real-time water data equipment in Czech Republic

  • Model WWS - Water Sampler

    Continual WWS is a sampler of the new generation, which in its principle expands and surpasses today commonly used principles for sampling water. The sampler samples the water in a minimal time lag of two samples per second. This spacing is extended depending on the flow and length of sampling. Due to the high frequency sampling allows the taking ...

    By SchulzEP based in Jihlava, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • Sucker Sampler

    Portable sampler for one-time water sampling in the field. The built-in peristaltic pump enables sampling from the depth of down to 7.5 m. Pumping rate can be adjusted smoothly from 0 to 2.9 l /min (depending on the sucking height). The pump is controlled by a switch that selects the rotation direction (sucking – blowing). The pump head ...

    By QH SERVIS, spol. s r.o. based in UHERSKE HRADISTE, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Sucker Sampler Product line

  • Premium

    Aquaread - Model GPS Aquameter - Handheld Device With Built in GPS Data Tagging

    The GPS Aquameter is the original handheld water quality meter with built in GPS. The built in GPS receiver allows the meter to record the location of every dataset, meaning you will always know where your data was captured. The meter is designed to be picked up and used by anyone intuitively. It requires no boot up or warm up time and allows you ...

    By Aquaread Limited Distributor in Cernosice, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Handheld Device With Built in GPS Data Tagging Product line

  • Dam Water Level Monitoring System

    In Poland several hundred KELLER PAA-36 X W level probes have been installed in numerous water dams. Generally, the capillary solutions with relative pressure sensors are not acceptable, due to humidity problems. Thanks to RS485 i MODBUS communications all the absolute sensors of PAA-36 X W can easily communicate with barometric ...

    By KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik Office in Bohuslavice, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Dam Water Level Monitoring System Product line

  • Premium

    Chloromax - Model CCS142D - Digital Disinfection Sensor

    Memosens sensor for drinking water and process applications. Chloromax CCS142D is the digital free chlorine sensor for all kinds of water. It measures reliably even if fluctuations in flow or conductivity occur and enables control of the disinfection loop so that the water is free of germs. The sensor offers low maintenance saving you time. Thanks ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Praha, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Digital Disinfection Sensor Product line

  • Premium

    Geotech - Model Dipperlog - Portable Gas Analysers

    The Dipperlog measures and records the water level and temperature at preset intervals inside boreholes and open bodies of water. Data is stored on the unit allowing downloading to computer at convenient time.

    By QED Environmental Systems Ltd. Distributor in Praha 10, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Portable Gas Analysers Product line

  • Doro - Model ESM 2200 - Reed Cutter

    The Doro Cutter ESM 2200 cuts and collects plants at the same time. It is recommended for smaller waterways such as golf ponds where space is scarce and the water flow can make collection difficult. When only the cutting function is to be used the collection net on the cutting bucket can be removed. The machine is equipped with double-action ...

    By Dorotea Mekaniska AB Distributor in Praha 9, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Reed Cutter Product line

  • Weda - Model W2000 - High Precision Large Pool Cleaner

    The Weda 2000 is a very powerful cleaner for cleaning operations in mid-size to large pools or for pools and aquatic parks with large numbers of swimmers. The W2000 is equipped with a safety transformer that brings safe 42 V to the cleaner. The strong suction of this cleaner allows for wall cleaning. The Timer function enables the operator to ...

    By Weda AB Distributor in Tyniste Nad Orlici, CZECH REPUBLIC. from High Precision Large Pool Cleaner Product line

  • Swansensor - Model Oxysafe1000 - Sensor for the Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen

    Sensor for the measurement of dissolved oxygen in the ppm range in water treatment technology. Precise oxygen measuring cell with integrated temperature measuring.  Automatic monitoring of diaphragm integrity and electrolyte exhaust.  Easy calibration, excellent life time (up to 2 years of operation between refilling in activated sludge ...

    By SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG Distributor in Pruhonice, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Sensor for the Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen Product line

  • Valeport - Model 803 - ROV Electromagnetic Current Meter

    The Model 803 is designed specifically for use on ROVs and other underwater vehicles, providing real time relative water velocity information for pilots. It may be fitted to ROVs to provide actual through the water speeds, or fitted to Tether Management Systems to give measurement of local flow conditions. Measurements are updated every second and ...

    By Valeport Ltd Distributor in Cernosice, CZECH REPUBLIC. from ROV Electromagnetic Current Meter Product line

  • Valeport TideMaster - Portable Tide Gauge

    The TideMaster is a small, cost effective Water Level Recorder, specifically designed for applications where the user requires an accurate record of water height, but with the added option of meteorological data via an ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor.  Suitable for use in fresh or salt water, the TideMaster can be deployed for up ...

    By Valeport Ltd Distributor in Cernosice, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Portable Tide Gauge Product line

  • Valeport MIDAS - Monitor CTD Profiler

    Based on the leading MIDAS CTD Profiler, the Monitor CTD offers excellent performance but in a smaller, lightweight package for shallow water applications. With internal battery pack and large memory, the Monitor CTD is suitable for both self recording operations down to 500m depth, and real time use with a choice of data output protocols.

    By Valeport Ltd Distributor in Cernosice, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Monitor CTD Profiler Product line

  • Valeport miniIPS - Intelligent Pressure Sensor

    The miniIPS is a precision underwater pressure sensor; 0.01% accuracy, a titanium housing and a choice of pressure ranges make it a cost effective solution for offshore engineers, vehicle pilots, and other operators who require highly accurate depth information in real time. The miniIPS is also compatible with Valeport's MIDAS BathyPack and ...

    By Valeport Ltd Distributor in Cernosice, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Intelligent Pressure Sensor Product line

  • Valeport MIDAS - Model DWR - Directional Wave Recorder

    The MIDAS DWR Directional Wave Recorder replaces the old Model 730D instrument, and represents a significant advance in PUV wave recording technology. As well as the standard non-directional data available from the MIDAS WTR, the MIDAS DWR also performs full onboard directional data analysis, allowing real time directional information at an ...

    By Valeport Ltd Distributor in Cernosice, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Directional Wave Recorder Product line

  • SoundBar - Model 2 - Digital Bar Checker

    The SoundBar 2 Digital Bar Checker offers a convenient, quick and safe method of obtaining sound velocity data for calibration of echosounders and other acoustic devices. Developed from the acclaimed miniSVS sound velocity sensor, the SoundBar 2 uses a digital time of flight technique that gives the most accurate sound velcoity data in the world. ...

    By Valeport Ltd Distributor in Cernosice, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Digital Bar Checker Product line

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