations of partial and full discharges, as required. Depending on the products to be processed and the consistency of the solid, adapting the discharge type allows an optimum operating method. The separator is operated and ...

    By Flottweg SE Office in Waxhaw, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Solid Discharge System Product line

  • Carus - Polymers

    Carus Polymers are an integral part of many municipal and industrial water treatment processes. Carus Corporation offers a complete line of polymers consisting of cationic, anionic, and nonionic formulations in a wide range of molecular weights. Combining technical expertise in water treatment with a wide selection of products, Carus helps ...

    By Carus Corporation Office in Belmont, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Polymers Product line

  • Liquid Bag Filter Vessels & Strainers

    These 'RetroFit Systems' Bag filters are in-line filters that can be installed almost anywhere you need to get some type of dirt, pipe scale or other contaminants out of your liquid stream to protect both equipment and/or processes in water, chemical and petroleum product applications.

    By SkimOil Inc. based in Carrboro, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Liquid Bag Filter Vessels & Strainers Product line

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