sediment filter equipment in Colorado

  • Model PF50 - Particulate Filter

    The PF50 particulate filter features one cartridge filter tank and one bag filter tank. It utilizes five open-ended cartridges and 7' x 30' bag filters for superior filtration from 100 to 0.5 microns for flows up to 50 GPM.

    By Rain for Rent Office in Cortez, COLORADO (USA). from Particulate Filter Product line

  • PSI Hornets - Nest Drain Inlet Filter

    The Hornet’s Nest drain inlet filter is a unique, under-grate storm drain filter. The oversized base allows the filter to be used with a variety of size and shape grates.The yellow webbing secures the filter to the grate and doubles as lifting straps to quickly and easily remove the filter, grate and all, for simple cleaning. The sediment ...

    By Pollution Solution Inc. (PSI) Office in Loveland, COLORADO (USA). from Nest Drain Inlet Filter Product line

  • Gravity Media Filters

    Wigen designs and builds custom gravity media filters for a wide variety of industrial and municipal applications. As the name implies, gravity is used as the motive for a fluid stream to pass through a bed of granular media through which physical and/or chemical removal of impurities is achieved. Gravity filters are ideal for treating larger ...

    By Wigen Water Technologies Office in Centennial, COLORADO (USA).

  • Pressure Media Filters

    Wigen is a leading producer of custom-built pressure filter systems for a wide variety of industrial and municipal applications. Pressure filters utilize a process in which, a pressurized fluid stream contacts granular media for physical and/or chemical removal of impurities. We design our pressure filter systems to ensure the right media products ...

    By Wigen Water Technologies Office in Centennial, COLORADO (USA).

  • Premium

    Tough Guy - Model Type 3.DOT - Floating Turbidty Barriers

    Type 3 is a special adaption of the Type 3 barrier. Approximately 20 % of the area of the barrier skirt fabric is replaced with a polypropylene filter fabric conforming to some State DOT specifications. The filter fabric is inserted to reduce the pressure on the curtain while retaining silt. In actual practice, a filter fabric which is woven ...

    By L & M Supply Company Office in Denver, COLORADO (USA). from Floating Turbidty Barriers Product line

  • Premium

    FINN - Filter Sock

    FINN can now supply you with a broad selection of both polypropylene and cotton filter sock for use with your FINN Bark Blower. Expand both your markets and your operating season by getting involved with this unique erosion control application today.

    By FINN Corporation Distributor in Greeley, COLORADO (USA). from Filter Sock Product line

  • Hydroscreen - Municipal Water / Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Ensure influent quality and improve operation of conventional and membrane filters. Save on chemical costs and reduce maintenance. Municipal water / wastewater treatment plants must remove contaminants from their diversions in order tom function effectively. Our tilted wire wedgewire screens remove debris and sediment from diversions, preventing ...

    By Hydroscreen Co. LLC based in Denver, COLORADO (USA).

  • Electric H2O - Sweeper Jet System

    Electric H2O, Inc. introduces the newest sweeper jet designed specifically for cooling tower basins. In order for cooling tower filters to do an effective job removing solid contaminants from the cooling tower basin, the solid particulates must be directed toward the filter inlet. Electric H2O’s Sweeper Jet nozzles achieve this through a ...

    By Electric H2O, Inc. based in Westminster, COLORADO (USA).

  • Premium

    The Grate Bag

    The Grate Bag traps sand, debris, and most silt particles before they enter the sump or pipes. Costly basin and pipe system cleaning is reduced. Best of all, The Grate Bag can be reused. The Grate Bag is a Best Management Practice, which is normally used in conjunction with other BMP’s to reduce the impact of sedimentation. Use of The Grate ...

    By L & M Supply Company Office in Denver, COLORADO (USA). from The Grate Bag Product line

  • PSI - D-Watering Bag

    The D-Watering Bag is an effective device for separating sediment from pumped water. Made from heavyweight, non woven geotextile fabric, the D-Watering Bag filters water diluted by soils and sediment with ease. The input sleeve is designed to accommodate several hose diameters. Securing the D-Watering Bag to the hose is quick and easy with heavy ...

    By Pollution Solution Inc. (PSI) Office in Loveland, COLORADO (USA). from D-Watering Bag Product line

  • Silt Sifter - Bag

    The Silt Sifter Bag is the ultimate solution! The patented dual-component, bag-within-a-bag design puts the Silt Sifter Bag in a league of its own. The original cushioned sediment control device incorporates materials specifically chosen for both filtration and high-flow. The Silt Sifter Bag is available either pre-filled or empty.

    By Pollution Solution Inc. (PSI) Office in Loveland, COLORADO (USA). from Bag Product line

  • Hydroscreen - Rainwater Harvesting Screens System

    Hydroscreen has developed and patented the perfect solution for screening rainwater prior to its collection in cisterns. Our rainwater harvesting screens utilize proven tilted wire wedgewire screen technology to remove debris and sediments larger than 150 microns. The units are self-cleaning, easy to install, and cost-effective. They are sized to ...

    By Hydroscreen Co. LLC based in Denver, COLORADO (USA).

  • Baker Filtration Systems

    High and low-pressure carbon and specialty media vessels. Odor control systems. Sand filters. Duplex cartridges. Bag filters and auxiliary equipment. No other company offers a more comprehensive lineup of filtration equipment than BakerCorp. We have individual units capable of handling up to 1000 gallons per minute and multiple units can be ...

    By BakerCorp Office in Commerce City, COLORADO (USA). from Baker Filtration Systems Product line

  • Premium

    WesTech - CONTRAFLO® Solids Contact Clarifier

    The General Filter CONTRAFLO® clarifier is a true solids contact clarifier that combines mixing, flocculation, and sedimentation in a single basin. Innovative when it was introduced in 1950, the CONTRAFLO is still the finest conventional clarifier on the market.CONTRAFLO Solids Contact Clarifiers employ a number of well-established treatment ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. Distributor in COLORADO (USA). from CONTRAFLO® Solids Contact Clarifier Product line

  • Premium

    OTT Sea-Bird - Model HydroCycle-PO4 - Phosphate Sensor

    Sea-Bird Scientific’s HydroCycle-PO4 is a wet chemical sensor engineered for environmental monitoring.  Advanced fluidics enable the sensor to stabilize rapidly and give accurate results once deployed without excessive priming. Real-time QC flags and post-processing enable fast, valid, scientifically defensible results that lead to ...

    By OTT HydroMet Office in Loveland,, COLORADO (USA). from Phosphate Sensor Product line

  • Premium

    OTT Hydromet - Model SLD - Side Looking Doppler Sensor

    The OTT SLD is a measurement system for continuous measurement of water velocity and level in streams, rivers, and canals. The sensor employs the acoustic Doppler principle to reliably measure flow velocity in a variety of naturally occurring conditions, including during most flood events.

    By OTT HydroMet Office in Loveland,, COLORADO (USA). from Side Looking Doppler Sensor Product line

  • Hydroscreen - Stormwater Runoff Outfall Screens

    Removing pollutants from stormwater runoff can be difficult, often requiring detention time which is not always possible. Traditional vault mounted devices require maintenance after every storm event making them costly to operate. The alternative to individual vault debris collection is a Hydroscreen outfall solution utilizing proven tilted wire ...

    By Hydroscreen Co. LLC based in Denver, COLORADO (USA).

  • Model Waterguard - Super Premium Replacement Universal In-line Filter

    Tired of searching for the right part number to replace your inline filter? Not any more! This Super Premium Two-Stage Waterguard™ filter replaces all SHURflo® 6” and 10” in-line filters, as well as all competitive brands. SHURflo® uses only the highest quality KDF media and Coconut Shell Carbon to significantly reduce ...

    By SHURflo - Pentair Distributor in Frederick, COLORADO (USA). from Super Premium Replacement Universal In-line Filter Product line

  • Leopold - Model Clari-DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

    Xylem's Leopold Clari-DAF system is a clarification technology for the pretreatment of rapid gravity and membrane filter feed water. It's a highly-effective, proven technology for removing low-density particulates found in lakes and reservoirs, which are problematic for typical sedimentation systems. The Clari-DAF system excels at removing filter ...

    By Leopold - a Xylem Brand Distributor in COLORADO (USA). from Dissolved Air Flotation Systems Product line

  • Waterguard Replacement Cartridges

    Designed to fit most standard brand filter housings, all SHURflo cartridges are NSF listed and designed to reduce specific water contaminants, such as chlorine, lead, cysts, Giardia, cloudy water, sediment and harmful volatile organic contaminants (VOC). Life range of cartridges last between 500 and 11,000 gallons. One year warranty.

    By SHURflo - Pentair Distributor in Frederick, COLORADO (USA).

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