sewage equipment in Greece

  • PXFLOW - Submersible Sewage Pumps

    Developed-designed and manufactured by PAPANTONATOS S.A.With the well known very good features as standard.Internal motor cooling system with “ECOFLU “ (closed loop through a cooling jacket).Cartridge sealing system “ Fast Seal “.Easily adjustable channel impeller clearance system “Reducer”,for improved ...

    By Papantonatos S.A. based in Acharnes, GREECE.

  • EVDOS - Model SW-DA Type - Sewage Air Relief Valve

    Body: ductile iron GGG 40 or steel ST 37. Flanges: DIN 2501. Work Pressure: 10 - 16  Bar. Coating: Powder Epoxy 200 μm.

    By EVDOS SA based in Thessaloniki, GREECE. from Sewage Air Relief Valve Product line

  • Dimtech - Model MS-VS - Marine Sewage Vent Scrubbers

    The ventilation of ships’ wastewaters is often a source of odors and pollutants. Odours emitted by sewage are produced on board through the use of toilets, washbasins and baths. A solution to this problem is the installation of marine-class passive deodorization units. Sewage Vent Scrubber Marine-class Units (MS-VS) are made entirely of AISI ...

    By Dimtech S.A based in ASPROPYRGOS, GREECE. from Marine Sewage Vent Scrubbers Product line

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    KAHL - Sewage Sludge Pelleting Plants

    Adaptable Technology: Compacted and dust-free municipal and industrial sewage sludge can be treated further at low costs.

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG Distributor in Athens, GREECE. from Sewage Sludge Pelleting Plants Product line

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    Flottweg - Model X Series - Sludge Dewatering in Sewage Treatment Plants

    The X Series - A Revolution in Sludge Dewatering in Sewage Treatment Plants. Sewage sludge dewatering offers enormous potential savings for the operators of sewage treatment plants. The costs of transport and disposal of the dewatered sewage sludge frequently make up 80% of operating costs. Depending on the capacity of the plant, 1% more dry ...

    By Flottweg SE Distributor in Zografou, GREECE.

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    Flottweg - Model HTS - Decanter Centrifuge for Sewage Sludge Dewatering

    The Flottweg HTS Decanter: Highest Dry Matter Content for Sewage Sludge Dewatering. Transport and disposal costs, at over 70 percent, represent by far the largest cost item in sludge dewatering. A powerful dewatering assembly is thus an important criterion. With a Flottweg HTS Decanter in the C series, you can achieve the highest possible total ...

    By Flottweg SE Distributor in Zografou, GREECE.

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    Flottweg - Model OSE - Decanter Centrifuge

    The Flottweg OSE Decanter. Optimal Sludge Dewatering of Primary and Excess Sludge. The decomposition process in a sewage treatment facility continually generates biological sludge. To ensure a stable decomposition process in the biological cleaning stage, this biological sludge must be removed. The removed biological sludge is called surplus ...

    By Flottweg SE Distributor in Zografou, GREECE.

  • HORIBA - Model HO-300 - Two-Wire Transmitter

    Redox potential measurement of various solutions. Suitable for aeration control of sewage treatment and neutralization of chemicals.

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH Office in GREECE. from Two-Wire Transmitter Product line

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    Lupreal - Alkaline Neutralization and Precipitation Agent

    LUPREAL is used for: Treatment of industrial wastewater that contains oil, grease, wax, heavy metals or colloidal impurities causing turbidity. Wastewater treatment in municipal sewage plants. Precipitating phosphate from wastewater. Lupreal reacts strongly alkaline and increases the pH without introducing addition anions (compared to the use of ...

    By Kurita Office in Metamorfosi, GREECE.

  • HORIBA - Model HO-200 - Four-Wire Analyzer

    Redox potential measurement of various solutions. Suitable for aeration control of sewage treatment and neutralization of chemicals. Extensive interfaces (2-channel transmission output, RS-485 compatible, 4-relay output).

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH Office in GREECE. from Four-Wire Analyzer Product line

  • BioBlock - Compact System of Biological Treatment

    BioBlock is a compact system of biological treatment, accomplishing the requirements of sewage treatment from small settlements and hotels up to big Municipalities and industrial applications. The design and the development of BioBlock were supported to the long-lasting experience of ENVITEC S.A. in the sector of wastewater treatment. The target ...

    By ENVITEC A.E. based in Attica, GREECE.

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    Prosonic - Model FMU30 - Ultrasonic Sensor

    The range of applications extends from monitoring levels in sewage treatment plants and process water tanks to applications for loading, storage and buffer tanks. FMU30 ultrasonic sensor offers proven software algorithms and all warning and alarm messages are shown on the four-line plain text display and guarantee fast remedy of problems. The ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Athens, GREECE. from Ultrasonic Sensor Product line

  • Model SUF-SUFV Series - Self Cleaning Screen Filters

    SUFV/SUF series filters are automatic hydraulic filters which combine the advantages of high quality filtration from variant water sources (sewage, lakes, rivers,  etc.) with self-cleaning function, providing to the system continuous water supply. The SUFV filters meet the requirements of a wide range of industrial, municipal and irrigation ...

    By Drop based in SINDOS, GREECE. from Self Cleaning Screen Filters Product line

  • SPECTRO GENESIS - ICP Spectrometer

    The SPECTRO GENESIS is the first and only ICP-OES available with a complete set of factory methods - truly “plug & analyze” without needing to first develop a method. These factory methods cover all common environmental and industrial applications, like Water, Waste Water, Industrial Waste Water, Soil, Sewage Sludge, Filter Dust, ...

    By SPECTRO Analytical Instruments - AMETEK, Inc Office in Athens, GREECE. from ICP Spectrometer Product line

  • Okeanis - Multiple Retention Floating Boom

    With the suitable combination of net and special synthetic fabrics in the centre of immersion of the construction, the floating boom of multiple retention constitutes the solution to the confrontation of various forms of pollution. The high level of durability of the materials, the hydrodynamic design and the adapted to each condition manufacture ...

    By Okeanis Aquatis Systems based in Kilkis, GREECE.

  • Washing Machine For Waste Container

    It is easily mounted on the multi purpose vehicle ΑΜΒΙΕΝΤΕ and operates hydraulically. There is an automatic and adjustable operation for inside-outside washing and disinfection of all standard-sized waste containers. The water tank is bi-partite and its capacity is 1200lt, while the sewage tank is of ...

    By RAM EUROPE based in ORCHOMENOS, GREECE. from Washing Machine For Waste Container Product line

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    Flottweg C-Serie - C7E Decanter Centrifuge

    Worldwide, Flottweg C series decanters around the world process 25 million liters of sewage sludge per hour. That's just about the volume of 165,000 bathtubs - every hour! The dewatering and thickening of sewage sludge plays a decisive role in the wastewater treatment process. Requirements for the quality and efficiency of sewage treatment plants ...

    By Flottweg SE Distributor in Zografou, GREECE.

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    Landustrie LANDY - Model Type DSP - Heavy Duty Cutter Pumps

    Our LANDY heavy duty cutter pumps are specifically designed for sewage and wastewater applications where solids have to be cut into small particles. The high torque cutting system cuts, where others grind, and most fragments pass the cutting system without wearing the actual cutting edges.

    By Landustrie Sneek BV Distributor in Attica, GREECE. from Heavy Duty Cutter Pumps Product line

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    Ex-Tec - Model GM 4 - Gas Warning and Gas Measuring Instrument

    Gas warning and gas measuring instrument for detecting toxic and flammable gases and oxygen. The ideal measuring device for gas and water suppliers, fire brigades, sewage plants, landfills, biogas plants and the chemical industry. The EX-TEC GM 4 is the perfect partner for both leak detection in pipelines and monitoring the atmospheric air as well ...

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH Distributor in Ag. Ioannis Rentis, GREECE. from Gas Warning and Gas Measuring Instrument Product line

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    Flottweg C-Serie - C2E Decanter Centrifuge

    The New C2E Decanter Centrifuges for Small Treatment PlantsFlottweg presents a new era of sludge dewatering for small sewage treatment plants. The C2E decanter centrifuge was developed specifically for the dewatering and thickening of smaller sludge loading rates. It features all of Flottweg's know-how in a compact, space-saving design. Over five ...

    By Flottweg SE Distributor in Zografou, GREECE.

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