sampling supply equipment in Austria

  • Alpha - Model 7401 - Spectrometer

    The CANBERRA Model 7401 is a comprehensive alpha spectrometer that can accommodate samples up to two inches in diameter in a double- width NIM package. The versatile sample chamber and instrument electronics support CANBERRA's own PIPS Detectors, which combine high resolution and low backgrounds in a rugged alpha detector with active areas up to ...

    By Canberra - Mirion Technologies, Inc Office in Schwadorf, AUSTRIA. from Spectrometer Product line

  • Profile Ring Blanks

    We have stocks of (profile) ring blanks manufactured from seamless tubes ready to supply at short notice from our exceptionally varied standard range. The large selection of alloys and wall thicknesses allows you to choose between various ring dimensions and widths for your ring blanks to suit specific needs. We also offer CNC-turned ring blanks, ...

    By Heimerle + Meule GmbH Office in Wien, AUSTRIA. from Profile Ring Blanks Product line

  • Model GD - Gas Dome and Gas Hood for Anaerobic Digesters

    Gas Domes serve two purposes - on the one hand they embed the various equipments of the digester top, such as hydraulic security valves, foam traps, inspection glasses and sight glasses, gas sampling devices, etc. - on the other hand, they provide a large opening for insertion and removal of material as well as access to the inside. The ...

    By Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH based in Nüziders, AUSTRIA. from Gas Dome and Gas Hood for Anaerobic Digesters Product line

  • SIRCO - Model Genie M - Fixed Site Sampler

    The SIRCO GENIE-M Sampler is microprocessor based and features great flexibility in both  the programming and operational function fields. It is a mains powered, free-standing  sampler and can be supplied to operate at a mains voltage to suit the available supply.  The Programming flexibility is enhanced by the use of a REAL-TIME ...

    By SIRCO Controls Ltd. Distributor in Vienna, AUSTRIA.

  • Protea - Heated Sample Lines

    Protea supplies heated sample lines of lengths 1m to 50m for the sampling of gaseous samples where sample temperature control is imperative. With dedicated integrated calibration lines and robust end fittings, these lines are suitable for fixed or mobile applications. Protea also supplies ATEX approved heating elements for our heated lines, ...

    By Protea Limited Distributor in Kritzendorf, AUSTRIA. from Heated Sample Lines Product line

  • Protea - Unheated Sample Probes

    For measurement of gases that do not require hot measurements, Protea can supply sample probes of various material construction. This includes probes made of materials such as PEEK allowing for measurement of possible corrosive gases.

    By Protea Limited Distributor in Kritzendorf, AUSTRIA. from Unheated Sample Probes Product line

  • Protea - Custom Sampling Parts

    For customers with specialised gas measurement applications, Protea can provide customised sampling parts in order to ensure the requirements of each application are met. This can include unique arrangements of valves, filters and probes that can be supplied of the correct choice of materials and construction to ensure long-life and low downtime ...

    By Protea Limited Distributor in Kritzendorf, AUSTRIA. from Custom Sampling Parts Product line

  • CPS, Cold Sample Probe

    The CP5 is a modern version of the classic unheated cold sample probe for the isokinetic sampling of particulate matter in stack emissions. The CP5 design and construction follow the philosophy of being easy and practical to use on the stack. The CP5 is fully realized in AISI316 and is supplied including the AISI316 inner tube, thermocouple and ...

    By Protea Limited Distributor in Kritzendorf, AUSTRIA. from CPS, Cold Sample Probe Product line

  • Protea - Model SSCM - Self-contained Sampling System Control Module

    Self-contained sampling control for use with Protea core gas analysers. The control of the gas sample in any analysis system is critical. From heated sample lines and probes to pump control, the management of the system is important to stop any damage to analytical hardware. For this reason, Protea supplies the Sampling System Control Module ...

    By Protea Limited Distributor in Kritzendorf, AUSTRIA. from Self-contained Sampling System Control Module Product line

  • Model LP 3000 - Lapping Machine

    LP 3000 Polishing machine for preparation of Ferrous and Non Ferrous spectrometric samples. It is supplied with proper lapping tool accordingly to the alloy of the sample to be prepared (Aluminium, Copper, Cast Iron)

    By GNR Srl Distributor in Korneuburg, AUSTRIA. from Lapping Machine Product line

  • Protea - Gas Cells and Liquid Cells

    For spectroscopic absorption measurements of gas and liquid phase samples, correct choice of gas cell is paramount. Protea can supply a complete system with optimum sample cell, or we can provide a sample cell for your current instrument. We can provide FTIR gas cells, laser gas cells, FTIR liquid cells and process flow cells.

    By Protea Limited Distributor in Kritzendorf, AUSTRIA. from Gas Cells and Liquid Cells Product line

  • Protea - Pumps

    Protea’s gas analysers are extractive gas analysers and as such we need to ensure repeatable, consistent sample flow is provided to the equipment. The choice of pump is of great importance to ensure high uptime of analytical equipment. Protea can supply low-cost, low flow sample pumps for mobile applications. For sampling of corrosive gases, ...

    By Protea Limited Distributor in Kritzendorf, AUSTRIA. from Pumps Product line

  • Protea - Filters

    Filtering of gas for particulate matter is of great importance to ensure high uptime for gas analysers and sample pumps. With Protea’s experience of process and emissions monitoring of many different applications, we can recommend the best choice of filter material and porosity. With our advanced FTIR gas analysers we are able to source and ...

    By Protea Limited Distributor in Kritzendorf, AUSTRIA. from Filters Product line

  • ProAm - Ammonia Monitor

    The ProAm Ammonia Monitor is a simple, compact on-line analyser designed currently to accurately determine ammoniacal-nitrogen in real-time. Other parameters which include Nitrate, Chloride and Fluoride may also be configured. The instrument comprises a wall-mount analyser section with an integral sample pump; a controlling processor interfaced by ...

    By Pollution & Process Monitoring Ltd Distributor in WIENER NEUSTADT, AUSTRIA. from Ammonia Monitor Product line

  • Model BAM-1020 - Continuous Particulate Monitor

    The Met One Instruments Model BAM-1020 was the first instrument to obtain U.S. EPA Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) designation for continuous PM2.5 monitoring, in addition to its longstanding EPA designation for PM10 monitoring. The BAM-1020 has also obtained the corresponding PM2.5 and PM10 certifications in the European Union. Two BAM-1020 units ...

    By Met One Instruments, Inc. (MOI) Distributor in AUSTRIA. from Continuous Particulate Monitor Product line

  • Model HPC 1100 Series - High Pressure Controller

    Designed using the latest technology in high-pressure gas components, the HPC 1100allows attachment of Lighthouse 0.1µm particle counters to high pressure (30-150 psi) inert gas systems to provide monitoring capability for process gas contamination. The HPC 1100’s exceptionally low audible noise and small footprint allow installation ...

    By Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions Distributor in Oeynhausen, AUSTRIA. from High Pressure Controller Product line

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