safety directive equipment in New Jersey

  • Model PDA-Type 3 - Screw Pumps with Safety Valve

    3-Screw Pumps with Safety Valve for hydraulic oils, lubricating oils. Flow rate up to 160 L/min. Admissible delivery pressure 10 bar. Standard valve calibration 6 bar (other on request). Version available with integrated lantern for direct coupling to motor size 080 or 090. Flow rate up to 850 L/min. Motor connection ISO 3019/2. Standard use: ...

    By Seim S.r.l. Office in Fairfield, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Screw Pumps with Safety Valve Product line

  • PrevEx - Flammability Analyzer

    The PrevEx is our flammability analyzer for lower flammable limit monitoring (LFL/LEL).

    By Control Instruments Corporation based in Fairfield, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Premium

    AMS PowerProbe - Model 9120-SK - Portable and Maneuverable Track System

    If you are looking for the most portable and maneuverable track system, without sacrificing power or performance, there is not another small direct push model like the 9120-SK. The rugged rubber tracks keep the unit moving when soil conditions get soft, wet or muddy with minimal disturbance to the work site. The probe can easily be removed to ...

    By Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.) Distributor in Windsor, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Portable and Maneuverable Track System Product line

  • Premium

    Teledyne Isco - Model 2102 - Wireless Module

    The 2102 Wireless Module reduces the need for confined space entry in sewer flow studies by providing remote data retrieval from monitoring instruments. Simply stack the 2102 onto one or more 2100 Series flow modules to form a complete, integrated system for acquiring and communicating open channel flow data. The 2102 uses spread-spectrum digital ...

    By Teledyne ISCO Distributor in NEW JERSEY (USA). from Wireless Module Product line

  • Model Series ABV - Automated Ball Valve

    Series ABV incorporates a full port brass ball valve for great flow rates with minimal pressure drop. The valve features a blowout proof stem for added safety, reinforced PTFE seats and seals for longer life, and a Chrome/Nickel plated ball for better performance. Actuators are direct mounted creating a compact assembly for tight spaces. Double ...

    By Dwyer Instruments Inc Distributor in Cedar Grove, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Automated Ball Valve Product line

  • Laser Safety Glasses Model 10967

    TSI Laser Laser Safety Goggles provide a solid protection from direct and scattered laser beams. Side-shields are provided to eliminate the possibility of even the smallest amount of indirect scatter entering the eyes. Typical Optical Densities of 10 (OD 10) ensure the user's safety even for multi-Watt Ar ion lasers and high-energy YAG and YLF ...

    By TSI Incorporated Distributor in NEW JERSEY (USA). from Laser Safety Glasses Model 10967 Product line

  • Sick - Model GM32 - In Situ Gas Analyzers

    The GM32 in-situ gas analyzer measures SO2, NO, NO2 and NH3, as well as TRS components in Kraft pulp processes including pressure and temperature in the gas duct. Direct, fast and without gas sampling and transport. This means control systems are able to work with actual values in real time. Thanks to self-monitoring the measured value are ...

    By Sick Automation Distributor in Windsor, NEW JERSEY (USA). from In Situ Gas Analyzers Product line

  • CA-CALC - Single Gas Monitors

    TSI's Series CA-6000 CA-CALC Single Gas Monitors are ideal exhaust gas analyzers for residential to commercial service technicians and safety inspectors measuring combustion exhaust gases. These exhaust gas analyzers are used to make direct and ambient exhaust gas measurements for tuning and preventative. Plant engineers and maintenance ...

    By TSI Incorporated Distributor in NEW JERSEY (USA). from Single Gas Monitors Product line

  • Calgon Carbon Rayox - Collimated Beam Unit

    Calgon Carbon Corporation's Rayox5 Collimated Beam Unit is designed to expose liquid or solid samples to UV light on a batch basis.The system is fail-safe, ensuring operator safety and protection of critical equipment components, making it an ideal addition to any university or independent laboratory. This unit is used for bench-scale studies ...

    By Calgon Carbon Corporation Distributor in Cedar Grove, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Collimated Beam Unit Product line

  • Model MX6 iBrid - Portable Multi Gas Monitor

    Get ready to see hazardous levels of oxygen, toxic and combustible gas, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like never before. The MX6 iBrid® is more than an intelligent hybrid of Industrial Scientific's best monitoring technologies. It's the first gas monitor to feature a full-color LCD display screen. The display improves safety with clear ...

    By Industrial Scientific Corporation Distributor in NEW JERSEY (USA). from Portable Multi Gas Monitor Product line

  • SV - Model 102 - Single or Dual Channel Noise Dosimter

    Noise Dosimeter for Workplace Safety, Occupational Health and Industry. SV 102 dual-channel instrument presents completely new approach to occupational health and safety acoustic monitoring task. The binaural dose measurement and 1/1 octave analysis are simultaneously performed. Octave analysis providing direct data for ear-protectors designing ...

    By Sensidyne Industrial Health and Safety Distributor in NEW JERSEY (USA). from Single or Dual Channel Noise Dosimter Product line

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