produced water equipment in Ohio

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    Fluence - Water Reuse System

    With water scarcity threatening many parts of the world, more municipalities and private companies are exploring ways to treat and reuse wastewater to help secure their water supplies. Fluence’s containerized ECOBOX™ water reuse system provides an affordable, plug-and-play solution that can be commissioned and start producing water ...

    By Fluence Corporation Office in Batavia, OHIO (USA). from Water Reuse System Product line

  • Ultra High Efficiency Water Heater

    The ULTRA-HIGH EFFICIENCY water heater is composed of a PERCOMAX 'DIRECT-CONTACT' water heater and a 'WATER VAPOR PUMP'. This arrangement results in an appliance which will operate at high efficiencies (94%) even when used for space heating requirements, where return water temperatures are as high as 150°F (66°C). Hot water is produced at ...

    By SOFAME Technologies Inc. Office in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • QUES - Boiler Water Treatment System

    Ques Industries, Inc. has specialized in the manufacturing of high quality, expertly formulated chemicals for boiler water treatment. Our line of products increases the efficiency and life expectancy of a boiler system operating in virtually any demanding environment. We offer internal scale and corrosion, water sludge and dispersant, oxygen ...

    By Ques Industries Inc. based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA).

  • Chemical Injection/Feed Skids

    Specifications: Operating Pressures to 15,000. Operating Volumes to 500 gpm. Custom Engineered for a Variety of Applications, i.e. Oil/Gas Conditioning, Boiler Feed-Water, Cooling Tower Water, Produced Water Treatment, Scrubber Treatment, Demulsification, etc.. Available in a Broad Range of Materials.

    By Hudson Industries based in Vienna, OHIO (USA). from Chemical Injection/Feed Skids Product line

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    De Nora UAT - Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Filtration Systems

    De Nora Water Technologies offers the UAT Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Filtration Systems to meet any tap, brackish or seawater application need. Using high quality components, the skid-mounted  membrane filtration systems are engineered to effectively produce treated water, free of particulate matter or contaminants.

  • SPARTOX - Ozone Water Treatment Systems

    SPARTOX ozone water treatment systems are self contained systems that produce ozone and mix it with water under pressure.  SPARTOX is easy to install, operate and maintain. It is highly reliable with the main ozone generator component coming with a three year warranty.

    By Spartan Environmental Technologies, L.L.C. based in Beachwood, OHIO (USA). from Ozone Water Treatment Systems Product line

  • Hy-Bon - Waste Water Gas Compression Systems

    One of the by-products of anaerobic digestion in a sewage treatment plant is produced vapor from the digester tank. This relatively low BTU gas (typically 900-1000 BTU/cu. ft.) is comprised primarily of 55% methane and 45% carbon dioxide (CO2). Sewage digestion takes place in an aqueous environment, therefore, the gas is saturated with water when ...

    By HY-BON/EDI Office in Belpre, OHIO (USA). from Waste Water Gas Compression Systems Product line

  • Hybrid Percomtherm Direct Contact Water Heater

    The HYBRID PERCOMTHERM is a 'DIRECT-CONTACT', condensing stack economizer which is equipped with an integral, fully modulating burner. Therefore, the HYBRID provides boiler flue gas heat recovery from existing boilers, and provides its own heat source to completely satisfy process hot water demand. Hot water is produced at temperatures as high as ...

    By SOFAME Technologies Inc. Office in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • HydroThrift - Closed-Loop Chilled-Water (CW) Cooling System

    A cooling solution for the most demanding equipment cooling requirements and severe environmental conditions. All water-cooled heat-producing processes and equipment requiring coolant supply temperatures below those possible with an evaporative type cooling system or where makeup water is unavailable are candidates for HydroThrift’s ...

    By Hydro Thrift based in Massillion, OHIO (USA). from Closed-Loop Chilled-Water (CW) Cooling System Product line

  • Aluminum Sulfate

    The USALCO manufacturing process utilizes only the finest available raw materials. USALCO Aluminum Sulfate is manufactured by dissolving alumina tri-hydrate (ATH) into sulfuric acid and water to produce a superior quality aluminum sulfate.

    By Usalco, LLC Office in E.Ashtabula, OHIO (USA).

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    Giselle - Sanitizing System

    As population sizes continue to increase and utilize shared spaces, the control of surface contact-spread illnesses and HAIs will continue to be a critical need. Giselle provides a greener way to produce sanitizing solutions that are ready to use in a lightweight spray bottle. Table salt, tap water, and electricity are all Giselle needs to ...

    By Industrie De Nora S.p.A. | De Nora Water Technologies Office in Concord, OHIO (USA). from Sanitizing System Product line

  • YSI - Towed Depressor Fin

    YSI's customized V-Fins provide stable, lightweight platforms for deploying water sampling instruments from moving vessels. The standard dihedral wing and pod designs are commonly used for survey and scientific expeditions. As the speed of the vessel increases, the negative lift of the V-Fin (towed by the vessel) helps offset cable drag, producing ...

    By YSI - a Xylem brand based in Yellow Springs, OHIO (USA). from Towed Depressor Fin Product line

  • QUES - Chemicals

    Ques Industries, Inc. offers state-of-the-art blending for the production of specialized chemicals that aid in the testing, cleaning, and performance improvements for water treatment systems. We produce specialty chemicals for fuel oil additives, zeolite resin cleaners, descalers, system passifiers, R.O. membrane cleaners, potable water ...

    By Ques Industries Inc. based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA).

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    Fluence NIROBOX - Model MEGA - Packaged 1500 m3/d (275 GPM) Seawater Desalination System

    NIROBOX SWRO MEGA is a modular seawater desalination system. Offering unrivaled capacity, a single SW MEGA system can produce up to 1500 cubic meters per day (275GPM) of clean water. Ready for immediate delivery NIROBOX ‘plug and play’ packaged units are ready for immediate delivery, fast deployment, simple operation and maintenance - ...

    By Fluence Corporation Office in Batavia, OHIO (USA). from Packaged 1500 m3/d (275 GPM) Seawater Desalination System Product line

  • Moyno - Model Tri-Phaze - Multiphase Pumping System

    The multiphase fluid produced from many oil and gas wells is composed of varying ratios of oil, water, gas and in many cases, small amounts of sand and paraffin. Traditional multiphase fluid transfer involves the use of separation equipment and compressors at the wellsite or satellite to separate the oil, water and gas. The gas can be flared off ...

    By Moyno, Inc. based in Springfield, OHIO (USA). from Multiphase Pumping System Product line

  • Acid Alum

    Acid alum can be used in municipal and industrial water treatment applications to remove turbidity, color, suspended solids and oil (emulsion breaking). USALCO® Acid Alum is especially effective in water treatment applications where TOC (total organic carbon) removal is important. It produces a more dense and settleable floc than ...

    By Usalco, LLC Office in E.Ashtabula, OHIO (USA).

  • Parker - Hydrogen Gas Generators

    Parker hydrogen gas generators are available in a wide selection of models and configurations to produce a continuous flow of high-purity and ultra-high-purity hydrogen from de-ionized water and electricity. This hydrogen is used in a variety of Carrier Gas, Fuel Cell, Fuel Gas, Reaction Gas and Gas Chromatography applications.

    By Parker Hannifin Corp based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA).

  • EPS - Ultra Filters (UF)

    Ultrafiltration (UF) is a continuous filtration process used to separate emulsified oils and suspended solids from wastewater.  A porous tubular membrane allows the water (permeate) to pass while larger contaminants such as oils and colloids are retained and concentrated.  The membrane surface avoids any build -up since the high velocity ...

    By EPS Wastewater LLC. based in Milford, OHIO (USA).

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    TDHI - Model TD-500D - Dual Channel Handheld Oil in Water Analyzer

    TD-500D featuring the least expensive, lightest, smallest, easiest to use, most accurate and most repeatable device on the market for measuring crude oil and condensates in produced water, de-salter tail water, tank bottoms, cargo heaters, or anywhere that crude oil comes in contact with water.

    By Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. Distributor in OHIO (USA).

  • Pond Liners

    Pond liners are another example of how we have adapted our plastic fabrication expertise to suit the needs of another important market.  In this case, the residential pond, landscape, water garden lining and aquaculture market. We use only the finest quality fish and plant compatible materials to produce long-lasting and ...

    By DLM Plastics based in Findlay, OHIO (USA). from Pond Liners Product line

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