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    Sludge Drying Process System

    Economic, compact and safe The ANDRITZ Paddle dryer can be used for dewatering sludge (of various types) in waste water treatment plants. Many wastewater treatment plants are coping with a waste stream of digested sludge. The sludge is normally dewatered by means of a centrifuge or belt filter press. After dewatering the sludge has a typical dry ...

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group Office in Scott Depot, WEST VIRGINIA (USA). from Sludge Drying Process System Product line

  • Beckart - Dewatering Batch Filter Presses

    Batch filter presses are known industry wide for their thoroughness in dewatering wastewater with high solids content. Unlike funnel, vacuum, and belt filter presses, these are designed to apply high pressure directly to the slurry in between the press plates, expelling nearly every bit of liquid. What remains is a solid, compact, sludge cake ...

    By Beckart Environmental, Inc. based in Kenosha, WEST VIRGINIA (USA). from Dewatering Batch Filter Presses Product line

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    ANDRITZ - Model SGS - Fluid Bed Spray Granulation

    The spray granulation process converts a water-containing solution, paste or suspension or a melt into a granule. The granulation and the drying processes take place at the same time. Any kind of crystallization and mechanical dewatering equipment can be replaced by an SGS type fluid bed. The final product granules are dust-free and easy to ...

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group Office in Scott Depot, WEST VIRGINIA (USA). from Fluid Bed Spray Granulation Product line

  • Beckart - Wastewater Management with Water Washer Systems

    Water Washers from Beckart Environmental provide the perfect wastewater management solution for waste streams with low solids content or low volume. And these self-contained batch/flotation systems can do double duty, processing metals and serving as an oil-water separator for your wastewater at the same time. This makes them ideal for ...

    By Beckart Environmental, Inc. based in Kenosha, WEST VIRGINIA (USA). from Wastewater Management with Water Washer Systems Product line

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    AquaDrum - MBR Protection Screen

    To protect the MBR (membrane bioreactor), it is essential to eliminate any kind of fibrous material which could damage the system. The AquaDrum has a capture rate close to 100%. The AquaDrum is installed after a 5-25 mm screening device or after clarification processes. Filtration is accomplished using a drum (holes ranging from 1-3 mm depending ...

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group Office in Scott Depot, WEST VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Liquid Calcium Hydroxide

    Liquid Calcium Hydroxide (LCH) is used in water treatment, waste water treatment, acid neutralization and as a substitute in many “liquid caustic” applications. Dust free, LCH can be the solution to many alkali handling problems. The micro-particulated version is produced by our micro-particulation process to decrease particle size and ...

    By Mississippi Lime Office in Weirton, WEST VIRGINIA (USA). from Liquid Calcium Hydroxide Product line

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    TOC, COD and SAC Analyzers

    Products for high-precision sum parameter analysis in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. TOC, COD and SAC analyzers are used to assess the organic load of surface water, municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater. They measure total organic carbon, chemical oxygen demand and spectral absorption coefficient. Measurement in the ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Distributor in WEST VIRGINIA (USA). from TOC, COD and SAC Analyzers Product line

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    Flottweg Soft Shot - Solid Discharge System

    A separator from Flottweg is equipped with the Soft Shot discharge system. This solid discharge system allows precise combinations of partial and full discharges, as required. Depending on the products to be processed and the consistency of the solid, adapting the discharge type allows an optimum operating method. The separator is operated and ...

    By Flottweg SE Distributor in WEST VIRGINIA (USA). from Solid Discharge System Product line

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    Turbimax - Model CUS52D - Turbidity Sensor

    Hygienic Memosens sensor for turbidity measurement in drinking water, process water and utilities. Turbimax CUS52D is a smart sensor with lab accuracy that allows unattended operation in all measuring points of your water production. Thanks to its hygienic, self-cleaning design, you can mount it directly into your pipeline. This way you will save ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Distributor in WEST VIRGINIA (USA). from Turbidity Sensor Product line

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    Condumax - Model CLS16D - Digital Conductivity Sensor

    Memosens conductive conductivity sensor for hygienic applications in pure and ultrapure water. Condumax CLS16D is a high-end conductivity sensor with certified hygienic design. It measures with highest precision providing you with reliable data for optimum process and product quality. Numerous certificates and various hygienic process connections ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Distributor in WEST VIRGINIA (USA). from Digital Conductivity Sensor Product line

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    OBEX - Spiral Fine Screen

    Smith & Loveless takes its prominence in water and wastewater products even further with the OBEX Spiral Fine Screen system, complete with PLC controls and a color HMI screen.  The OBEX Spiral Fine Screen system is a high-performance system which protects equipment and enhances plant operations by removing trash items and debris from ...

    By Smith & Loveless Inc. Distributor in WEST VIRGINIA (USA). from Spiral Fine Screen Product line

  • WEDECO E/ME series

    Reliable UV disinfection “without side effects” for the production of ultrapure water or distillate-like water. Enterprises from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and semiconductor industry require ultrapure water for the production process (purified water PW, HPW, UPW). The UV system WEDECO E/ME has been specially developed for these high ...

    By WEDECO - a Xylem brand Distributor in WEST VIRGINIA (USA). from WEDECO E/ME series Product line

  • Food & Beverage Industry

    The food and beverage industry makes high demands on the basic substance of water. Strict legal and technical specifications must be consistently fulfilled. UV light and ozone offer various possibilities for supporting and improving product quality and production processes in an economical, risk-free and ecologically worthwhile manner. The ...

    By WEDECO - a Xylem brand Distributor in WEST VIRGINIA (USA). from Food & Beverage Industry Product line

  • WEDECO BX series

    A large proportion of the drinking water used worldwide is used industrially, e.g. as process water for the production of beverages and food, in the cosmetics industry or for rinsing and recycling processes. In order to ideally utilise UV disinfection for individual operating conditions also, ITT has developed the compact UV system WEDECO BX. ...

    By WEDECO - a Xylem brand Distributor in WEST VIRGINIA (USA). from WEDECO BX series Product line

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