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Model TSS - Pressure Sand Filters

by Shivsu Canadian Clear     based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA)

Shivsu Canadian Clear silver stream filters provide crystal clear water of turbiditly level of less than 2 to 3 mg/ltr on Silica scale. Horizontal and vertical filters are available in a complete range and sizes upto 3600mm dia Normal filtering medium employed is clean, sieved and grade quartz and fine sand. For applications like iron removal, ...

Fleck - Model 2510 - Filter Prep Water Filters

by Charger Water Treatment     based in Elgin, ILLINOIS (USA)

Filter  Prep Water filtration systems make it easy to enjoy cleaner, healthier, better tasting water throughout your home. Whether for drinking, cooking, bathing or laundry, Filter  Prep will improve the quality of your water.Your water could contain chemical contaminants from pesticides, petroleum, solvents, or a variety of sources. ...

FLEXSTORM PURE - Filters System

by FLeXstorm Inlet     based in Naperville, ILLINOIS (USA)

The FLEXSTORM PURE system is the preferred Catch Basin Insert for permanent inlet protection and storm water runoff control. Constructed of versatile stainless steel, FLEXSTORM PURE Catch Basin Inserts will fit any drainage structure and are available with site-specific filter bags providing various levels of filtration. Whether you’re the ...

SWT FilterEase - Residential Sediment Filters

by Safe Water Technologies, Inc.     based in Elgin, ILLINOIS (USA)

Safe Water Technologies’ Residential Sediment Filters are built utilizing SWT’s FilterEase™ filter media. These filters are designed to remove ferric iron, silt, and turbidity. Sediment filtration as low as 10 to 20 micron is common. Plus, these systems feature SWT’s Cyclonic Distributor System™ to provide full bed ...

HydroTech - Model Mobile-Soft-Water - Iron Stain Filter

by Hydrotec Systems Company, Inc.     based in Tiskilwa, ILLINOIS (USA)

HydroTec presents its newest member of our Mobile-Soft-Water™ family of portable water conditioning products our Mobile-Iron-Free filter. We are introducing this regenerable Iron removal filter in a 7' by 35' tank. Below is a brief description of this product, we welcome inquiries and we welcome your business.

Flo-GritWash - Grit Classifying and Washing Systems

by Enviro-Care Company     based in Gurnee, ILLINOIS (USA)

Washed grit being discharged from a Flo-GritWash system contained less than 3% organics.  The system is comprised of a conical separation tank followed by a washing area and operates very similar to an upflow sand filter.  The cleanest sand drops to the bottom of the tank and is removed via a shafted spiral.  Since washed grit ...

Baker Filtration Systems

by BakerCorp     Office in Chicago Heights, ILLINOIS (USA)

High and low-pressure carbon and specialty media vessels. Odor control systems. Sand filters. Duplex cartridges. Bag filters and auxiliary equipment. No other company offers a more comprehensive lineup of filtration equipment than BakerCorp. We have individual units capable of handling up to 1000 gallons per minute and multiple units can be ...

PHOENIX - Model HG Separator™ - Combines Hydrocyclone and Dewatering Screen Systems

by PHOENIX Process Equipment Co.     Distributor in ILLINOIS (USA)

PHOENIX is one of the market leaders for construction aggregate and industrial minerals fines recovery and dewatering systems. The PHOENIX Model HG Separator combines hydrocyclone and dewatering screen technology to effectively recover discarded fine sand from wash plant effluents. The dewatering fines are conveyable, stackable and potentially ...

Pre-packed Well Screens

by JOHNSON Probing, LLC     based in Batavia, ILLINOIS (USA)

Pre-packed well screens have become popular and have been chosen as an alternative to conventional monitoring wells. The pre-packed screens come in various sizes and the inner PVC well screen is wrapped in stainless steel mesh filled with sand. This aids in well development and sampling by ensuring that the filter media is uniformly placed around ...

PurePro - Model s300-a - S-Series Water Systems

by Pure-Pro Water Corporation     Office in Mokena, ILLINOIS (USA)

Our S300 Countertop & Undersink Filters safely and effectively remove microorganisms like Giardia and Cryptosporidium from your water protecting you and your family from parasitic illnesses caused by these contaminants.

Model 945D - Thermal Desorption Unit

by Midwest Soil Remediation, Inc.     based in Lake Barrington, ILLINOIS (USA)

The MSR 945D Thermal Desorption Unit is a high capacity system that typically processes between 80 and 120 tons of contaminated soil per hour. The process begins with the placement of contaminated soil in the primary feed hopper via front end loader. All types of soil including clay, sand, silty clay, gravel, and aggregates can be treated. The ...

PurePro - Model EC105-UV - RO+UV Systems

by Pure-Pro Water Corporation     Office in Mokena, ILLINOIS (USA)

A combination of the best of Worlds. RO and UV system. The UV light will disinfect filtered water at normal flow rate, providing one of the safest filtering systems available. Bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms are destroyed by interfering with the DNA and RNA in the organisms' reproductive cycles. It ...

Versa-Pak - Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

by PuriFire Systems     based in Itasca, ILLINOIS (USA)

The Versa Pak RO Module is a Reverse Osmosis system that converts brackish water into potable water. Power Source: 12 VDC, 2590 NATO rechargeable battery. Recharge with solar power or a 12/24/120/240 volt power supply. Two 5 micron filters. Dimensions: 24”WX19”HX8”D. Weight: 50 Lbs.

Culligan Aqua-Cleer - Advanced Drinking Water Filtration System

by Culligan Matrix Solutions     based in Rosemont, ILLINOIS (USA)

Advanced Filtration, Customized for Your Unique Water Treatment Needs. Water quality can differ across regions, or even different homes and offices in the same town. This is why we developed Culligan Aqua-Cleer water filtration. With 14 interchangeable filters we can customize the right solution specific to your water type. With Aqua-Cleer, every ...

Active Rainwater Harvesting / Greywater Recycling

by Wahaso - Water Harvesting Solutions     based in Hinsdale, ILLINOIS (USA)

By 'actively harvesting” rainwater and greywater, we are referring to formal systems for collecting, filtering, storing and recycling water that would otherwise be sent to municipal sewer systems. Proper filtering and storage of harvested water are required to prevent the water from turning septic in storage – which could result in ...

OmniAire - Model 2200CBF - Air Machine

by Omnitec Design, Inc.     Distributor in Wheeling, ILLINOIS (USA)

The OmniAire 2200CBF is a construction grade air scrubber. It is equipped with a 95% ASHRAE bag filter and 2-stage pre-filter. It is used on projects where dust control is necessary but HEPA filtration is not a requirement. The economical bag filter has a high capacity to collect bulk dust from cutting or grinding of concrete, wood or plaster. The ...

Netafim - Model 2” Compact - Low Pressure Automatic Disc-Kleen Filters

by Netafim USA     Distributor in ILLINOIS (USA)

2” Compact LP Disc-Kleen Filter is the perfect solution when automation is desired because manual cleaning is frequent and too cumbersome. The built-in backflush controller, operated by pressure differential and/or time, operates on two 9 volt DC lithium batteries. Installation is easy with this pre-assembled compact unit. Two filter options ...

Airephase - Model LE - Self- contained Ceiling-mounted Air Cleaner

by Air Technology Solutions     based in Loves Park, ILLINOIS (USA)

The Airephase LE is a self- contained ceiling-mounted air cleaner. Dual level filtration provides efficient and effective ambient air cleaning for removal of a wide range of airborne contaminants. New energy efficient and high efficiency ECM (electronically commutated motor) uses up to 75 fewer watts than PSC motors.

Pitbull - Model T2C & T2S - Transfer and Self-Priming Pumps

by Chicago Industrial Pump Company (CIPC)     based in South Elgin, ILLINOIS (USA)

The model T2C (steel) and T2S (316SS) are transfer pumps designed for dry-piped applications, and can be either gravity fed or configured for suction lift applications. The T2's are suited for heavy/constant use in difficult fluid applications. Able to pass 2' solids along with abrasives, stringy materials, slurries and corrosives, the PITBULL's ...

SWT Premium - Reverse Osmosis Systems

by Safe Water Technologies, Inc.     based in Elgin, ILLINOIS (USA)

SWT’s Premium Reverse Osmosis System (P/N RO23802-50) provides up to 50 gallons per day of high quality water. Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology allows the homeowner to enjoy bottled water quality from the tap at a fraction of the cost and with none of the aggravation.

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