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scum baffle equipment

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    Ovivo - Model SEL - Submerged Effluent Launder

    The Ovivo® Submerged Effluent Launder (SEL) uses a simple, innovative design that eliminates the need for launder covers or algae cleaning systems, weir, scum baffle and density current baffle. The 5-in-1 design replaces the need to operate and maintain multiple components minimizing equipment and maintenance costs and significantly reducing ...

    By Ovivo USA LLC based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Municipal Wastewater - Clarification / Sedimentation Product line

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    CoverSweep - Launder Covers

    The CoverSweep launder covers eliminate problems associated with excess algal growth in clarifier launders. The CoverSweep system is a series of interlocking fibreglass or stainless steel hatches allowing access to the entire trough if required, yet all the while blocking 100% of sunlight across the launder trough, effluent weirs and scum baffle. ...

    By Hydroflux Pty Ltd based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. from Hydroflux Industrial - Industrial Wastewater Product line

  • Scum Baffles

    Scum baffles have one of the least glamorous jobs in the treatment plant.  They retain the solids floating on the water surface inside the clarifier and prevent their escaping over the weir plates.  Their job isn't glamorous, but it is essential to keeping TSS within range.  JC-Fabrications Scum Baffles come in standard 12' lengths ...

    By JC-Fabrications, LLC based in Boca Raton, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Weir Plates and Scum Baffles

    Warminster Fiberglass manufactures weir plates, scum baffle plates, lap plates, cover plates and scum baffle support brackets of the highest quality. They are made of fiberglass reinforced polyester resin, matched-die molded to produce smooth, resin rich surfaces, free of voids, porosity, exposed glass, cracks and crazes. All edges are sealed in ...

    By Warminster Fiberglass Company based in Southampton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • FRP Material

    JC-Fabrications supplies weirs and scum  baffles in Isophthalic Polyester (Type I) or Vinylester (Type II).  We can provide weirs and scum baffles that are NSF 61 compliant if your project calls for it.   

    By JC-Fabrications, LLC based in Boca Raton, FLORIDA (USA).

  • NEFCO - Fiberglass Weir and Scum Baffle Systems

    Weirs and scum baffles are the ever-present nuts and bolts of the treatment plant, where the versatility and durability of fiberglass makes it the material of choice for this equipment.

    By NEFCO, Inc. based in Palm Beach Gardens, FLORIDA (USA). from Other Product line

  • Edgeng - Model FRP - Weirs and Scum Baffles

    EDGENG produces wide range of Weirs and Scum baffles for Water and Waste water treatment facilities. Weir Plates - Also referred as weir plates, finger weirs, and serpentine weirs. All our Weir products areclassified for water & waste water treatment facilities (NSF 61 Potable Water Applications). We supply Custom Molded Products, including ...

    By Edgeng based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Model STW/R - Scum Baffle

    The modern standard solution for retaining floating matter as a successive solution to the fix scum baffle, ideal for retrofitting. The scum baffle is implemented in relief systems or overflows to retain floating matter and this ensures that the discharge of paper, hygienic materials, waste and other floating matter is reduced and prevented if ...

    By HST Systemtechnik based in Meschede, GERMANY. from Scum Baffle Product line

  • Fiberglass Weir & Baffle Systems

    General: All flow control weir shall be produced from fiberglass reinforced isophthalic polyester resins.  Weirs may be v-notched, square notched, straight flat edge, or straight beveled edge.  V-Notch weirs shall have evenly spaced notches throughout the length of the weir except at the splice joint.  Scum baffles, scum ...

    By Glass-Steel, Inc. based in Conroe, TEXAS (USA).

  • BIOGEST AG - Model Type SWTW - Floating Scum Baffle System

    Floating scum baffle for solid retention of floating matters at stormwater overflows and CSO outlets. The vertical or radial floating baffles are suitable for strongly fluctuating water levels or high overflow levels as if moves with the water level up and down. The baffle will be produced in solid stainless steel.

    By BIOGEST AG based in Taunusstein, GERMANY. from Coarse Solids Retention Product line

  • FFI - Weirs & Scum Baffles

    FFI manufactures high quality matched-die-molded weirs and scum baffles per ANSI/AWWA F102-07. While this type of equipment is often seen as a commodity within the water and wastewater industries, there are some low quality products and inefficient designs on the market that can result in significant repair/replacement costs. Our weirs are ...

    By Fiberglass Fabricators, Inc. based in Smithfield, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Municipal Products Product line

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    WesTech COP™ - Spiral Blade Clarifier for Rapid Solids Removal

    The WesTech COP™ Spiral Blade Clarifier is the result of our research and design focus on building a better clarifier. Each COP Spiral Blade Clarifier is designed for the specific process requirements of each plant. Proprietary algorithms result in a clarifier that provides high performance.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Clarification Product line

  • Algae Control Launder Covers

    Warminster Fiberglass Company Algae/Launder Covers totally eliminate the growth of algae in secondary clarifiers. Our covers offer total unobstructed access for inspection and cleaning of the troughs, weirs, the space between the weirs and scum baffles, as the covers open outboard toward the tank wall. The operator can walk around the trough ...

    By Warminster Fiberglass Company based in Southampton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Scum-Bum - Stationary Anti Rotational Scum Baffle

    The Scum-Bum is a stationary anti rotational scum baffle designed to improve the skimmer arm's collection of surface foam, debris and other floatables on circular clarifiers. The Scum-Bum working with the surface skimmer of the clarifier, can improve collection of debris by as much as 75% to 85% over that of a traditional skimmer mechanism. Each ...

    By Ford Hall Company, Inc based in Richmond, KENTUCKY (USA).

  • Smith & Loveless - Clarifier Upgrades

    Your local Smith & Loveless Representative and the Smith & Loveless Retrofit Team can assist you, no matter who the original equipment provider. You can decide to retrofit something as simple as a skimmer arm to an all new skimmer system, clarifier drive, effluent weir, scum baffle for your clarifier. They’ll work with you closely to ...

    By Smith & Loveless Inc. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA). from Treatment Systems - Treatment System Retrofits Product line

  • Weirs & Baffles

    Weir plates are used to control the flow of water into the launder or trough. Our weir plates are match metal die molded and fabricated with a flat crest, V-notch or square notch. Sizes up to 20’ long and four feet high available. Baffle scum plates are in front of the weir plates preventing floating solids from entering the launder or ...

    By Molded Fiber Glass Water Treatment Products (MFG) based in Union City, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Water Treatment Products Product line

  • Fiberglass Odor Control Covers for Water and Wasterwater

    Glass-Steel, Inc. custom designs and fabricates odor control covers for collection of  noxious emissions in numerous water and wastewater applications. All covers have integral access doors custom sized to fit the requirements of each particular application. The fiberglass composite materials used for each application vary to suit the ...

    By Glass-Steel, Inc. based in Conroe, TEXAS (USA).

  • Odor Control Launder Covers

    Warminster Fiberglass odor control hoods entrap noxious gases caused by microorganisms in sewage. They are gas-tight launder covers, with no air gaps, that collect from 94% to 98% of the foul odor emissions from sewage treatment plant clarifiers. The concept of the odor hood is to cover only the source of odor generation in clarifiers, which is ...

    By Warminster Fiberglass Company based in Southampton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

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    EUROPELEC - Scraper Bridge

    The EUROPELEC scraper bridge is designed to fit in any circular settling tank (both primary and secondary). Scraper bridges are used for the decantation of both industrial and urban waste water, when there is a need to extract the sludge as it settles. The effluent is sent to the settling tank through a central column that distributes the flow and ...

    By EUROPELEC based in Paris, FRANCE. from Sludge Product line

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    EUROPELEC - Suction Bridge

    The EUROPELEC suction bridge is intended for installation in all circular sedimentation tanks with flat or slightly sloping bottoms. It is generally used for treating municipal and industrial wastewater containing heavy matter that may settle quickly and from which it is important to be able to extract sludge as it forms.

    By EUROPELEC based in Paris, FRANCE. from Sludge Product line

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