Scrapers equipment in Germany

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    C&G - Model Scraper Series - Vacuum Evaporators

    The Scraper series of vacuum evaporators have vertical development with the boiling chamber in the lower part with outer shell, while the condensation chamber is positioned laterally with an internal heat exchanger. The vacuum system guarantees minimum energy expenditure. The presence of an internal scraper allows constant cleaning of the internal ...

  • PROBIG - Model API - Scrapers

    PROBIG is the global leading specialist for the development, design and production of API scrapers manufactured from high-tech non-metallic materials for the removal of bottom sludge and floating scum in the petrochemical industry/refineries. We offer innovative, tailor-made solutions for the most diverse API applications.

    By Probig GmbH Office in Freilassing, GERMANY.

  • PROBIG - Model DAF - Scrapers

    PROBIG is the leading supplier of DAF scraper systems manufactured from high-tech non-metallic materials for the removal of floating materials, fats and oils. We develop, design and produce tailor-made scraping systems for a wide variety of DAF systems and applications for our customers.

    By Probig GmbH Office in Freilassing, GERMANY.

  • InduTechnik - Model T-Series - Primary Scraper Plastic-Hard Metal

    The Primary Scraper Plastic-Hard Metal is used directly on the drum and is also suitable for sticky material. The scraper can also be used with narrow installation conditions. Due to the closed front, the material can run off better.

    By InduTechnik GmbH based in Gladbeck, GERMANY. from Primary Scrapers Product line

  • Rotating Scrapers

    Rotating scraper bridges are designed for desludging and descumming of primary and final settling tanks.

    By AAF Envirotec GmbH based in Essen, GERMANY.

  • Travelling Scrapers

    As shield or suction scrapers for primary settlement and settling tanks. The scraper bridge is designed as a welded full-wall construction and strengthened with diagonal struts. The catwalk with gratings can be easily unfolded at the openings for maintenance and revision. The power supply is raised by motorized cable drums. The control panel ...

    By AAF Envirotec GmbH based in Essen, GERMANY.

  • Bottom Scrapers and Floating Scum Scrapers

    PROBIG is the specialist when it comes to developing high-quality specialist solutions that precisely meet the needs of the customer - from high-performance chains to chain scrapers for grit collection, floating scum scrapers with modular outlets, and much more.

    By Probig GmbH Office in Freilassing, GERMANY.

  • Scraper Tracks

    Scraper tracks for newly constructed plants and renovations. Scraper tracks in purification plants are concrete components under high mechanical and chemical stress. Without protection, even well processed ready-mix concrete cannot fulfil these requirements in the long run. Damage such as spalling, crack formation and the sanding of fine particles ...

    By Krumme, Friedrich, GmbH based in Bad Hersfeld, GERMANY.

  • PROBIG - Chain and Flight Scrapers

    PROBIG is Number 1 for continuously operating treatment and scraping systems manufactured from high-tech non-metallic materials. We can offer you scraping systems for rectangular tanks up to a maximum of 140 m long and 14 m wide.  The range of applications of PROBIG® scraping systems manufactured from high-tech non-metallic materials is ...

    By Probig GmbH Office in Freilassing, GERMANY.

  • V-Mat Standard - Effective and Stable Scraper Mat

    V-Mat Standard -the market´s most effective and stable scraper mat with unique pattern that cleans effectively in both directions. With open structures dealing with toughest dirt and hide it. Durable and stable material. It is a well-known phenomenon that 80% of dirt comes in through the front door. And it is even worse when the weather is ...

    By Vileda Professional based in Weinheim, GERMANY. from Matting Product line

  • Scraper ASS 1200

    ASS 1200 - Double rubber lipped scraper 1200mm working width with flexible lips. A side brush for cleaning the beds is possible. 

    By Westermann GmbH & Co KG based in Meppen, GERMANY. from Loader Accessory Product line

  • Scraper and Cullet Water Systems

    The scraper water plays an essential role in the glass industry and has to be engineered under consideration of the following points.

    By PVAG water systems GmbH based in Jülich, GERMANY.

  • Sand Filter Scrapers

    In order to carry the sedimentous sand out of a tank (sand trap), one can use bridge scrapers with shields, as well as suction scrapers fitted with an air-lift pump or an immersion pump. With sand filtering, the wastewater has to be freed of sand particles, since sand would cause problems in the later stages of the water cleansing cycle and is ...

    By IED Industrieanlagen und Engineering GmbH based in Frechen, GERMANY.

  • KNOLL - Model K - Scraper Belt Conveyor

    Areas of application: Transportation of short broken metal shavings and small pieces from machine tools. Suitable for short steel shavings, needle chips (e.g. brass), cast-iron splinters and rubbed-off cast iron, dry processing and wet processing. Installation possible as individual conveyor or interlinked system.

    By KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH based in Bad Saulgau, GERMANY. from Single Systems - Chip Conveyors Product line

  • FAM - Semi-portal Scraper

    6x semi-portal scraper KH1500.30 track 30.5 m iron ore 1700 t/h.

    By FAM Magdeburger Förderanlagen und Baumaschinen GmbH based in Magdeburg, GERMANY. from Stockyard Systems Product line

  • Scraper Belt Separator

    The scraper belt separator is used to separate solid particles of liquids. The separation is made by sedimentation, that means the particles sink down. Basically particles bigger than about 50 microns and with a higher density than the liquid can settle down in a sedimentation apparatus. Smaller particles can be separated with the help of ...

    By Leiblein GmbH based in Hardheim, GERMANY. from Process Water Product line

  • Spinning Chain Scraper with Carbide Buckle

    The spinning chain scraper serves as preparing operation before renovation for total root removal, removal of incrustations and deposits as well as removal of concrete remains in sewage pipelines.

    By HD Sanierungstechnik GmbH based in Kammerstein, GERMANY. from Coupling & Other Equipment Product line

  • Model Type III R - Mixing Machines

    The headstock of the machine, complete with mixing arm and scraper, may be swung out manually to facilitate easy removal of the mixing pan. Both the mixing arm and scraper are adjustable.

  • Model RSED - Rectangular Sedimentation

    Bridge design based on 2S profile structure available in stainless steel, mild steel – painted or epoxy coated or hot dip galvanized . Optional: Depending on rectangular tank width RSED is available with single or double drive configuration. Sturdy design bottom scraper with multiple scraper segments and automatic drive back lifting. Bottom ...

    By Meri Environmental Solutions GmbH based in Munich, GERMANY. from Preparation & Treatment Product line

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    BRT HARTNER - Model DC Series - Feed Hopper with Decompactor

    Feed hoppers with an integral decompactor are used in mechanical and biological waste treatment facilities. They are used for taking up, buffering and dosed feeding of green, biological waste, organic production residues, plastic waste, etc. As a means of transportation, depending on the input material, chain scraper conveyors or belt conveyors ...

    By Eggersmann GmbH based in Ibbenbüren, GERMANY. from Products - BRT HARTNER Product line

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