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    PASI - Model GFA 50/100 - 3D Borehole Geophone

    GFA 50/100 3D borehole geo-phone is realized with 3x high sensitive geophones (nat.freq.10 Hz- 1 vertical and 2 horizontal sensors) oriented according to a triad of orthogonal Cartesian axes XYZ. Delivered with a cleat assembly to sustain its weight at the requested depth (GFA cable is graduated in meters), this borehole geophone has a ...

    By PASI s.r.l. based in Torino, ITALY. from 3D Borehole Geophone Product line

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    PASI - Model 40 Hz Vert. - Land Vertical Geophones

    SIS-907-050 with single clip. For seismic reflection investigations.

    By PASI s.r.l. based in Torino, ITALY. from Land Vertical Geophones Product line

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    PASI - Model 10 Hz Vert. - Land Vertical Geophones

    SIS-901-050 with single clip. For seismic refraction investigations.

    By PASI s.r.l. based in Torino, ITALY. from Land Vertical Geophones Product line

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    PASI - Model 10 Hz - Horizontal Geophones

    SIS-902-050 with single clip and bubble level. For seismic refraction investigations.

    By PASI s.r.l. based in Torino, ITALY. from Horizontal Geophones Product line

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    PASI - Model 3DLG-2 - 3D Land Geophone

    The 3D Land Geophone Mod. 3DLG-2 is the ideal accessory to add to your seismic instrumentation and perform HVSR, MASW and Vibration Analysis. One vertical and two horizontal high-performing sensors - with 2Hz resonance frequency and properly coupled - are mounted in a robust waterproof case, delivered with adjustable feet and inter-changeable ...

    By PASI s.r.l. based in Torino, ITALY. from 3D Land Geophone Product line

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    PASI - Model GEA 3 - 24-Bit Real Data Acquisition Seismograph

    Gea3 is a 24-bit real data acquisition seismograph in a waterproof container. GEA3 is a compact-sized 3-channel seismograph with a 24 bit acquisition board with USB interface for external PC (not included). Suitable for Downhole and Crosshole applications, it’s perfect also for small scale seismic refraction and surface waves analysis.

    By PASI s.r.l. based in Torino, ITALY. from 24-Bit Real Data Acquisition Seismograph Product line

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    PASI - Model ISOTTA - Energizer

    Seismic Energizer 'ISOTTA' Essentially made up of a stainless steel cylindrical body of tubular shape, the energizer has a front section that may be unscrewed (cartridge chamber), apt to contain an  8-bore blank cartridge, or industrial type (easily found in every gun shop). This cartridge chamber is without barrel, thus permitting the axial ...

    By PASI s.r.l. based in Torino, ITALY. from Energizer Product line

  • DynIce - Deflector Straps

    The DynIce Deflector Straps are unique as they have very small tolerances or only +/- 10 mm in lengths up to 10 metres. Moreover they keep within the tolerances throughout the lifetime and also maintain their the strength. In this way they have proven to be unmatchable by other types of straps and are now the preferred choice of the major seismic ...

    By Swan Net-Gundry Ltd based in Killybegs, IRELAND. from Deflector Straps Product line

  • SeismiCon - Seismic Restraints

    Machines based on antivibration mounts such as springs, elastic pads etc., during external stimulations (e.g. earthquake, wind, twister etc.) can develop critical displacements. These displacements may stop the operation or even cause serious damage to the machine. Seismic restraints could resist the imposed forces and limit the movement of ...

    By ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd. based in Halandri, GREECE. from Seismic Restraints Product line

  • FLOLOC - Model FL201-X OR -1X - Seismic Controller Models

    FL201-1, 2, 3, 4, or more - Provides open / closed Panel and SCADA control based solely upon the position of the Seismic Sensor. The valves are fully opened or fully closed by arming or tripping the sensor. FL201-11, 12, 13, 14 or more - Provides Panel and SCADA control to open and close valves and stop at intermediary positions when the Seismic ...

    By Flo Loc Products International based in Dana Point, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Seismic Controller Models Product line

  • Pike - Seismic Gun

    Seismic guns are used for efficient and safe waves' generation on logged areas, water-land transition zones and water areas.

    By Solgeo srl based in Seriate (BG), ITALY. from Seismic Gun Product line

  • Geomatrix - Buffalo Gun

    The Buffalo gun is an excellent seismic source for shallow seismic surveys. A big problem for shallow seismic surveys for reflection or refraction studies is that the very near surface is a highly absorbing layer, especially for high frequencies. If you can position your energy source below this commonly unconsolidated layer, then your seismic ...

    By Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd based in Leighton Buzzard, UNITED KINGDOM. from Buffalo Gun Product line

  • Accelerometers

    We carry a broad range of accelerometers serving industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Laboratory, Commercial and Industrial. Our accelerometer product range covers miniature to seismic as well as a full range of triaxial accelerometers.

    By AcSoft Ltd based in Wingrave, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Aptus - Non-Seismic Flooded Battery Racks

    Aptus' non-seismic flooded battery racks offer rugged construction and economical solutions for most needs. All designs have been approved by a California Structural Engineer, meeting the industry's toughest rack design standards. Numerous configurations support most manufacturer's batteries, and satisfy most battery room installation needs.

    By EnviroGuard based in Montclair, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Non-Seismic Flooded Battery Racks Product line

  • Geometrics - Geode Seismic Recorder

    Geode: The new Geode seismic recorder is the next generation of seismic recording system, combining the best of Geometrics' traditional seismic recorders with the flexibility and convenience of a distributed system. It's ideal for refraction or reflection, downhole or VSP - even topography surveys. For light-duty applications, you can run the ...

    By Geometrics, Inc. based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Solgeo - Model MAS24 - Seismic Recorder

    The high resolution integrated unit (24-bit sampling and dynamic  130 db) 3 or 6 channels (up to 6 rnonoaxial or 2 Triaxial accelerom-eters in version 6.SD.) can operate as a strong motion vibration acquisition unit or micro seismic recorder fulfilling international standards DIN45669 DIN4150-3-1 and UNI9916. Its characteristics make it ...

    By Solgeo srl based in Seriate (BG), ITALY. from Seismic Recorder Product line

  • AGS - Model Style W77 - Flexible Coupling

    Style W77 is the only flexible two-piece housing for 14'/350mm to 60'/1525mm piping systems. Style W77 provides limited linear angular movement to accommodate thermal pipe growth, vibration attenuation, seismic and other design considerations that require flexibility. Working pressures shown are based on standard wall carbon steel pipe roll or cut ...

    By Victaulic Company based in Easton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Flexible Coupling Product line

  • Agralex - Flat - Bottomed Silos

    Are the ideal solution for the storage of grain, seeds, granules and other granular products. The silos are made according to the most stringent standards in the world DIN 1055, EUROCODE 1 (UNE - ENV-1991-4,1998), DIN 18914, NBE EA 95 (steel structures in buildings) and NCSE-02 (seismic structural strength of buildings). Hot-dip galvanized sheets ...

    By Agralex based in Potczyn-Zdroj, POLAND. from Flat - Bottomed Silos Product line

  • Renew Wrap - Strengthening Existing Concrete and Masonry Structures

    Strengthening existing concrete and masonry structures is a cost-efficient means of increasing load capacity, correcting design errors, rehabilitating material failures, meeting more stringent building codes or adapting for seismic upgrades. Whether as a result of design inadequacy, lack of maintenance, weather stresses or natural disasters ...

    By Milliken Infrastructures Solutions, LLC based in Spartanburg, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Strengthening Existing Concrete and Masonry Structures Product line

  • Cylindrical Shop Welded Silos

    We specialize in the manufacture of cylindrical shop welded silos and related components serving the bulk material handling industry. Silos come in many configurations, skirted, penthouse/baghouse, industrial/custom, structural legs, and double compartment. Silos are designed and stress analyzed by qualified engineers for product density,pressure, ...

    By Steelcraft based in Stratford, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Cylindrical Shop Welded Silos Product line

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