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Screw Conveyors

by BMH Technology Oy - Home of the Tyrannosaurus     based in Rauma, FINLAND

Screw conveyors are one of the most economical ways to transfer bulk materials over short distances.

Screw Conveyors

by REKO Industrial Equipment b.v.     Office in Helsinki, FINLAND

Transportation of screenings, sludges, waste and other solids by means of a shaftless spiral.

Screw Conveyors

by Siirtoruuvi Oy     based in Riihikoski, FINLAND

We design and plan screw conveyors for standard and bespoke modules. Our manufacturing programme includes screw lifts, dilution screws, shredding screw conveyors, screw feeders, screw bottoms and screw-type dischargers. Screw conveyors are also available for ATEX classes 21 and 22 (94/9/EC class 2 and 3). Trough-shaped screw conveyors are ...

Screw Conveyor

by Kopar Oy     based in Parkano, FINLAND

Screw Conveyors are made for transferring powdered materials. It is can also be a part of dosing equipment.

Trough Screw Conveyors

by Siirtoruuvi Oy     based in Riihikoski, FINLAND

The double-edged trough allows for great ridigity and keeps the trough absolutely straight. The conveyor cover is easy to remove when necessary. The roller bearings take both axial and radial loads.

Model TSA - Shaftless Screw Conveyor

by Oy Ekotuotanto AB     based in Hyvinkaa, FINLAND

OY EKOTUOTANTO AB supplies also very high quality shaftless screw conveyors. Shaftless screw conveyor consist of rotating shaftless screw inside U-shaped trough having an inlet hopper and outlet spout, being the rest of conveyor completely closed. The shaftless screw conveyor allows to convey sticky and entangling material. The bottom of the ...

Pipe Screw Conveyors

by Siirtoruuvi Oy     based in Riihikoski, FINLAND

Power transmission shaft-mounted geared motor, shaft-mounted gear, motor and v-belt drive, gearmotor with coupling or chain-drive,  variable-speed drive. The roller bearings take both axial and radial loads. Shaft seals, packing box, packing box with compressed air, ip seal TSNL, mechanical seals

Belt Conveyors

by BMH Technology Oy - Home of the Tyrannosaurus     based in Rauma, FINLAND

Belt conveyors are an economical and reliable way to transfer bulk materials over short and long distances at various capacities with minimised environmental noise pollution.

Screw Flights

by Siirtoruuvi Oy     based in Riihikoski, FINLAND

Siirtoruuvi manufactures by cold-rolling with a rolling machine high-quality helicoid screw flights. We can deliver stock sizes with a short turnaround time at a competitive price. On special order, we can deliver bespoke helicoid screw flights. The cold-rolling method helps produce significantly stronger and more wear-resistant helicoid screw ...

Conveyors and Conveying Systems

by Fenno Water Ltd Oy     based in Helsinki, FINLAND

Hydraulic screening press 2 m3/h...10 m3/h, Screw conveyors 2 m3/h...30 m3/h, Belt conveyors

Dewatering Presses

by REKO Industrial Equipment b.v.     Office in Helsinki, FINLAND

Dewatering and compacting of screenings and other wet solids by means of a screw conveyor with press section.

Chip Storage System

by Raumaster Oy     based in Rauma, FINLAND

Raumaster's Wood Handling product line comprises an extensive range of chip storage systems and equipment including silo systems, pile storage systems, stacker/reclaimer systems, belt stackers, shuttle belt conveyors, traversing screw reclaimers, rotating screw reclaimers and conveyor systems.

ALLU - Silo Dosing System

by ALLU Finland Oy Ltd     based in Pennala, FINLAND

ALLU Dosing System feeds binding agent, for example lime or cement, directly to the ALLU Screener Crusher. The quantity of fed material with ALLU Dosing System depends on the running time of the feeder tubular screw conveyor. Excellent combination of mobile accessories: the ALLU Dosing System together with ALLU Screener Crusher is an excellent ...

Model YT800 - Sand Filters and Large Basins Cleaning System

by Weda AB     Distributor in Mikkeli, FINLAND

The YT-800 is an electricity-operated remote controlled submersible robot for cleaning large underwater surfaces, such as the bottom of a sand filter. The powerful pump and wide nozzle make it possible to clean large areas in a relatively short time. The sediment is pumped through a hose to a designated point of discharge, such as a sand treatment ...

Ecomation - Conveying Solutions

by Ecomation Oy     based in Salo, FINLAND

Ecomation manufactures and supplies all types of equipment for the recycling industry. Some of our equipment is also suitable for other industrial sectors. These include crushers, conveyors, drum screens and other screens, dust extraction systems and industrial automation systems.

Agrosec - Bioheater Container

by Antti-Teollisuus Oy     based in Kanunki, FINLAND

The system is suitable for greenhouses, industrial purposes, hot air drying of grain and heating industrial facilities. The movable container is convenient and quick to set up. The burner automation has already been installed and tested in the Agrosec bioheatercontainer. The movable container is convenient and quick to set up and should be used ...

Model DWMI - Moving Scales

by JPT-Industria Oy     based in Ilmajoki, FINLAND

Moving scales range from 50 kg to 4,000 kg. The speed of the scale is 5 m/s. The scale’s capacity for unloading is 160 tonnes/h, for loading 180 tons/h, and for multidosing 50 tonnes/h. The capacity of the scale depends on the volume of the scale bin. The scale’s rail system is designed case-specific.

WEIMA - Model WL 10 - Single-Shaft Shredder

by WEIMA     Distributor in FINLAND

The WL 10 single-shaft shredder is used in the woodworking industry for shredding large quantities of timber waste. The rotor widths is  1000 mm. The machine is driven by an electric motor with an output of 30 kW to 45 kW. The level of required drive output depends on the material to be shredded, the number of shredding knives being used and ...

WEIMA - Model WL 6s - Universal Shredder Used for Wood and Timber Waste

by WEIMA     Distributor in FINLAND

The WL 6s shredder is used for shredding large quantities of wood and timber waste. The machines are fitted with very high powered rotors of 800 mm width. The rotor diameter is 368 mm. The large rotor and the wrap angle of the screen ensure high throughput rates. Machines with a drive output of 30 kW or more are fitted with a hydrodynamic clutch, ...

Wood Chip Heating System

by HT Enerco Oy     based in HAAPAMÄKI, FINLAND

A wood chip heating works largely the same way as a pellets heating; controlled by a boiler thermostat. Due to different burner devices and a larger ash content of the fuel, the  installation needs more maintenance. Due to greater volumes of the fuel also logistics are different from pellets and fuel oil.

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