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    Spire Metering - Model wPrime 280W-R - Residential Ultrasonic Water Meter

    Non-intrusive Clamp-on Ultrasonic BTU Meter, Thermal Energy Meter; 280W-R ultrasonic water meter is the latest innovation from Spire Metering. The meter was specially designed for domestic water metering applications where conventional water meters fail due to harsh environment, solids in water, high maintenance, magnetic vandalization or ...

    By Spire Metering Technology, LLC. based in Marlborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Residential Ultrasonic Water Meter Product line

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    Spire Metering - Model 280W-D - Ultrasonic Water Meter

    Ultrasonic Water Meter, Static Residential Water Meter. 280W-D ultrasonic water meter is the latest innovation from Spire Metering. It is specially designed for domestic water metering applications where conventional water meters fail due to harsh environment, solids in water, high maintenance, magnetic vandalization or incapable of leakage ...

    By Spire Metering Technology, LLC. based in Marlborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Ultrasonic Water Meter Product line

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    Shelco - Model HFE Series - Water Filtration High Flow Eco Housings

    High Flow Eco Housings are designed for residential, commercial. and light industrial filtration needs at an economic price and an. exceptional value. Heavy-duty 304L or 316L stainless steel construction for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. V-band clamp closure for quick and easy cartridge change outs. Holds one high flow series ...

    By Shelco Filters based in Middletown, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Water Filtration High Flow Eco Housings Product line

  • Premium

    AQUADRAIN - Drainage Composite

    Since 1987, millions of square feet of AQUADRAIN have been successfully installed on commercial and residential projects worldwide. AQUADRAIN drainage composite is a prefabricated sheet drain consisting of a three-dimensional polypropylene formed dimple core covered with a nonwoven polypropylene filter fabric on one side. The formed dimple core ...

    By Colloid Environmental Technologies Company (CETCO) based in Hoffman Estates, UNITED KINGDOM. from Drainage Composite Product line

  • Premium

    AdVantEdge - High Capacity POU Systems

    The AdVantEdge™ line of products from AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC is a complete line of water treatment products to remove arsenic from drinking water in individual households. The AdVantEdge residential product line includes single tap or point-of-use (POU) systems and whole house or point-of-entry (POE) systems.

    By Adedge Water Technologies, LLC based in Buford, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from High Capacity POU Systems Product line

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    AQUASCOPE - Model 3 - Universal Leak Locator & Acoustic Listening Device

    The AQUASCOPE 3 is a high performance water leak detector designed for use by leakage technicians and plumbers to find leaks on water mains, water services and in residential or commercial properties. The acoustic microphone in this water leak detector amplifies the mechanical vibration created when water in a pressurized system exits the pipe ...

    By Gutermann AG based in Baar, SWITZERLAND. from Universal Leak Locator & Acoustic Listening Device Product line

  • 3540-SC

    It's both heavy-duty and handy, perfect for any industrial, commercial or residential application. Equipped, as standard, with 400' of thermoplastic sewer hose. Can be towed FULL OF WATER to YOUR Jobsite.

    By O`Brien - A Product of Hi-Vac Corporation based in Marietta, OHIO (USA). from 3540-SC Product line

  • Residential Softeners

    Having a quality water conditioner will not only improve your customer's water, it will also improve their way of life!  Request our custom literature designed for your dealership to find out how!

    By Mid America Water based in Bartlett, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Large Waste Water Treatment Plants

    Large AT plants (75 and 10000+) treat from 11.3 m³ or more of waste water per day, when the water is from major sports, leisure, residential complexes;housing estates; large companies;towns, villages and cities with large and small populations ranging from several hundred to five thousand or more inhabitants. The size of  'August' waste ...

    By August ir Ko UAB based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA. from Large Waste Water Treatment Plants Product line

  • NuWater - Polyphosphate Descaling Cartridge

    Phosphate crystal water filter replacement for use in numerous residential as well as commercial water filter systems, especially ice machines, coffee machines, vending machines, food service equipment, water heaters, air conditioning equipment, undersink systems, and many other types of water filter and water processing equipment. A standard ...

    By NuWater USA based in Concord, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Polyphosphate Descaling Cartridge Product line

  • Model H6500 - Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Reverse osmosis is often used in commercial and residential water filtration to provide the highest quality of water used for drinking and preparing food or “life support water.” The process of reverse osmosis appears to be complex, but in reality it is a very straightforward process. The H6500 RO uses pressure to force a solution ...

    By Hague Quality Water based in Groveport, OHIO (USA). from Reverse Osmosis Systems Product line

  • Residential Pumping Station

    Waste waters from houses situated on an elevated location are drained into the sewers using gravity while from houses situated in lower elevations, waste waters need to be pumped into the sewers. The residential pumping station of the Regeneracija company is made up of a manhole, submerged centrifuge pump, level switches, non-return valve, stop ...

    By Regeneracija d.o.o. based in Lesce, SLOVENIA. from Residential Pumping Station Product line

  • Model BPH - BMH - DPH - DMH - Wet Rotor Circulators Pump

    Pump for the circulation of water in residential and industrial collective heating and air conditioning systems. All the models are available both in the single and twin version.

    By Dab Pumps based in Mestrino (PD), ITALY. from Wet Rotor Circulators Pump Product line

  • Apex - Model A8e - Integrated Corona Discharge Ozone Generator

    The Apex A8e system is a fully integrated corona discharge ozone generator perfect for commercial and residential swimming pools, spas and water features. Pad-mounted and built with weather-proofed stainless steel or powder coated enclosure, the A8e provides an ozone output rate of 8 grams of ozone per hour for complete sanitation. Dimensions: ...

    By ClearWater Tech LLC based in San Luis Obispo, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Integrated Corona Discharge Ozone Generator Product line

  • Model DAB90210 - Nova Pump 200M-Na

    Part number : DAB90210. Specifications : Integrated thermal bi-metal fuse. Benefits : Long service life. Application : Immersion pumps for drainage and pumping waste water in and around residential buildings, Pumped liquid (NOVA): murky water with out fib res. Properties : Pump housing, impeller, upper part and pump mesh made from technopolymer, ...

    By Kramp UK Ltd based in Bedfordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Nova Pump 200M-Na Product line

  • Model M-Line - Marine Alloy Salt Water Pool Heat Exchangers

    M-Line heat exchangers are a line of completely welded heat exchangers made entirely of a super austentic marine alloy. Its compact structure is an integration of innovative material with detailed engineering for effective use with high fluid velocities and low pressure drops, designed specifically for salt water pool applications. The versatility ...

    By AIC Inc. based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Hydromat - Water Heater

    Vertical storage tank with heat exchanger for domestic hot water in residential and commercial applications. Certified tank made of 44-2 steel with double-layer enamel and smooth tube heat exchanger. Fully assembled with non-CFC insulation with insulated base, crack-resistant PVC jacket. Fittings are covered. Protective anode test device ...

    By Lopper Kesselbau GmbH based in Rohr/Alzhausen, GERMANY. from Water Heater Product line

  • Model AS/AT, AS/AV - Automatic Softeners

    Automatic softeners with electronic programmer, available time (AS/AT) or volume controlled (AS/AV); see details on last page. Both series can be used for residential (drinking water) and industrial applications; for its special characteristics the series AS/AV is specially suitable for treatment of feed water of closed (heating & cooling) ...

    By Nobel srl based in Segrate, ITALY. from Automatic Softeners Product line

  • Luminor - Model Blackcomb 5.0 - Residential UV Systems

    Looking for a feature-laden premium UV system, then LUMINOR's Blackcomb5.0 line of residential UV systems should be your choice. In looking at this line, one easily sees how this product is truly different from everything else in the market. Blackcomb's state-of-the-art 5.0 series controller is a constant current electronic power source ...

    By LUMINOR Environmental Inc. based in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Residential UV Systems Product line

  • Model KW 18-45 Series - Silent Industrial Generators

    Diesel engines WEICHAI with alternator AVR. Water cooled. Residential silencer. Lifting hook. Visual fuel level. Complete with engine and battery liquids. Manual oil drain pipe. Automatic panel with 1 socket.

    By Kamaro srl based in Bergamo, ITALY. from Silent Industrial Generators Product line

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