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    ACME - Industrial Applications for Strainers Line

    Summary of areas where an Acme scraper strainer can be installed in industrial marketplace and automatic strainer application. The market niche for ACME scraper-strainers and application for strainers is for screen openings larger than .003 inches or 75 microns and goes up to a high end of 6 inch or 150mm particles. At the finer straining end of ...

    By Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd. Distributor in New Orleans, LOUISIANA (USA). from Industrial Applications for Strainers Line Product line

  • Sewper Rx - Odor And Solids Reducing Bacteria

    A wastewater treatment plant gives off two end products – relatively clean water and sludge, a collection of untreated solids residue. The latter is a primary problem in almost every wastewater plant in the world. Sludge and organic solids within the wastewater process cause offensive odors and always add major processing costs due to ...

    By Reliant Water Technologies based in New Orleans, LOUISIANA (USA). from Odor And Solids Reducing Bacteria Product line

  • Model 633 - Electronic Fluid Detector

    Delta Controls Model 633IF – Detects an interface as it moves down a pipeline. Delta Controls Model 633ED – Detects whether a pipeline is empty or full; Model 633AN determines what a pipline contains; gas, oil, water or a mixture. Trying to sense these conditions with a target or other type flow switch can give erroneous results, ...

    By Delta Controls Corporation based in Shreveport, LOUISIANA (USA). from Electronic Fluid Detector Product line

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    HILCO - Ceramic Membrane Crossflow Liquid Filtration System

    The Ceramic Membrane Filtration System utilizes high-velocity fluid 'crossflow' across the face of the membrane. The oil-free water passes through the ceramic membrane while the oily waste is concentrated in a process reservoir.

    By Hilliard Corporation Distributor in Kenner, LOUISIANA (USA). from Ceramic Membrane Crossflow Liquid Filtration System Product line

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    H2O - Chlorine Dioxide Technology - Chlorination Technology - Biofilm Control

    Chlorine dioxide(ClO2) is a technology which has been historically applied at large scale (recirculation) cooling water systems. Additionally, chlorine dioxide generators are being increasingly used as an alternative to chlorine generators in water treatment/disinfection processes, as they release lower quantities of toxic impurities into the ...

    By H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. Office in Lafayette, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Blue-Stream Temperature Control Solutions

    Blue-Stream is a leading provider of portable temperature control solutions, including air conditioner rentals and water chiller rentals . Our rental air conditioner / heaters and water chiller units provide temporary climate control or cold water solutions for a wide variety of applications. From air conditioning for hospitality tents at special ...

    By United Rentals Inc. Office in Leesville, LOUISIANA (USA). from Blue-Stream Temperature Control Solutions Product line

  • EBS BioStar - Bioaugmentation

    The EBS BioStar formulations are broad spectrum, high viable count bacterial formulations specifically developed for industrial applications in the pulp and paper, petrochemical processing, and petroleum refining industries. Packaged in water-soluble bags in 25-pound pails, these 5-billion bacteria per gram products are both cost effective and ...

    By Environmental Business Specialists, LLC based in Mandeville, LOUISIANA (USA). from Bioaugmentation Product line

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    Sierra ChlorineTrak™ - Model 760S - Chlorine Gas Mass Flow Meters

    The ChlorineTrak 760S has been specifically designed to perform as an accurate and cost-effective mass flow measurement solution for chlorine injection processes found in typical waste-water treatment applications. Given the corrosive nature of chlorine gas (particularly in the presence of moisture), extremely expensive Hastelloy was needed for ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc. Distributor in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA). from Chlorine Gas Mass Flow Meters Product line

  • AST - Propeller Bead Filter

    These filters are easy to clean, easily automated, compact and very energy efficient. Utilized at some of the largest recirculating fish production facilities, zoos, and aquariums, these units accept versatile loads ranging from low to high solids due to the active motorized backwash system. The motorized embedded propeller is used for frequent ...

    By Aquaculture Systems Technologies, LLC (AST) based in New Orleans, LOUISIANA (USA). from Propeller Bead Filter Product line

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    TDHI - Model NexTD - Next Generation Oil in Water Monitor

    Protecting the environment from unwanted hydrocarbon discharges, protecting sensitive water treatment systems from unwanted oil contamination, and 24/7 monitoring of industrial processes to prevent upsets has been the sole purpose of Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments and its team for more than 20 years. Continuous improvement of field ...

    By Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. Distributor in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Nitrate Removal System

    H&T has extensive experience in the field of removing nitrate from drinking water. We have built anion exchangers as part of demineralizer systems to treat boiler feed water in power plants since the 1950s. Having installed many large demineralizers for some of the largest electric utilities in the country, H&T has a long, established ...

    By Hungerford & Terry, Inc. Distributor in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Ion-Exchange Demineralizers System

    H&T demineralizer systems utilize ion exchange technology in a number of configurations to provide high-purity water for a number of industrial and power utility applications. H&T offers typical two-bed, cation/anion systems, with or without degasification, depending on alkalinity, or two-bed systems with mixed-bed polishers.

    By Hungerford & Terry, Inc. Distributor in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Model 500 - High Capacity Polymer Processing System

    Acrison’s Model 500 Polymair Preparation System cuts water and wastewater treatment costs through the accurate metering, positive dispersion, and complete wetting of dry and liquid polymers. The Model 500 Preparation System automatically and efficiently prepares a homogeneous and precise solution from either dry or liquid polymers at ...

    By Acrison, Inc. Distributor in LOUISIANA (USA). from High Capacity Polymer Processing System Product line

  • Radium Removal System

    There are several methods to remove radium from drinking water. It can be removed by ion exchange, adsorbed or precipitated and filtered. Radium will be removed in sodium cycle cation exchange (the water softening process). After the service run, the resin is regenerated with brine and the radium is regenerated off the resin and concentrated in ...

    By Hungerford & Terry, Inc. Distributor in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Econ - Model FP Series - Flow Activated Meter System

    Select Stenner's Econ FP Meter System for drinking water disinfection or pH control in private wells. If looking for a compact proportional metering system for light duty private water well applications, the Econ FP Meter System may be your answer. Disinfection, pH control and oxidation are some of the water treatment processes required for any ...

    By Stenner Pump Company Distributor in LOUISIANA (USA). from Flow Activated Meter System Product line

  • Model EA 102 & EA 203 Series - Laboratory Filter Press

    EA 102 & 203 Laboratory Filter Presses are among the most efficient and cost effective means of liquid/solid separation through pressure filtration. EA Lab presses provide a simple reliable method of high compaction pressure to compress and dewater solids concentration. This provides clearer filtrate solutions than systems that only remove free ...

    By ErtelAlsop Distributor in LOUISIANA (USA). from Laboratory Filter Press Product line

  • NSF - Model 61 - Fiberglass Troughs

    Custom produced in any size or design, our NSF 61 fiberlass troughs, wash troughs, clarifying troughs, collection and effluent (launder) are constructed by MFG Water Treatment Products Company utilizes the lay-up process using advanced FRP materials. Specifically designed for use in water and wastewater treatment plants and other applications ...

    By Molded Fiber Glass Water Treatment Products (MFG) Distributor in LOUISIANA (USA). from Fiberglass Troughs Product line

  • NSF - Model 61 - Parshall Flumes

    MFG Water Treatment Products’ Parshall flumes are used to measure liquids in open channels, including industrial discharge and a wide range of influent/effluent liquids. Our NSF 61 Parshall flumes ensure that the unbroken flow lines do not obstruct flow which can cause build-up of debris. The unbroken lines also result in low head loss ...

    By Molded Fiber Glass Water Treatment Products (MFG) Distributor in LOUISIANA (USA). from Parshall Flumes Product line

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