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separation plant equipment

  • Showcase

    ATN - Cathode Ray Tube Separation Plant Dry Cutting

    End of life televisions have to be recycled. The C(athode) R(ay) T(ube) has to be separated in a front and a rear part. In order to do that the housing of the TV has to be removed. This has to be done manually. During the years a lot of dust is gathered in the TV. This dust is harmful when inhaled. Therefore it is necessary that the housing is ...

    By ATN Engineering B.V. based in Stadskanaal, NETHERLANDS. from Cathode Ray Tube Separation Plant Dry Cutting Product line

  • Separation Plants

    RENEW ENERGY’s separation technology is a further development of the traditional biogas plant. In a natural biological process bacteria convert organic waste into energy and produce a significantly improved residual product. The biogas is cleaned and used for the production of power and heat. Modern separation technology is used to refine ...

    By RENEW ENERGY A/S based in Svendborg, DENMARK.

  • Oil Separators Plants

    PIMS Wastewater Treatment Plants solve oil spillage problems to protect the environment. Oil Separators are mandatory for all large drained areas subjected to vehicular loading, protecting the environment against pollution by hydrocarbons – diesel, petrol or engine oil. Our solutions ensure full compliance with PPG3 and pr EN 858-2 European ...

    By PIMS Group based in Farnborough, UNITED KINGDOM. from Oil Separators Plants Product line

  • Sordisep - Wet Separation Plant

    The wet separation process is positioned after the DRANCO digester in order to treat a digestate free from sticky organic components which are converted into biogas in the digester, facilitating wet separation and optimal removal of inerts and sand. Inerts, sand and organic fraction can be recovered and cleaned in order to produce marketable ...

    By OWS based in Ghent, BELGIUM. from Wet Separation Plant Product line

  • Showcase

    Redoma - Model ESS Series - Electrostatic Separation System - Up to 1750 kg/h

    REDOMA supplies fully automatic systems consisting of an Electrostatic Separator, a storage bin with a variable speed screw conveyor, together with infeed and outfeed transport equipment and a dedusting system. You can easily add this separation line to your existing cable recycling plant. Extremely little manpower is needed for this operation.

    By Redoma Recycling AB based in Malmö, SWEDEN.

  • Recco - Metal Separation Plant

    In our facility in Emmeloord, we have engineered a unique dry metal separation installation with a capacity of 600 tons per week. For our relations, we recycle the non ferrous mixed streams into single streams of heavy metals and aluminium with extremely high purity rates. Our unique sorting and recycling method utilizes various separation ...

    By Recco Non Ferro Metals B.V. based in Emmeloord, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model SRT 2 - Delamination and Separation Plant

    SRT 2 represents the next level in profitable metal recovery from composite input materials. E-Waste, ASR, Cable etc. is material with a composite raw material value locked within. Typical feedstock for the system is material which has been pre-processed by the swissRTec SRT 1 Shredding and Separation Plant.

    By swissRTec AG based in Kreuzlingen, SWITZERLAND.

  • Aquavitrum - Glass Separator Plant

    Aquavitrum’s approach to solving this problem was to start with a blank sheet, and take on the challenge from a radically different angle.

    By Aquavitrum Ltd based in Barnsley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model SRT 1 - Shredding and Separation Plant

    SRT 1 is first choice for the primary shredding and separation of E-waste, ASR, mixed metals and many more waste materials. swissRTec is able to tailor the system based on your specific requirements of throughput, input material and downstream processing. The unique advantage of the Kubota Vertical Shredder is its ability to liberate and downsize ...

    By swissRTec AG based in Kreuzlingen, SWITZERLAND.

  • Premium

    VacuDry - Soil Remediation Plant

    Remediation of mercury contaminated industrial site for future expansion of industrial area. 70,000 tons of mercury contaminated soil and building rubble have to be cleaned in an industrial facility in the south of France until 2013. For the realization of this remediation work, an econ industries VacuDry® 12,000 has been in operation since ...

    By econ industries services GmbH based in Starnberg, GERMANY. from Soil Remediation Plant Product line

  • Premium

    Grease Separators

    Designed for large commercial and industrial applications such as restaurants and hotels. With over 10 years’ experience in separator research, design and manufacturing, our Klargester grease separators guarantee high performance and reliability. Use a grease separator as the perfect solution for separating fat and grease from larger ...

    By Kingspan Water & Energy based in Co. Armagh, NORTHERN IRELAND. from Grease Separators Product line

  • Premium

    ATN - Television Recycling Plant

    Monitor recycling; End of life televisions have to be recycled. Regardless whether it is an old fashion C(athode) R(ay) T(ube) or a modern flat screen LCD/PLASMA/TFT or LED. In both cases the actual monitor has to be taken out of the housing and the different materials where the monitor exists of have to be taken apart.

    By ATN Engineering B.V. based in Stadskanaal, NETHERLANDS. from Television Recycling Plant Product line

  • Customised Air Separation Plants

    Individually designed air separation plants to meet customer specific demand. Linde has successfully delivered over 3,000 cryogenic air separation units around the globe. Around 250 of these are customised builds – all individually designed to deliver the gases in the purities and volumes needed by our customers, even in remote, extremely ...

    By Linde AG, Engineering Division based in Pullach, GERMANY. from Customised Air Separation Plants Product line

  • Linde - Packaged Air Separation Plants

    Linde’s state-of-the-art packaged air separation plants are designed for easy, rapid construction and trouble-free operation.

  • Ecologic - Battery Breaker and Separation Plant

    The most advanced system to break batteries, separate and recover the components coming out from the Italian long time experience on the fi eld, we are presenting, our recycling plant for the lead batteries. The environment safeguard and the materials recycle now is an obligation and a business opportunity. This thought is a must for all leaving ...

    By Ecowair based in Santorso, ITALY. from Battery Breaker and Separation Plant Product line

  • Oily Water Separators Plants

    The separation-filtration equipment and plants are designed to separate the hydrocarbons from the polluted water and are based on the effects of gravitational and centrifuge forces in several successive steps, combined with the agglomeration forces of the small particles (coalescing), in a hydrodynamic, depressurized agent (0,5 - 0,7% vacuum) with ...

    By SMC Manager S.A. based in Galati, ROMANIA. from Oily Water Separators Plants Product line

  • Linde - Tonnage Air Separation Plants

    The leading contractor for customized air separation plant solutions the world over, Linde Engineering has designed and built over 100 tonnage air separation plants in the past 20 years.

  • Air Separation Plant Components

    Linde is a global leader recognized for patented technologies used for the production and in-house supply of key plant components. Based on this expertise, Linde is able to manufacture high-quality products that become part of safe, efficient, and productive plants. Explore the components and solutions for air separation technologies.

  • Ad Rem - Dense Medium Separation Plant

    Ad Rem owns the rights on a patented unique bi-directional dense medium barrel that proved to be the most accurate dense medium separator ever employed in the separation of a variety of materials ranging from vegetables to plastics and non-ferrous metals.

    By AD REM N.V. (Valtech Group) based in Menen, BELGIUM. from Dense Medium Separation Plant Product line

  • Heavy Liquid Separation Plant

    Recycling plant for car scrapped, consumer electronic products scrapped. Heavy Liquid Separation System is to separate metal scraps classified after crushed small by specific gravity and water mixing adequately. The entire system composed by Magnetic Separator, Various conveyor, Classifier, Crusher, Heavy Liquid Separator, Trommel, Eddy current ...

    By HANKOOK MATICS CO.,LTD based in Kangseo-Gu, SOUTH KOREA. from Heavy Liquid Separation Plant Product line

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