recycle paper equipment in Germany

  • Applications

    Chemical Industry: Product separation and cleaning, Concentration of polymer suspensions and metal hydroxide solutions, Separation of catalysts, Recovery of dyes and pigments, Desalination of products, Cleaning and recycling of organic solvents.

    By inopor GmbH based in Hermsdorf, GERMANY.

  • ANDRITZ MeWa - Recycling Plants for Pulper Rags and Rejects

    Waste paper is usually delivered to paper mills in pressed bales held in shape by wires. The stock preparation process generates rags that comprise wires and other rejects. Rejects are all those materials that are not paper, such as plastics, textiles and metals. Depending on the requirements, ANDRITZ MeWa plants include several shredding stages ...

    By ANDRITZ MeWa - ANDRITZ Group based in Gechingen, GERMANY. from Recycling Plants for Pulper Rags and Rejects Product line

  • Premium

    REDWAVE - Paper Recycling Plant Solutions

    Paper recycling competences: feeding system, separation of occ (oversize corrugated cardboard), separation of fine materials, conveying technology, redwave sensor-based sorting technology, pressing technology, pneumatic extraction technology.

  • Shredders

    BOA shredders are applied to shred waste materials.We have various types of shredders available to reduce for example waste paper,electronic waste and other materials.Our shredders all have the same purpose:effectively crushing and reducing the size of the material for easier further processing and recycling. We have shredders available for two ...

    By BOA Recycling Equipment BV Office in Besigheim, GERMANY. from Shredders Product line

  • Premium

    Paper Recycling and Data Destruction

    The life cycle of paper products is a much discussed topic. Falling raw material prices and quality are frequently used as buzzwords. Lindner supports a resource-efficient future – with the perfect paper recycling technology. Lindner's tried-and-tested shredding solutions are key in waste paper processing, protecting the environment and ...

    By Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH Office in Krauthausen, GERMANY. from Paper Recycling and Data Destruction Product line

  • Nexus - Model 100 - Paper Recycling Bin

    Nexus 100 Paper Recycling Binis available in a wide variety of configurations, customised to meet your individual needs.

    By Glasdon International Limited Office in Köln, GERMANY. from Paper Recycling Bin Product line

  • Premium

    REDWAVE - Model PMCS - Optical Paper Sorting Machine

    The Quality Control System guarantees optimum performance of the sorting process and the recovery of high quality recycled products.

  • Used Paper

    The recycling of used paper is very important for the environment and the paper industry. Up to 65% of used paper can be re-used at the paper manufacture. The product range of Straumann presses offers a wide spectrum of possibilities for compaction of used paper - for example a fully automatic solution (BaleTainer) below an exhaust system.

    By Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Glandorf, GERMANY. from Used Paper Product line

  • Bollegraaf PaperSpike - Recycling Machinery

    The PaperSpike is a system for removing cardboard residue, sized between A3 and A5, left behind after the screening of cardboard and used paper, from the paper flow. The PaperSpike is manufactured exclusively for Bollegraaf by Grumbach. The principle is astonishingly simple and yet effective: The material is spread out into the thinnest possible ...

    By Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions Office in Düsseldorf, GERMANY. from Recycling Machinery Product line

  • Model WB - Recycling Bank

    The perfect choice when only small quantities of material accumulate or when there are restrictions on space. The standard boxes have a volume of 0.8 or 1.1 m3 and can be used to collect glass, paper or used textiles. The galvanized steel sheet construction can be fitted with a projecting roof to protect the throw-in area from the elements ...

    By Bauer GmbH based in Suedlohn, GERMANY. from Recycling Bank Product line

  • Pasteboard Paper and Cardboard Sorting Plant

    Even if the separate collection of pasteboard, paper and cardboard builds the base for a high recycling quote, only the right choice of technology can lead to an economical sorting plant. Main part here is a automatisation as far as possible. Mechanical separation technology splits different material streams. Conveyor technology straightens out ...

    By AMB Technology GmbH based in Oschersleben, GERMANY. from Pasteboard Paper and Cardboard Sorting Plant Product line

  • Model MRF - Sorting Plant for Commingled Waste

    This is a semi-automatic sorting system for dry recyclable material, especially for the UK market. The following input materials are understood as dry recyclable material: Paper & cardboard, mixed plastics, glass, non-ferrous tins, film, residual material.

    By Sutco UK Ltd Office in Bergisch Gladbach, GERMANY. from Sorting Plant for Commingled Waste Product line

  • Pakufol - Bags for Recyclable Materials - Yellow Bags

    Yellow bags for the collection of recyclable materials, Bags for biodegradable waste, Paper collection bags, Bags for tins with deposit return. Our yellow bags are available in all colours and sizes, Printed (on one or both sides, in one or two colours), Loose, on a role, or with drawstring, With side folds and PP drawstring.

    By Pakufol Folienprodukte GmbH based in Siegelsbach, GERMANY.

  • Matthiessen - Reel Splitter

    The reel splitter (guillotine) is used to recycle paper and plastic rolls (laminated film roles). Here, the goal is to divide the paper or plastic roles, so that the core (cardboard or metal) can be re-moved with little effort. The roles can be cut completely for easier processing and then be cut into further strips. 2 Loading tables and conveyor ...

    By Matthiessen Lagertechnik GmbH based in Krempe, GERMANY.

  • Dry Recyclable Material or Glass Sorting Systems

    This is a semi-automatic sorting plant for dry material, especially for the UK market. The following input material is considered to be dry material: Paper/cardboard approx. 65 - 75 %. Mixed plastic approx. 3 - 4 %. Ferrous tins approx. 4 %. Non-ferrous tins approx. 1 %. Film approx.  2 %. Residual material approx. 10%.

  • Premium

    Gilufix FT Technology

    The European Paper Industry has the leading role in utilizing wastepaper as a raw material. Some paper grades like Packaging Papers, Newsprint and sometimes Tissue are produced with 100 % recycled fibre material. Of course, the utilization of recycled fibre material in the paper manufacturing process causes several undesired ...

    By Kurita Office in Duesseldorf, GERMANY. from Gilufix FT Technology Product line

  • Membrane Processes System

    Water Recycling in the Paper Industry Without a system for recycling water, freshwater consumption in the paper industry would be more than 100 litres per kg of paper. The introduction of internal recycling systems and, where possible, the use of biologically treated wastewater can reduce the use of freshwater down to ca. 12 litres per kg of ...

    By WEHRLE Umwelt GmbH based in Emmendingen, GERMANY.

  • Press Containers

    NESTRO press containers are reliable compaction machines that are used in the paper and plastics industry as well as in the recycling sector. They are user wherever large quantities of waste or recyclable materials are generated. For example, the use of press containers after material separation using a separator airlock enables the volume of ...

    By NESTRO Lufttechnik GmbH based in Schkölen, GERMANY. from Press Containers Product line

  • AGU - Model EPB - Bale Press

    This recycling press was designed for compressing paper, cardboard, foil, sheet metal containers, fruit crates and canisters; it achieves a volume reduction of up to 80 %*!

    By AGU direkt GmbH based in Bad Iburg, GERMANY.

  • Model ZRSM - Roll Cutting Machine

    The recycling of rolls of plastics and waste paper is only worth the effort with high performance technology. No matter whether in the recycling of waste plastic or paper rolls for the retrieval of potential recyclables, resources or energetic content: ZENO places efficient technology and wide know-how at your disposal. Our roll cutting ...

    By ZENO Zerkleinerungsmaschinenbau Norken GmbH based in Norken, GERMANY. from Roll Cutting Machine Product line

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