Separation Systems equipment in Oklahoma

  • Cellular Drift Eliminators

    DRB Drift Eliminators are state of the art and durable, high efficiency, and with cell design that will meet the most stringent moisture removal specifications. Special features are included in the designs for Counterflow and Crossflow towers. DRB Drift Eliminators provide ultra-low drift loss and are used in Cooling Towers, Evaporative Cooling ...

    By DRB Industries LLC based in Broken Arrow, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Moisture Separation Product line

  • Mist Eliminator

    DRB Mist Eliminator filters are highly effective in significantly reducing oil mist, water mist, fog or rain droplets. In addition, they are useful downstream of chilled water coils and steam. They are used in turbine intakes to effectively stop moisture ingression. Mist Eliminators are constructed of a 16-gauge galvanized steel frame (standard); ...

    By DRB Industries LLC based in Broken Arrow, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Moisture Separation Product line

  • Model WCL-10S-0M10 - Clarifier and Oil/Water Separator

    Mi-T-M has designed mechanical oil/water separator systems to remove free oils before discharging to your sanitary sewer. The oil/water/solids separators will reduce the amount of suspended solids while removing hydrocarbons to meet stringent local sanitary sewer discharge requirements.

    By Chappell Supply & Equipment Co. based in Oklahoma, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Water Treatment Systems Product line

  • Premium

    AEREON - Model 100 - Continuum Electronic Ignitor System

    The Model 100 Continuum Ignitor utilizes a high voltage electric arc to ignite a combustible air/gas mixture. This arc occurs every 20 seconds for a two second duration (timing is adjustable). The Continuum provides a spark inside a ‘slipstream’ chamber that diverts a portion of the waste gas to create a combustible air/gas mixture. ...

    By AEREON Office in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Ignition Systems & Pilots-New Product line

  • Model WCP-10-0M10 - Clarifier Wash-Water Recycle System

    Mi-T-M's recycle systems are designed to remove free hydrocarbons and filter the water to be sent back through a pressure washer. The systems come standard with pH and ORP injection. All systems are designed for corrosion resistance by utilizing poly tanks and recycled-plastic skids.

    By Chappell Supply & Equipment Co. based in Oklahoma, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Water Treatment Systems Product line

  • Premium

    Husky - Decon Shower Systems

    This complete decon shower system includes everything you need to set up a decon system anywhere water is available. Shower system includes  PVC shower with four shower heads, hose with handheld sprayer, a 4’ x 8’ x1’ steel frame decon pool and carry bag.

    By Husky Portable Containment based in Bartlesville, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Fire Fighting Products Product line

  • Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems

    Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is a technology used to separate some gas species from a mixture of gases under pressure according to the species' molecular characteristics and affinity for an adsorbent material. It operates at near-ambient temperatures and differs significantly from cryogenic distillation techniques of gas separation. Special ...

    By American Environmental Fabrication & Supply, LLC based in Hulbert, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • Ratio:Feeder - Model J Series - Injection Systems

    J Series Ratio:Feeder Injector Systems can inject almost any liquid chemical into a water line at a set ratio. Most common uses include fertilizer injection, acid injection for pH stabilization, chlorination, and sanitization. All J Series Injectors can be configured to pump multiple chemicals or solutions at different ratios. Systems can be ...

    By H.E. Anderson Company based in Muskogee, OKLAHOMA (USA).


    World Water Works manufactures a PH control system, which includes two separate chemical pump shelves for each of the (2) chemical feed pumps. In addition, WWW has developed an Easy Access Probe and Sample Port Assembly providing protection of the pH probe, an easy calibration point, and sample point.

    By World Water Works, Inc. based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • Diamond W Corral - Sorting System

    The Diamond W Corral Sorting system will become a rancher’s favorite piece of equipment when it comes to sorting cattle or horses. This is a goose-neck unit that splits into two pieces for access in or out of the front. There is a 6’ alley way in the center of the unit that is 33’4” long. There is a total of 16 gates ...

    By Burlington Welding LLC based in Burlington, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • MegaTron - Model XS - Cooling Towers Control System

    CompleteMegaTron XS Tower Control Packages.  Tower Quick Pick numbers represent our most popular selections for cooling towers, combining MegaTron XS models on a pre-fab panel at a lower price than ordering separately. We have also included several of the most commonly used accessory items that can be added in order t

    By Advantage Controls, LLC. based in Muskogee, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Controllers Product line

  • Model 2759 - pH/ORP System Tester

    The Signet 2759 pH/ORP Simulator is a battery-powered millivolt generator that simulates pH values of 4, 7 and 10, plus ORP values of ±700 mV. This device is useful as a troubleshooting aid and for general verification of system operation. However, it is not a substitute for periodic system calibration with pH buffers or test solutions. ...

    By Georg Fischer Signet LLC Office in Shawnee, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • Biological Oxidation System (TEAM)

    Carbon that is 'activated' undergoes a treatment that opens up millions of tiny pores to enhance the carbon material's adsorbent properties. The carbon treatment creates a very large internal carbon surface area, which is key to the filtration of activated carbon. With more surface area, the more the carbon can adsorb. One pound of activated ...

    By American Environmental Fabrication & Supply, LLC based in Hulbert, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • Open/Elevated Flare System

    MRW Designs and manufactures the following elevated flare systems for all sizes and compositions of waste gas.

    By MRW Technologies, Inc. based in Glenpool, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • SperryMax - Ultimate Filter Press Sludge Drying System

    Sperry's SPERRYMAX(r) Filter Press Sludge Drying System eliminates secondary operations and product variations with repeatable moisture levels from cycle to cycle. Pathogens, air pollutants, and disposal costs are greatly reduced, and rapid heat transfer rates reduce the drying cycle.

    By D. R. Sperry & Company Office in OKLAHOMA (USA). from Sludge Dryers Product line

  • Juggler - Solid/Liquid Separator

    The Juggler™ is a unique, patented pumping and liquid-solid separating system that services grease traps and septic tanks, with no chemicals. This unit returns a liquid that is 99.98% free of solids, without affecting the bacterial flora.

    By Labrie Enviroquip Group Distributor in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • Dissolved Air Flotation - DAF

    Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) technology is the process where suspended solids, oils & greases, and other impurities are separated from water slurries by a process of dissolving air into water. Micro-bubbles interact with the particles to cause them to float to the surface of a vessel where they are skimmed and separated.

    By World Water Works, Inc. based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • Model MB & MBV - Monoblock Graphite Disks

    Saf-T-Graf® graphite Rupture Disks are manufactured from a single piece of high quality graphite that is impregnated with an environmentally safe high temperature resin to provide excellent leak performance. All Saf-T-Graf disks may be applied in gas, liquid or two phase flow. At the heart of the Saf-T-Graf product is its Monobloc ...

    By BS&B SAFETY SYSTEMS, L.L.C. based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from GRAPHITE DISKS Product line


    The TOWER PURE system is an Automated Packed Bed Multi-Media Filter providing efficient removal of 95+% metal ions and bacteria. A proprietary blend of filter media provides the most cost effective and efficient means to achieve metals removal requirements, biological removal and chlorine removal. The unit is designed with an automated backwashing ...

    By World Water Works, Inc. based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • AXIS - Model GB812 - Guided Boring System

    When it comes to installing sewer and water lines, your main goals are on-grade accuracy and exceptional productivity. The AXIS GB812 Guided Boring System from Vermeer delivers both. The closed-circuit camera built into the drill head allows the operator to constantly monitor line and grade, while the vacuum excavation method removes spoils ...

    By Vermeer Distributor in OKLAHOMA (USA). from Others Product line

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