sewage treatment system equipment in California

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    PWTech - Model FLOCCSEP - Sewage Treatment System

    The FLOCCSEP process represents a totally new way of managing sewage, resulting in maximum cost savings in conventional equipment and greatly minimized environmental contamination.

    By Process Wastewater Technologies LLC Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA). from Sewage Treatment System Product line

  • UIG - Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

    UIG will assist you in designing quality water, wastewater treatment or sewage treatment facilities for your specific needs, utilizing our bolted steel tanks, welded steel tanks and/or fiberglass storage tanks.

    By United Industries Group, Inc. based in Lake Forest, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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    Flottweg - Model OSE - Decanter Centrifuge

    The Flottweg OSE Decanter. Optimal Sludge Dewatering of Primary and Excess Sludge. The decomposition process in a sewage treatment facility continually generates biological sludge. To ensure a stable decomposition process in the biological cleaning stage, this biological sludge must be removed. The removed biological sludge is called surplus ...

    By Flottweg SE Office in Lincoln, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • TEFSA - Belt Filter Presses System

    TEFSA Belt Filter Presses have been designed and developed by our engineers for over 30 years. We have had a significant influence on the market over this time thanks to our modern and innovative technology, our cost effective solutions to customer problems and the excellent outcomes that we deliver to our customers. Over 2,000 units have been ...


  • Model NCL-P Series - Low Cost Distribution Model Chamber Type Low Pressure UV Disinfection System

    Most cost efficient and compact chamber type modelReasonable price, simple structure, easy installationMinimum parts to ensure low maintenance costApplicable for small scale treatment of hospitals, private facilities, night soil, village sewage, etc.Simple exterior, small footprint, handy lamp replacementSkid mounting availablecustomized ...

    By Neotec UV based in Torrance, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Low Cost Distribution Model Chamber Type Low Pressure UV Disinfection System Product line

  • BioFloorâ„¢

    A commercial aerobic composing polyethylene floor system. Use: Biological air pollution control has been used on an increasing basis in recent years to cleanse noxious and odorous gases, such as those emanating from sewage treatment plants. In addition to sewage treatment plants, biofilters are useful for treating the effluent gases from many ...

    By Hallsten Corporation based in North Highlands, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • H2O - Grease Traps

    Our compact grease interceptors prevent fats and solids from entering the plumbing and sewage treatment device.  These passive systems have no moving parts to break or clog and are virtually maintenance free. We also offer automatic systems that skim oils and greases to a separate chamber for easy disposal. 

    By H2O Inc. based in Lafayette , LA, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Grease Traps Product line

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    Flottweg Container Systems - Mobile sludge dewatering by Flottweg

    In small sewage treatment plants, investment costs play a decisive role. In stationary dewatering systems, for example, the construction of a new building can be significantly costly. You can avoid those costs with mobile container systems for sludge dewatering. Container-based solutions are a practical alternative to fixed dewatering ...

    By Flottweg SE Office in Lincoln, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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    Flottweg Xelletor-Baureihe - Model X4E, X5E, X7E - Xelletor series

    Sewage sludge dewatering offers enormous potential savings for operators of sewage treatment plants. Dewatering sludge means reducing the quantity of sludge for disposal. Depending on system capacity, 1 percent more dry substance can lead to cost savings in the five- to six-digit range.The dewatering performance of the Flottweg Xelletor Series is ...

    By Flottweg SE Office in Lincoln, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • ECS - Model X-Pac - Chemical Scrubbers

    The ECS Environmental Solutions X-Pac scrubber line is designed for applications requiring the removal of various types of contaminants from gas streams. Typical applications include odorous fumes from water/sewage treatment and compost facilities. ECS scrubber vessels are manufactured from high-grade FRP. In addition to ECS’s standard ...

    By Engineered Composite Systems (ECS) Office in Olivenhain, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Chemical Scrubbers Product line

  • Model SRBF-Series - Circular Stand Alone Biofilter

    The Bioteg Circular Stand-Alone Biofilter with its compact design and long service life can be applied to solve a variety of different odor problems. Among our customers for the SRBF-Series are waste water treatment plants (WWTP), landfills and sewage storage systems as well as the food and chemical industry. They are designed to treat airstreams ...

    By Bioteg Biofilter Systems GmbH Office in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Circular Stand Alone Biofilter Product line

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    Wolverine - Plastic Manhole Inflow Protector

    The Wolverine Brand ® Plastic Manhole Inflow Protector Inserts are made of high density polyethylene and have been proven effective in reducing or preventing surface water inflow to the collection system, through the manhole lid. Operating and maintenance costs for plant equipment and pumps are minimized, due to reduced flow during heavy ...

    By Simple Solutions Dist. LLC Distributor in Yucaipa, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Plastic Manhole Inflow Protector Product line

  • Combi - Packaged Headworks Systems for Sewage and Septage Receiving

    The Combi is an all-in-one headworks solution that integrates fine screening, screenings dewatering and grit handling in a single, pre-fabricated, stainless steel unit. The system is designed for sewage or septage pretreatment at the wastewater treatment plant. All components are engineered for proper interface, low maintenance, optimal throughput ...

    By Parkson Corporation Distributor in Foothill Ranch, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Packaged Headworks Systems for Sewage and Septage Receiving Product line

  • AER-O-FLO - Extended Aeration Package Plants

    The PURESTREAM, INC. package sewage treatment plant is an Extended Aeration treatment system. This treatment system works by providing ideal conditions for aerobic bacteria and other micro-organisms; these micro-organisms then decompose the biological contaminants in the raw sewage.

    By Purestream ES, LLC Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA). from Extended Aeration Package Plants Product line

  • Effluent Sewer Collection System

    How Effluent Sewers Work:With an Orenco Effluent Sewer, raw sewage flows from the house or business to a watertight underground tank. Only the filtered liquid portion is discharged (by either pump or gravity) to shallow, small-diameter collection lines that follow the contour of the land. Solids remain in the underground tank for passive, ...

    By Orenco Systems Inc. Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Integrated Surge Anoxic Mix System (ISAM)

    The ISAM is a total treatment system incorporating BOD, TSS and nitrogen removal along with sludge reduction in an integrated system. Raw (crude) sewage enters a covered anaerobic reactor for pretreatment, sludge thickening and sludge destruction. Complex organic solids undergo hydrolysis to simpler soluble organics which pass to the surge anoxic ...

    By Fluidyne Corporation Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA). from Integrated Surge Anoxic Mix System (ISAM) Product line

  • Liqui-Fuge - Model LFP - Perforated Rotary Drum Screen

    The Liqui-Fuge LFP, Perforated Drum Screen is an automatic, self-cleaning fine screen for a variety of applications from primary to membrane screening in municipal and industrial sewage treatment applications. This latest rotary drum screen from Vulcan Industries is specifically designed for protecting secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment ...

    By Vulcan Industries Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA). from Perforated Rotary Drum Screen Product line

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