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scrap processing equipment available in Guyana

  • Metso Recycling - Scrap Metal Shredder System

    A Full Service Solution from the Industry Leaders. At Metso Recycling, we not only design extremely efficient scrap metal shredder systems, we also design extremely efficient processing plants. Our Metso Recycling Team comprises highly skilled design engineers and scrap processing experts, who draw on years of practical industry experience and ...

    By Metso Recycling Equipment based in Duesseldorf, GERMANY. from Scrap Metal Shredder System Product line

  • ANDRITZ MeWa - Recycling Plants for Electrical and Electronic Scrap

    For each type of electrical and electronic waste ANDRITZ Recycling offers individually tailor-made plant solutions, which meet all requirements of the European WEEE Directive. With the Universal Cross-Flow Shredder QZ, ANDRITZ Recycling has developed a particularly effective and environmentally friendly technology, which has led the way throughout ...

  • Danieli - Model CIV - Scrap Shears with Press-Wings

    Versatility and flexibility are the hallmarks of the CIV range! Scrap shears with press wings are designed to give the customer full control over their operation – either reducing your scrap metal to obtain a bale, or shearing it. The range is designed to suit every size of operation, from a one-piece portable shear complying ...

    By Danieli Centro Recycling based in CHAMBERY, FRANCE. from Scrap Shears with Press-Wings Product line

  • Model M-5 and M-6 - Scrap Baler

    The M-Generation scrap metal processing balers are particularly well suited for small to mid sized operators. Versatile and modular scrap balers and metal scrap baler for light scrap processing or ELV baling.

    By G.P.S. Srl based in Ferrara, ITALY. from Scrap Baler Product line

  • DELTA - Scrap Handheld XRF Analyzer

    DELTA Scrap Sorting Handheld XRF Analyzers provide reliable ID in 1-2 seconds for most alloy grades and pure metals. They are designed for durability - to withstand the toughest processing environments. Get fast, reliable alloy sorting and analysis for a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials in seconds.

    By Olympus based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Scrap Handheld XRF Analyzer Product line

  • Air Pollution Control Device for Steel Induction Furnace

    Induction Melting Furnace is major steel producing technology using scrap & sponge iron (Directly Reduced Iron) as main raw material. This technology contributes significant steel making capacity in secondary steel sector in India.

  • Model Rapid ARH - Compact Shear Baler

    The new shear balers ARH, are the heavy league of the COMPACT series, and can be seen as the evolution of the long-established ACH. They are built on a space saving “single piece” frame, which does not require expensive foundations and special permits. They are equipped with very high performance engines to reduce the processing time. ...

    By C. E G. s.r.l. based in Daverio, ITALY. from Compact Shear Baler Product line

  • Versi - Model Pro 07 - Scrap Shear

    This scrap shear, the Genesis Versi Pro 07 with Shear Jaw, features a modular design and quick-change jaw sets that enable contractors in a broad range of applications to get bigger results from their smaller machines. Interior demolition, scrap processing, and on-site material processing and handling. All with one versatile tool.

    By Genesis Attachments, LLC based in Superior, WISCONSIN (USA). from Scrap Shear Product line

  • Model GSG - Scrap Grapple

    The Genesis scrap grapple is a low-maintenance, high-capacity orange peel grapple designed for high volume scrap yard processing. Available in 10 models, the GSG features:

    By Genesis Attachments, LLC based in Superior, WISCONSIN (USA). from Scrap Grapple Product line

  • Rotary Furnace with Air Pollution Control Device

    The Rotary Melting Furnace is a very flexible and universal equipment used for recycling many non-ferrous metals. It is the major lead production technology used in India and many other countries for Secondary Lead Production. A lead production system based on this technology has certain distinct characteristics such as: Equipment scalable for ...

  • Logemann Brothers - Guillotine Shears

    No shear is more reliable in scrap processing and recycling systems.

    By Logemann Brothers Company based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • G.P.S. - Model Monster 800 - Inclined Scrap Shears

    Achieve unparalleled productivity levels with these automatic shears with open box. Just keep feeding and the machine will do the rest. The Monster scrap shears have been specifically designed for high volume bulky scrap processing. With an inclined feed box wider than a trailer no preparation is necessary. These scrap monsters are able to shear ...

    By G.P.S. Srl based in Ferrara, ITALY. from Inclined Scrap Shears Product line

  • Tire Processing

    The scrap tire processing industry is growing rapidly as the number of discarded tires increases, landfill capacity diminishes and environmental pressures mount. The development of end-use markets which consume scrap tires, including recycling, tire derived fuel (TDF), and tire derived aggregate (TDA) are being pursued by industry, the private ...

    By Shred-Tech Corp. based in Cambridge, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Tire Processing Product line

  • P-Rex - Permanent Scrap Drum Separator

    Permanent Rare Earth Extreme Drum Magnet for automatic separation of heavy ferrous during scrap metal processing such as meatballs or armature assemblies.

    By Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd based in Bedwas, UNITED KINGDOM. from Permanent Scrap Drum Separator Product line

  • Danieli - Model DCR - Shredding Plant

    Through a continuous process of product development, Danieli Lynxs scrap shredder plants combine technical ingenuity with engineering excellence. A complete service is available to the scrap shredder operator, from full turnkey design, manufacture and installation of new integrated facilities to the supply of replacement rotors and wear parts. At ...

    By Danieli Centro Recycling based in CHAMBERY, FRANCE. from Shredding Plant Product line

  • MyMach – MyMax - Scrap Shredder

    New environmental concerns and increasingly higher demands from steel works make processing light scrap, white scrap, appliances and WEE using traditional means uneconomical.The justified demand from steel mills for a cleaner denser scrap means it is time for a rethink. The MyMach MyMax is the ideal solution when it comes to processing ...

    By C. E G. s.r.l. based in Daverio, ITALY. from Scrap Shredder Product line

  • Model PTC - Triple Acting Balers

    Triple acting Danieli Henschel balers have been successfully and reliably used in a wide range of applications for many decades, including in the car industry, at scrap yards and at steel works.  The baling presses are used to produce both steel and non ferrous scrap. The product line includes machines supporting bale dimensions of between ...

    By Danieli Centro Recycling based in CHAMBERY, FRANCE. from Triple Acting Balers Product line

  • Model H-P - Scrap Shear

    The preoompression lateral block with angle adjustable system is extremely effective for precompression of heavy bulky scrap that no other shear on the market can process. All these advantages result in an increase of production rates. The latest trends in hydraulics and electronics allow the efficient use of power resources, making the H-P range ...

    By Moros Industrias Hidraulicas, S.A. based in Zaragoza, SPAIN. from Scrap Shear Product line

  • Model PDC - Double Acting Balers

    Automatic double-acting baling presses are machines used to fulfil medium and heavy production requirements. Thanks to its design of one horizontal and one perpendicular compression ram and wide loading box, these machines are highly suitable for the task of reducing relatively large pieces of scrap metal, including copper, aluminum, zinc, ...

    By Danieli Centro Recycling based in CHAMBERY, FRANCE. from Double Acting Balers Product line

  • Model H-M, H-V, H-C, y H-G - Scrap Shear

    H-M shears include a fixed loading box, without wings, to allow the loading of very long objects. A pusher ram leads the material to the head, which is structured similarly to other MOROS stationary shears. Optionally, it can incorporate a hydraulic bumper to increase the cutting length regulation. The loading box could be manufactured with ...

    By Moros Industrias Hidraulicas, S.A. based in Zaragoza, SPAIN. from Scrap Shear Product line

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