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Saturn Grizzly - Model M-80 - Industrial Rubber Granulator

by Granutech-Saturn Systems     based in Grand Prairie, TEXAS (USA)

The Saturn Grizzly M-80 is a size reduction system utilizing a unique staggered knife single rotor design. This durable industrial rubber granulator is easy to maintain and provides incredibly clean rubber and separated steel whenprocessing tires. The Grizzly's unique rotor construction and proprietary blade material allow the greatest ...

Saturn - Model G-3 - Rubber Granulator Machine

by Granutech-Saturn Systems     based in Grand Prairie, TEXAS (USA)

The Saturn G-3 granulator is a dedicated tire processing rubber granulator that excels at producing high quality granulate down to -1/4” mesh. at an output capacity of three to four tons per hour.

Rubber Granulate

by Robert Weibold GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

The first step moving towards the reuse of scrap tires is to re-process (shred) them into small pieces with textile fibres and metal removed, which is called rubber granulate. Rubber granulate can be used in a wide variety of rubber material applications. The industrial-scale based technology for re-processing scrap tires into rubber granulate ...

Cryoflex - Cryogenic Rubber Granulate

by RECIPNEU - Empresa Nacional de Reciclagem de Pneus, Lda.     based in Sines, PORTUGAL

CRYOFLEX is a cryogenic rubber granulate, developed for the infilling of high performance artificial turf fields. This product results from a cryogenic process. The cryogenic process does neither degrade, chemically or thermally, the molecular chains of rubber polymers nor their vulcanization condition. Result is granules with “cuboid-type ...

Saturn Grizzly - Model Super 80 - Industrial Rubber Scrap Grinder

by Granutech-Saturn Systems     based in Grand Prairie, TEXAS (USA)

Highest Capacity Grinder on the market (10+ tons/hr). The Saturn Grizzly Super 80 by Granutech-Saturn Systems is an industry-leading medium speed grinder that provides efficient, high performance size reduction for processing shredded tires. Granutech’s 40 years of experience designing size reduction equipment means the Saturn Grizzly Super ...

Vulcanator - Model KM30 - Rubber Bale Granulator

by Franklin Miller Inc.     based in Livingston, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The Vulcanator KM30 features a unique low friction cutter design which quickly reduces whole bales of rubber into small bits while minimizing heat rise without the need for a cooling system. This unit is able to handle larger and heavier bales up to six times faster than previous units. The split clam shell design allows for easy maintenance of ...

Blackfriars - Model 525 - Rubber Bale Granulators

by Blackfriars Ltd     based in Derbyshire, UNITED KINGDOM

The 525 bale granulator may be operated as a manual or automatic installation, producing a uniform granule at consistent rates.  Mechanical assistance is fitted where required to ease access to the cutting chamber. Complete clean down of machine for material change is a simple task.

Saturn - Industrial Rubber Powderizers

by Granutech-Saturn Systems     based in Grand Prairie, TEXAS (USA)

Granutech’s Saturn powderizers produce materials from 6 mesh to 30 mesh, using 1/4' to 3/8' granulate as feed. Using a controlled feed system, our high performance powderizers can produce up to 2,000 lbs per hour, depending on screen and feedstock size.

Industrial Rubber Shredders

by Granutech-Saturn Systems     based in Grand Prairie, TEXAS (USA)

Granutech Saturn Systems has over 40 years’ experience designing and manufacturing world-class shredders for industrial rubber scrap. We have consistently been in the forefront of developing machinery to provide high quality rubber crumb from rubber and tire scrap. Whether your application is processing remainders from rubber molding, ...

Model Gran-Calibur Series - Granulators

by Genox Recycling Tech Co. Ltd     based in Panyu, CHINA

Gran-Calibur (GC Series) Granulators are high speed granulation machines designed especially for the efficient size reduction of various materials in a single pass.   These machines are ideal for processing a multitude of materials including plastics, rubber, copper cable and organics amongst others. 

Model G80 - Extra Heavy Duty Granulator

by Avian (USA) Machinery, LLC.     based in Naperville, ILLINOIS (USA)

Avian's Extra Heavy-Duty Granulator grinds solid material into various sizes of granulate utilizing 100 to 500 HP motors and High Speed Tool Steel or Ceramic knives. This Extra Heavy-Duty Granulator is ideal for reclaim of solid purging, baled fiber, cast blocks, rubber tires, haystack film, blocks, rods, and heavy wall fittings. The Extra ...

Model T-REX SERIES - Super Heavy Duty Granulator

by Avian (USA) Machinery, LLC.     based in Naperville, ILLINOIS (USA)

The diameter of its shaft reaches 1,100mm and its width goes to 2,500mm. The opening of the hopper is 1,800mmx3000mm. It is highly competitive and cost-effective in the recycling of films,wide sheets ,PET&PVC bottles and rubber tyres. It gets high capacity (maximum 5000kg/hr) with less dust by its optimized design and coordination between the ...

3E - Medium Size Granulator

by Guangzhou 3E Machinery Co., Ltd.     based in Guangzhou, CHINA

Welded by rigid steel structure. Machine case half-and-half opening, which makes convenience to clean, remove knives and maintenance. Blade roller is to be chosen by the different crushing material. Optional air conveying collecting units and sound-proofed execution are at user’s request. Suitable for crushing pouring head,pipe, ...


by American Pulverizer Company     based in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA)

American Pulverizer Granulators are capable of shredding and granulating plastic for recycling, scrap rubber, pre-shredded tires, phone cable, etc. They are designed for grinding waste polymeric materials to sizes needed for consequent processing. The production rate depends on the kind of material and size of the cage screen openings. The rotor ...

Eldan - Model UP1500 / UP1750 / FP1500 / FP1750 - Aspirators

by Eldan Recycling A/S     based in Faaborg, DENMARK

The Eldan Aspirators are used in tyre recycling to separate the textile from the rubber granulates and to classify the rubber granules into three sizes and dust.

Mastercut - Rubber and Tyre Granulator Blades

by Mastercut Cutting Systems     based in Chesterfield, UNITED KINGDOM

Rubber and Tyre cutting Granulator Blades are available at MASTERCUT in a range of grades: High Alloy Tool, High Carbon High Chrome, Nickel Chrome Superalloys.

Model ECO-G1-AG - Granulator

by General Recycling GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

The ECO G1-AG Granulators are based on a high rotation cutting and grinding technology. By a constant screening and recirculation process output sizes from 6 - 1 mm are achieved. In combination with vibratory separation technologies and high pressure central blower filter systems this process results into a fiber free rubber granule output. ...

Model XPZ-400/800 - Rubber Secondary Crusher

by Xuzhou YAGOGUE Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd     based in Xuzhou, CHINA

This equipment is mainly used in further crushing coarse rubber granules into 5~10 mesh rubber granules, which can be used collaborated with XMF series rubber fine grinder, and also can be used directly in producing rubber granules for making rubber plates, rubber tiles, rubber athletic track, stadium, etc. This equipment also can used in ...

Model XKP-400/450/560 - Double-Roller Rubber Crusher

by Xuzhou YAGOGUE Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd     based in Xuzhou, CHINA

This equipment is mainly used in crushing scraped tire lumps, other scraped rubber products, rubber leftovers into 6~28 mesh rubber granules and powder, which can be applied the velocity ratio of rollers at following technical parameters or free velocity ratio of rollers according to the different materials.

Eldan - Overband Magnet

by Eldan Recycling A/S     based in Faaborg, DENMARK

The Overband Magnet seperate ferrous particles from other material e.g. aluminium or rubber granulate.

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