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    UltraDynamics - Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

    Ultraviolet disinfection (UV) has been known for over 100 years as an effective method for inactivating waterborne pathogens and viruses. Ultraviolet disinfection systems offer a number of operating advantages including safety and ease of operation. In addition, the use of UV does not inject any taste or odour into the processed water, nor does it ...

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    Lenntech - Chlorine Dioxide Systems

    Lenntech ClO2 generators can produce up to 150 g/h of ClO2 for horticulture, bottled water disinfection or CIP applications.

    By Lenntech Water Treatment based in Delfgauw, NETHERLANDS. from Chlorine Dioxide Systems Product line

  • Aqua Sun - Model CT100 - Counter Top Water Purification System

    Cleaner and Safer Drinking Water from most any from City Water, Wells, Cisterns and Water Tanks. Aqua Sun manufactures the COUNTER TOP CT100 System. This system is for families and businesses concerned about removing chemical contaminants and microorganisms in their drinking water. Carbon Block Filter and Ultraviolet Light Disinfection System. ...

    By Aqua Sun International based in Minden, NEVADA (USA).

  • Model SWS - Survival Water System

    SWS changes dirty, undrinkable water from contaminated rivers, lakes or wells into a clean potable water. The SWS uses a three-part system to clean, disinfect and deodorize water: Step one is a coarse filter, which removes all large particles and substances from the water. Step two is a disinfectant process which kills all noxious microorganisms, ...

    By J.V. Niebergall based in Niedernhausen, GERMANY.

  • Pools, Spas and Jacuzzis

    Ozonation is an effective and safe alternative for pool disinfection. DiaZone electrolytic systems produce required level of ozone in solution for maintain water hygiene.  No chemical additions are necessary or desirable and the absence of chlorine improves the swimming and bathing experience!

    By A-Zone Technologies Ltd based in Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM. from Pools, Spas and Jacuzzis Product line

  • Sourab - Salt Electrolysis System

    With more than 20 years of experience in designing and producing chlorinator systems ( Gas & Liquid ) and along with developing its activities in the field of water disinfection , ANATOLIA KIMYA Company decided to produce on site hypochlorite generation system .  Disinfection is one of the most important parts of water treatment process ...

    By Anatolia Kimya based in Adana, TURKEY. from Salt Electrolysis System Product line

  • H2Ozone - Model 40 - Ozone Injection System

    The H2Ozone-40 is similar to the smaller H2Ozone-30. The TS-40 Ozone Generator is used on this ozone injection system to produce an additional 10 g/hr of ozone. The H2Ozone 40 Ozone Injection System is designed to quickly integrate into an existing water line. The system produces and introduces 40 g/hr of ozone into a water flow of up to 70 GPM. ...

    By Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Ozone Injection System Product line

  • Ultraviolet Systems for Domestic

    Ultraviolet Systems (UV) are used for disinfection. Ultraviolet disinfection method is a quick and effective method to kill the microorganisms without using heat or any chemicals. UV lamps produce certain wavelength rays in order to distruct the DNA of bacteria, virus, fingus, mold spores and other microorganisms. Water which will be disinfected ...

    By Aquamatch Turkey based in Yeşilköy, TURKEY. from Ultraviolet Systems for Domestic Product line

  • Food

    The elimination of pathogenic microorganisms from fresh food significantly improves food safety. Rinsing fresh produce, meat and seafood products in ozone-water (OW) not only reduces the level of microbial contamination but also improves food quality and increases shelf life. OW is a powerful, effective and fast acting disinfectant that leaves no ...

    By A-Zone Technologies Ltd based in Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM. from Food Product line

  • Microcide SQ - Broad Spectrum Disinfectant

    Microcide SQ is a broad spectrum, hospital grade disinfectant, deodorizer, residual laundry additive and high potency hard surface disinfectant. It is also USDA approved for use as a food and non-food D2 contact sanitizer. Microcide SQ is approved as carpet sanitizer against odor producing bacteria and also as a laundry additive with residual ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc. based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA). from Broad Spectrum Disinfectant Product line

  • H2Ozone - Model 30 - Ozone Injection System

    The H2Ozone 60 Ozone Injection System is designed to quickly integrate into an existing water line. The system produces and introduces 60 g/hr of ozone into a water flow of up to 50 GPM. This water can be used for food processing, surface disinfection or basic water treatment.

    By Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Ozone Injection System Product line

  • OZOLINE & STERILINE - Ozone Package System

    It is a package system which includes in the same unit: dryer, ozone generator, contact system and ozone destructor. Ozone is produced via an electronic system, corona discharge, that converts part of oxygen contained in the ozonator feed gas to ozone.   The ozone is then mix with the water to be treated. The water to be treated, is sent ...

    By Ozono Elettronica Internazionale based in Muggiò (MB), ITALY. from Ozone Package System Product line

  • Hanovia - Model PureLine B - UV Disinfection Systems

    Brine disinfection: UV for meat processing facilities. UV disinfection systems from Hanovia eliminate water-borne pathogens that put food producers at high risk of costly and damaging product recalls. We have systems installed in many meat processing facilities, connected to brine chillers and also systems treating waste water at chicken ...

    By Hanovia Ltd - a Halma Company based in Slough, UNITED KINGDOM. from UV Disinfection Systems Product line

  • Scrufilter - Dynamic Microfiltration System

    The compact SCRUFILTER® units can be used in many applications of micro-filtration in order to reduce fine suspended solids from water down to 20 microns. The reduction of suspended solids is accompanied by a reduction in COD, BOD5, phosphorus, nitrates and other substances. In the case of further treatment with UV for disinfection it is ...

    By Teknofanghi S.r.l. based in CERNUSCO S/N, ITALY.

  • Ozonation Systems for Food & Beverage

    Ozonation Systems are used for water disinfection. Ozone is a colour free gas with intense odour and extreme strong oxidation capability. Ozone, being an unstable gas, is very difficult to store and transportation, thus ozone must be produced & dosed at-side.

    By Aquamatch Turkey based in Yeşilköy, TURKEY. from Ozonation Systems for Food & Beverage Product line

  • Aquadron - Model F1 and F2 iD - Cold and Warm Water Systems

    Compact station for clean up and germ prevention. The stations produces the pH neutral disinfectant Anolyte on site. This type of station specially conzeive of industry applications and guaranties a 100% Anolyte availabilitiy round the clock 365 days a year! The dimensioning of the INNOWATECH Aquadron F iD- systems is affected by applications and ...

    By Innowatech GmbH based in Empfingen, GERMANY. from Cold and Warm Water Systems Product line

  • MIOX - Model RIO Gila - Frac Water Disinfection System

    The RIO Gila is designed for on-the-fly frac water disinfection. With max concentrations at high dosage, this rugged mobile system is designed to treat high-demand water at over 100 Barrels/Minute. Easily transport the RIO Gila from frac site to frac site for produced water treatment. MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) technology also provides a ...

    By MIOX Corporation - Johnson Matthey`s Water Technologies based in Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO (USA).

  • Aquafine - Model TSG 091 - UV Systems

    Regulations place not only a responsibility on the process design engineers, but also on manufacturers of water treatment systems. Aquafine can supply your pretreatment or process stream with consistent and reliable dosage levels needed to meet USP or WFI specifications. Aquafine UV systems are engineered to focus the power of concentrated UV ...

    By Aquafine Corporation based in Valencia, CALIFORNIA (USA). from UV Systems Product line

  • UV Disinfection Systems

    Disinfection of water by ultraviolet technologies is one of the most popular, economic and safe technologies of disinfection in the world. Ultraviolet energy causes permanent inactivation of microorganisms by disrupting their DNA so that they are no longer able to maintain metabolism or reproduce. The maximum effectiveness occurs at the wavelength ...

    By Jurby WaterTech International based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from UV Disinfection Systems Product line

  • BacTerminator - Model Eloxide - Electrochemically Activated Water Systems

    Easy and cost-effective means of obtaining water of high hygienic quality - no bottle storage - microbiologically safe water guaranteed and verifiable. The systems are produced in compliance with ISO13485 quality management and in accordance with the requirements for class IIa medical devices. BacTerminator® Dental has obtained ...

    By Adept Water Technologies A/S based in Herlev, DENMARK. from Electrochemically Activated Water Systems Product line

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