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  • Rotating Biological Contactor

    Biodisk’s are rotating fixed bed reactors that are partially submerged in the wastewater. The biomass comes into contact with the air and wastewater alternately by the rotation of the disks. The contaminants are degraded by biochemical processes.

    By Mecana Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Reichenburg, SWITZERLAND.

  • Purestream - Package Rotating Biological Contactor System (RBC`s)

    The Purestream, Inc. Package Rotating Biological Contactor System provides primary, secondary, and/or advanced treatment in one complete package. Package Plant sizes from 4200 to 112,000 GPD capacities.

    By Purestream ES, LLC based in Walton, KENTUCKY (USA). from Purestream Inc. Products Product line

  • KEE - Large Sized RBC Managed-Flow Wastewater Treatment Plants

    These modules offer biological treatment stages for larger sized wastewater treatment plants. The unique Managed Flow Technology is incorporated as standard. As they are easy to install and highly efficient, KEE Process RBC Modules are the cost-effective answer for flexible treatment for larger flows. These modules can replace or supplement ...

    By KEE Process Limited based in Aylesbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Rotating Biological Contactor Product line

  • KEE - Model RBC Modules - RBC Modules for Medium-Sized Wastewater Treatment Plants

    These modules offer biological treatment stages for small to medium-sized wastewater treatment plants. The DC module range is optimised for carbonaceous BOD removal and the DN module range is optimised for Nitrification and/or total Nitrogen removal and Phosphorus reduction. The unique patented KEE Managed Flow® technology is incorporated as ...

    By KEE Process Limited based in Aylesbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Rotating Biological Contactor Product line

  • KEE - Model NuDisc - Single Piece Packaged Treatment Plants

    The KEE Process NuDisc is a totally self-contained, covered, single piece packaged treatment system for onsite wastewater treatment. The KEE NuDisc and NuDisc-R are innovative and truly versatile systems for the effective treatment of wastewater, including Nutrient removal. They can be configured for BOD reduction, suspended solids reduction, ...

    By KEE Process Limited based in Aylesbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Rotating Biological Contactor Product line

  • Rotofix - Rotating Biological Contractor

    Conventional wastewater treatment systems are ageing throughout communities and municipalities and will need to be replaced sooner or later. In parallel, community and commercial development in ecological sensitive areas requires a solution that is adapted to modern lifestyles. Rotofix combines reliability and durability with low system operating ...

    By Premier Tech Aqua based in Rivière-du-Loup, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Wastewater Treatment Technologies Product line

  • Aqua BioMax - Dual Treatment System

    The Aqua BioMax dual treatment system is a unique combination of rotating biological contactor (RBC) technology and cloth media filtration. The package unit utilizes multiple RBC disks that are vertically mounted and closely spaced on a steel shaft, providing a large surface area for bio film growth. The disks rotate out of the wastewater to ...

    By Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. based in Loves Park, ILLINOIS (USA). from Biological Processes Product line

  • Biological System

    The aerobic biological treatment is an effective and economical wastewater treatment contaminated by surfactants, alcohols and other water-soluble solvents such as phenols and biodegradable substances typically with values of B.O.D. and C.O.D. exceeding the limits of the law. The rotating biological contactor (RBC) of small size are used in ...

    By Pramec srl based in Legnano (MI), ITALY. from Water Depuration Product line

  • RBC and Triclyng Filter Plant

    The biological contactor takes form of several discs in plastic material mounted and closely spaced on a shaft.The shaft is slowly rotated by means of a reduction gear ( 1 to 6 r.p.m.) depending on the diameter of the discs and on the waste characteristic of the sewage or waters to be treated.It is rotated in a partially submerged position in the ...

    By ATD srl based in Fonte Nuova Rome, ITALY. from Sewage Water Plants Product line

  • Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Alternating Aerobic/Anaerobic Trickling Filter. Extended Aeration. Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR). Activated Sledge. High Quality Effluent (HQE) Single Use System. Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC).

    By Aqueonics, Inc. based in Greenville, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • BIODISK - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Wastewater treatment using a BIODISK is a natural biological process based on the principle of the rotating biological contactor (RBC). It is self regulating, a complete treatment plant and can be sized to meet your needs. The treatment process has capabilities of secondary, tertiary and advanced treatment with an additional capability of ...

    By BIODISK Corporation based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • PRODISK - Biorotors Wastewater Purification System

    The PRODISK  Biorotor wastewater purification system is designed to purify wastewater for smaller and commercial applications. PRODISK  – Biorotors are used for domestic water purification and use a Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC). The system is self-maintaining and does not require the addition of chemical substances.

    By PRODALL EUROPE based in Roeselare, BELGIUM.

  • Miracell - Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Wastewater treatment occurs in these modules. The operating principle of the Mıracell® wastewater treatment system is based on the Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) technology in which disks connected to a shaft are rotated at a very low speed by means of a motor which is equipped with a reduction gear. The system is designed such that ...

    By Miranda Water Treatment Systems based in Ankara, TURKEY. from Auxiliary Equipment Product line

  • Robette - Package Sewage Treatment Plant

    Tuke and Bell is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of sewage purification equipment with ninety years experience in design and production. The latest computer aided design systems are used to produce a wide range of high quality equipment, serving the needs of both the water industry and domestic customers. The Robette is a range of ...

    By Tuke & Bell Ltd based in Wednesbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Premium

    BioDisc - Model BA-BC - Domestic Sewage Treatment Systems

    For domestic dwellings without access to mains drainage, the Klargester BioDisc provides a reliable, efficient and environmentally safe solution to your sewage disposal needs. The market leading Biodisc models remove 95% of pollution - an industry benchmark.

    By Kingspan Environmental Ltd based in Co. Armagh, NORTHERN IRELAND. from Sewage Treatment Plants Product line

  • Disc Sewage Treatment Plant

    Rotating disc plants were the first sewage treatment plants to really enter the small domestic UK market in the 1970's. They revolutionised domestic sewage treatment by enabling discharges to watercourses, but have largely been replaced by new, simpler and more efficient technology. Disc type plants are 'Rotating Biological Contactors or RBC's. ...

    By Water Technology Engineering Ltd. (WTE) based in Bolton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sewage Treatment Plants Product line

  • Mecana Builds Complete Systems

    Mecana builds complete systems for wastewater treatment, up to 5000 population equivalent, for communities, neighborhoods, leisure facilities and industrial plants. In this case, different process options can be configured to attain the necessary performance.

    By Mecana Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Reichenburg, SWITZERLAND.

  • Bio Spiral Compact Sewage Treatment Plant

    The Bio Spiral Compact Sewage Treatment Plants consist of a buffer tank, cup lift, rotating bio-solids plates and post clarification filters. In the system biodegradation of organic matter in the wastewater is carried out by micro-organisms growing on the plates. Solids are removed in the clarifier and the filter stage. The plants can be built in ...

    By Mecana Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Reichenburg, SWITZERLAND.

  • Model KD 30 - Drum Thickener

    The drum thickener Model KD 30 is a thoroughly tested machine designed to ensure low service and maintenance costs. IntroductionDrum thickener model KD 30 is used for thickening of effluent sludge. A concentration from 0.8% dry solids to approximately 6% dry solids is normally achieved when dewatering municipal biological excess sludge. The drum ...

    By Danish Wastewater Equipment A/S based in Vejle, DENMARK. from Sludge Treatment Product line

  • Pile Cloth Media Filtration System

    The pile fibres used in this patented process are comparable in their structure to an animal fur. During filtration the individual pile fibres lie flat to form a dense and effective barrier to suspended solids. During backwash, the fibers briefly stand vertically inside the suction header, so that the retained solids are easily removed. By using ...

    By Mecana Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Reichenburg, SWITZERLAND.

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