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Aqualogic - Automatic Hoist Systems

by Aqualogic     based in North Haven, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Aqualogic develops integrated hoist systems for rack, basket, tray, or rotating barrel for new applications or for retrofitting existing manual or automatic lines. The Aqualogic side arm hoist operates as a manual, semi-automatic, and automatic hoist for use in cleaning, phosphating, hot or cold blackening systems, anodizing, chromate conversion ...

Myron L - Model 750 Series II - Conductivity/TDS Monitor/Controllers

by Myron L Company     Distributor in CONNECTICUT (USA)

The unique circuitry of the 750 Series II Conductivity Monitor/controllers guarantees accurate and reliable measurements. Drift-free performance is assured by “field proven” electronics, including automatic DC offset compensation and highly accurate drive voltage.

Myron L - Digital Dialysate Meters

by Myron L Company     Distributor in CONNECTICUT (USA)

Low Maintenance. EASY User Friendly Interface. Replaces up to 7 different instruments. Learn, Use and Train FAST on only one instrument for all water quality testing. FREE live technical support with little to no wait time. RELIABLE manufacturer of the original Dialysate Meter. Myron L Company has served hemodialysis professionals for over 40 ...

Myron L - Model 720 Series II - pH/ORP Monitor/Controllers

by Myron L Company     Distributor in CONNECTICUT (USA)

The advanced “isolated” circuitry of the 720 Series II pH/ORP Monitor/ controllers guarantees accurate and reliable measurements — completely eliminating ground-loop and noise issues.

Strataclear - Exhaust Treatment System

by Ryncosmos, LLC.     based in Greenwich, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Strataclear technology has no competition. There is nothing like it anywhere. It captures dangerous carbon dioxide gas in any combustion that produces a carbon footprint. Not only does it reduce carbon dioxide, but the additional technology marvel is that in the process of accomplishing this reduction it captures the residual waste material in ...

Model AR6200 - Fuel and System Treatment

by Evergreen America Inc.     based in Wallingford, CONNECTICUT (USA)

AR6200's advanced chemistry includes; lubricants to protect the injectors and pump, a critical component for today's low lubricity ULSD fuels; a biocide that effectively eliminates a broad spectrum of microorganisms; a corrosion inhibitor to protect key systems; detergents to maintain clean lines, filters and atomizers; and a demulsifier to ...

UV Germicidal Water Purification

by Light Sources, Inc.     based in Orange, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Germicidal UVC water purification offers a safe, effective and cost-efficient alternative to chemical treatment. With no harmful byproducts, its worldwide use is critical for eco-systems and reducing pollutants in rivers, oceans and other bodies of water.

NaturCare - Enzymatic Pool Clarifier

by Nature Plus, Inc.     based in Stratford, CONNECTICUT (USA)

NaturCare Enzymatic Pool Clarifier is a proprietary blend of biodegradable, environmentally friendly enzymes designed to work with all swimming pool water treatment programs.


by Roebic Laboratories, Inc.     based in Orange, CONNECTICUT (USA)

ROETECH 106 PS is a highly concentrated mixture of spores and vegetive bacteria. Six patented Bacillus bacteria combined with two Pseudomonas species provide a multiple enzyme producing culture with enhanced capacity to degrade surfactants, hydrocarbons and other chemicals in addition to standard sewage components. This blend is offered as a bulk ...

Air Filtration

by Ahlstrom Filtration     Office in Windsor Locks, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Our range of filter media for air-intake range from 100% synthetic media to 100% cellulosic media.   To further enhance the filter performance, we can add treatments including nanofiber, fine fiber meltblown and synthetic laminates.

Fabricated Ductile Iron Pipe

by Fast Fabricators, Inc     based in Bloomfield, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Fast Fabricators is the largest independent fabricator of ductile iron pipe in the world. With 11 locations, over 270 employees and countless pieces of machinery and equipment to produce fabricated ductile iron pipe to meet the needs of the waterworks industry. We fabricate ductile iron pipe to AWWA C115/ANSI A21.15. This standard lists the ...

Collagen Fluorescent Lamps

by Light Sources, Inc.     based in Orange, CONNECTICUT (USA)

With Light Sources and LightTech's strategic partnership, collagen low pressure lamps, skin rejuvenation is no longer a myth, but a matter of having the right knowledge combined with the right application device. The global anti-aging market is booming. In fact, many consider it to be recession proof. Light therapy anti-aging skincare with UV-free ...

Germicidal UV Air Sterilization & Odor Control

by Light Sources, Inc.     based in Orange, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Maintaining clean, fresh air is essential to life. Industrial processes can cause pollutants, contaminants, and nuisance odors in the atmosphere and in the immediate environment. Germicidal UVC technology is an affordable and effective solution for both air sterilization and odor control.

Hayward - Model TC Series - True Union Check Valves

by Burt Process Equipment, Inc.     based in Hamden, CONNECTICUT (USA)

TC Series true union ball check valves are offered in PVC, Corzan CPVC, and PP. O-rings and seats are FPM or EPDM. 1/4 in. and 3/8 in. sizes are PVConly and are trim check design. They have socket or threaded end connections. Others up to 2 in. sizes have socket and threaded end connections. All valves are assembled with silicone free lubricant.

HAYWARD - Model TB Series - True Union Ball Valves

by Burt Process Equipment, Inc.     based in Hamden, CONNECTICUT (USA)

TB Series true union ball valves are offered in PVC and Corzan CPVC. O-rings are FPM or EPDM and seats are PTFE. Up to 2 in. sizes have socket and threaded end connections. A trigger style lockout handle is an option. All valves are assembled with silicone free lubricant.

Owlstone - Model Lonestar - Portable Gas Analyzer

by Owlstone Nanotech, Inc.     based in Norwalk, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Lonestar is a versatile gas analyzer and chemical monitor in a portable, self contained unit. Incorporating Owlstone’s proprietary FAIMS technology, the instrument offers the flexibility to provide both rapid alerts and detailed sample analysis. It can be trained to respond to a broad range of chemical scenarios and can be easily integrated ...

Services Discipline - Engineering

by Savin Engineers, P.C.     Office in Hartford, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Savin engineers, PC is a full service engineering firm offering multiple disciplines to meet your engineering needs. With the capability to provide comprehensive concept to completion engineering services, our experienced and highly skilled team of professionals can meet the needs of every phase of a project.


by inVentures Technologies Incorporated.     Distributor in Hamden,, CONNECTICUT (USA)

The discharge of ammonia (NH3) from sewage treatment facilities results in creating oxygen deficient conditions in the receiving water body with detrimental consequences for the receiving streams or lakes. The removal of each kilogram of ammonia requires 4.6 kilograms of oxygen for the nitrification process.Nitrifying bacteria (which convert ...

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