process water product equipment in Virginia

  • Bio-Robi - Low Maintenance Wastewater Treatment System

    The high performance, low maintenance wastewater treatment solution for small sites. Effective, environment-friendly onsite solutions for domestic wastewater treatment – saving water and contributing to a cleaner environment.

    By E.P.C. LTD Office in Middleburg, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • EEE - Model DD400 SS - Fox Contamination Wash Area System

    One of the main uses is at Hospitals or other Medical facilities in order to shower down victims and emergency personnel who have been exposed to chemicals by either accident or terrorist attack. This will eliminate the exposure of Medical personnel and others on the inside to the chemical or contaminate. The designated shower area will insure ...

    By Environmental Equipment Engineering, Inc. (EEE) based in Mechanicsville, VIRGINIA (USA). from Fox Contamination Wash Area System Product line

  • Filtration, Drying Systems, Process Water Chillers & Components System

    We specialize in building compressed air dryers customized for biogas, hydrogen, syngas, landfill, digester, and wastewater treatment applications. Our drying systems are designed to handle discharge pressures as high as 6000 PSIG. We build and integrate cartridge dryer/filtration manifolds for NGV refueling stations. These refrigerated air dryers ...

  • Cascade - Water Reuse Systems

    Cascade Water Reuse Systems recondition water for reuse at poultry and other food processing plants, saving millions of gallons of water each week. Cascade systems provide a cost-effective alternative to capital-intensive wastewater treatment plant upgrades. Each Cascade system is custom-designed for the individual processing plant’s needs.

    By Zentox Corporation based in Newport News, VIRGINIA (USA). from Water Reuse Systems Product line

  • EEE - Pond Aerators

    Aeration is an important and essential process in order to maintain clean, breathable water. Since Earth’s natural materials and organisms, such as leaves, fish and various wastes, either inhabit or make their way into small bodies of water, keeping it clean is crucial to water’s health. As these organisms begin the decaying process, ...

    By Environmental Equipment Engineering, Inc. (EEE) based in Mechanicsville, VIRGINIA (USA). from Pond Aerators Product line

  • Premium

    HILCO - Ceramic Membrane Crossflow Liquid Filtration System

    The Ceramic Membrane Filtration System utilizes high-velocity fluid 'crossflow' across the face of the membrane. The oil-free water passes through the ceramic membrane while the oily waste is concentrated in a process reservoir.

    By Hilliard Corporation Distributor in Richmond, VIRGINIA (USA). from Ceramic Membrane Crossflow Liquid Filtration System Product line

  • KSB - Model HGM-RO Series - High-Pressure Pump

    HGM-RO high-pressure pump for reverse osmosis systems. Drinking water production in RO systems requires a high-pressure pump which offers reliability and continuous optimization ensuring the best possible efficiency and low energy consumption. KSB developed the HGM-RO specifically for reverse osmosis. This pumps stands up to all the demands that ...

    By KSB Group Office in VIRGINIA (USA). from High-Pressure Pump Product line

  • MAE2 - High Vacuum DPE Systems

    The high vacuum dual phase extraction process involves the subsurface removal of air, water, and product. The main determining factor behind the selection of the high vacuum blower is the expected operating vacuum level. Rotary Claw blowers and Liquid ring pumps are most suitable for vacuum levels of 20-29 inches mercury (Hg). Each Dual Phase ...

    By Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Inc. Office in Ruckersville, VIRGINIA (USA). from High Vacuum DPE Systems Product line

  • Tenco Hydro Thermix - Model Z - Heated Batch Process Tank

    Some municipal wastewater treatment plants find beneficial use for the concentrated scum / grease. Grease contains considerable heat value. When used as a supplemental heat source for incineration or  for further processing by a digester, it is desirable to further reduce the water content. The Tenco Hydro Thermix Heated Batch Process Tank ...

    By Tenco Hydro, Inc. Distributor in VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Condensate Polishing Systems

    Wigen is a recognized leader in the design and fabrication of condensate polishing systems for industrial, power and steam utility applications. These systems are used to maintain a high quality of water by removing impurities from condensate return streams. The condensate can be returned to a high purity state by simple polishing rather than ...

    By Wigen Water Technologies Distributor in VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Tenco Hydro SkimKleen - Belt Oil Skimmer

    The Tenco Hydro Skim Kleen belt oil skimmer is an effective way to remove accumulated free-floating oils from places such as process tanks, sumps or manholes. Skim Kleen has proven to be effective, durable, and reliable over many years of operation both indoors and outdoors. The concept is simple. An endless belt is drawn through the accumulated ...

    By Tenco Hydro, Inc. Distributor in VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Model EA 102 & EA 203 Series - Laboratory Filter Press

    EA 102 & 203 Laboratory Filter Presses are among the most efficient and cost effective means of liquid/solid separation through pressure filtration. EA Lab presses provide a simple reliable method of high compaction pressure to compress and dewater solids concentration. This provides clearer filtrate solutions than systems that only remove free ...

    By ErtelAlsop Distributor in VIRGINIA (USA). from Laboratory Filter Press Product line

  • Blue PRESS - Screw Press

    The Blue PRESS Screw Press product line is a result of over 40 years of de-watering technology experience. Blue Water offers the press as a stand-alone solution to customer needs or as an integral piece of a treatment solution. With application history in varied industries and processes, the Blue PRESS Screw Press is a customized solution to ...

    By Nexom Distributor in Hayes, VIRGINIA (USA). from Screw Press Product line

  • Aquapoint - Model AquaCELL & AquaFAS - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Aquapoint’s AquaCELL (MBBR) and AquaFAS (IFAS) technologies are fixed film biological wastewater treatment processes in which thousands of submerged polyethylene (HDPE) biofilm carriers operate in motion within an aerated or mixed basin. Each carrier element incorporates multiple cells of protected surface area to sustain a dense community ...

    By Aquapoint Distributor in VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Pressure Media Filters

    Wigen is a leading producer of custom-built pressure filter systems for a wide variety of industrial and municipal applications. Pressure filters utilize a process in which, a pressurized fluid stream contacts granular media for physical and/or chemical removal of impurities. We design our pressure filter systems to ensure the right media products ...

    By Wigen Water Technologies Distributor in VIRGINIA (USA).

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