recycling technology equipment in Turkey

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    TOMRA - Model Autosort - Multifunctional Sorting System

    As the most flexible sorting system within TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s product family, the AUTOSORT combines detection of color and enhanced material information resulting in a multifunctional system that optimizes effectiveness across a broad variety of applications.

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH. Office in Istanbul, TURKEY. from Multifunctional Sorting System Product line

  • Aco Recycling - Model R1 - Reverse Vending Machine

    Our high-tech product; capable for Glass Bottles/Plastic Bottles/Cans. It is on innovative solution for connecting empty beverage containers at the source and increasing the recycSng rates with a reward system. It becomes possible for users to preserve and to collect the waste separately and cleanly at the point lhai the waste occurs by throwing ...

    By Aco Recycling based in TURKEY.

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    Kurita Gilufix - Model FT - Technology in Paper Industry

    The European Paper Industry has the leading role in utilizing wastepaper as a raw material. Some paper grades like Packaging Papers, Newsprint and sometimes Tissue are produced with 100 % recycled fibre material. Of course, the utilization of recycled fibre material in the paper manufacturing process causes several undesired ...

    By Kurita Office in Balıkesir, TURKEY. from Technology in Paper Industry Product line

  • Aktif - Gray Water Recycle Systems

    Aktech Gray Water Recycle Systems refines the water in three steps with membrane technology, which is today’s best modern water treatment technology. Save about 40% - 80% with Gray Water Recycle System.

  • EKE - Waste Water Recycling System

    Nowadays the fresh water recourses is getting exhausted by rapid population growth, redundant industrialization, increasing. drought andhigh consumption. Due to the increasing water demand to be recovered the permeate (waste water treatment outlet) water with advanced water treatment technologies become essential instead of discharge the permeate ...

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    Kurita Kuristuck - Technology to Support Sustainability at Paint Booth Treatment

    In paint booth systems, different body and spare parts from automotive, appliance, electronics, plastics and other industries are coated by using one or multiple layers of paints. The main goal of the paint booth treatment is to remove as much overspray paint as possible for successful operations. Our Kuristuck technology meets this requirement by ...

    By Kurita Office in Balıkesir, TURKEY. from Technology to Support Sustainability at Paint Booth Treatment Product line

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    Flottweg - Model Z4E - Decanter Centrifuge

    Whether for the processing of beverages, olive oil, wheat starch, or the recycling of oil sludge, the Flottweg Z4E is the machine for you. The Flottweg Decanter Z4E embodies high value, efficiency, and long service life, and is a true all-rounder. Satisfied customers use this decanter centrifuge in a wide variety of applications in centrifugation. ...

    By Flottweg SE Distributor in Ankara, TURKEY.

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    Komptech - Model Hurrikan - Windsifter Separator

    The mobile Hurrikan windsifters allow effective separation of plastic foils from over-sized screened particles. The patented “pressure-suction“ process enables an effective separation of light fraction from screening residues. In the first step, material is separated by an air knife. In the second step, the lightweight material is ...

    By Komptech Americas LLC Distributor in TURKEY. from Windsifter Separator Product line

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    Komptech - Model Ballistor - Separator

    The Ballistor separates out usable fractions from waste and potential recyclables. By combining ballistic separation with screening, in just one pass-through the material stream is separated to the criteria 3/2-dimensional, rolling-cubic-rigid/flat-soft-narrow, and particle size. This means that high-caloric fractions can be separated out of ...

    By Komptech Americas LLC Distributor in TURKEY. from Separator Product line

  • Grey Water Treatment

    Does not include septic waste from showers, bathtubs and won the Grey Water water recycling household waste water from the sink water, is to ensure the hygiene requirements in accordance with EU regulations, it is the nature wash water and DIN 19650 standard the purification of water are provided with membrane ...

    By FOKUSWATER based in ISTANBUL, TURKEY. from Grey Water Treatment Product line

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    Paper Recycling and Data Destruction

    The life cycle of paper products is a much discussed topic. Falling raw material prices and quality are frequently used as buzzwords. Lindner supports a resource-efficient future – with the perfect paper recycling technology. Lindner's tried-and-tested shredding solutions are key in waste paper processing, protecting the environment and ...

    By Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH Distributor in Balmumcu, TURKEY. from Paper Recycling and Data Destruction Product line

  • Evreka - Waste Collection Systems

    Evreka offers an enterprise approach to smart, connected waste management deployments. Your local account representative will work with you to evaluate your current waste management situation by conducting an assessment of your waste and recycling footprint, costs, and drivers to build out a Evreka Smart Waste Collection System customized to your ...

    By Evreka Yazılım A.Ş. based in Çankaya, TURKEY.

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    Lindner Apollo - Model 700 / 1000 / 1600 - Stationar Universal Shredding System

    With the Apollo series you are ready to recycle almost anything. Tailored to companies with low to medium material volumes, the machine makes it possible to shred diverse product waste down to defined output sizes in a cost-effective way. The combination of superlative machine technology and smart functions guarantees a high degree of operational ...

    By Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH Distributor in Balmumcu, TURKEY. from Stationar Universal Shredding System Product line

  • Nina - Model 1200 - Oil Mist Eliminators

    The oil mist eliminator Nina is specially designed for higher airflow and works on all machine tools with a cabin volume up to 424 CF (12 m³). The Nina effectively cleans the oil mist/oil smoke formed during the machining process  and provides clean air into the workshop, as well as recycling almost all of your oil/coolant from the mist. ...

    By 3nine AB Distributor in TURKEY. from Oil Mist Eliminators Product line

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