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Shaftless Conveyor equipment

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    ASTIM - Shaftless Conveyor Compactor

    The screenings to be treated can be directly discharged from a screen into the feed trough of the Shaftless Conveyor Compactor “ SCC”. A conveying and compacting screw transports the screenings into the washing and compacting zone where they are exposed to powerful introduction of wash water. The washing achieves perfect separation of ...

    By ASTIM A.S. based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY. from Screenings Technology - Screenings Treatment Systems Product line

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    ASTIM - Shaftless Spiral Conveyors

    Shaftless Screw or Spiral Conveyor is an alternative concept to the traditional shafted screw conveyor. Material is conveyed by an extra-heavy-duty shaftless screw that slides on a low-friction, wear-resistant liner inside the conveyor trough housing. Shaftless spiral conveyors are successfully used to transport jamming, bridge forming and sticky ...

    By ASTIM A.S. based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY. from Material Handling Systems - Conveyors Product line

  • Shaftless Conveyor

    The SSC shaftless spiral conveyor has provided efficient and reliable transport of various difficult to transport materials for decades. Since our SSC shaftless spiral conveyors do not require end bearings this allows for direct connections and optimizes layout design flexibility. End-to-end and side connections not possible on shafted screw ...

    By CleanTek Water Solutions based in Fridley, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • RATAJ - Model SL, SLK, SLN, SLP - Flexible Shaftless Conveyors

    Flexible shaftless conveyors (types SL, SLK, SLN, SLP) are used for the transport of delicate and light materials with transport performances form about 0,001 to 15 m3/hour. The main advantage of these conveyors is the possibility of transport in curves and over large distances up to 120m per drive unit and very precise dosing of the transported ...

    By RATAJ a.s. based in Ceske Budejovice, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Conveyors Product line

  • Shaftless Conveyors - Spiral Conveyors

    The unique features of the SPIRAC Shaftless Conveying Systems present new possibilities when designing materials handling systems.A system of SPIRAC horizontal, inclined and vertical shaftless conveyors with no intermediate or end bearings, low rpm’s and low power usage is a space-saving, extremely reliable conveying option.Maintenance is ...

    By SPIRAC Pty. Ltd. based in Bibra Lake, AUSTRALIA.

  • KWS - Shaftless Screw Conveyors

    Bulk materials discharged from centrifuges, filter presses or mixers can easily be metered or conveyed using a shaftless screw conveyor. Our shaftless design provides a non-clogging conveying surface that allows difficult-to-convey materials to become easy-to-convey. The perfect solution for handling bulk materials with high moisture content is ...

    By KWS Manufacturing Company Ltd. based in Burleson, TEXAS (USA). from Conveyors Product line

  • RATAJ - Model RL, RNL & RLP - Robust Shaftless Spiral Conveyors

    New opportunities are opening up for the use of RATAJ RL and RLN robust shaftless spiral conveyors for more demanding application in heavy industry or for high performance requirements (from 0.01 to 600 m3 per hour). Robust conveyors can easily tackle the transfer of abrasive materials (ground corundum, grit, sand, crushed stone, abrasion dust, ...

    By RATAJ a.s. based in Ceske Budejovice, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Conveyors Product line

  • SKE Spiraline - Model SCO - Shaftless Screw Conveyor

    SKE Spiraline Screw Conveyors are designed for transportation of difficult solid materials.The materials may be stringy, sticky, varying in size, volume or dryness. This included sludge, screenings, wastes, grit, wood chip, animal products, foodstuff, and drill cuttings can all be conveyed successfully. Flow rates of up to 45m3/h can be achieved ...

    By SKE Solutions based in Co Tyrone, UNITED KINGDOM. from Shaftless Screw Conveyor SCO Product line

  • DEWA - Spiral/Belt Shaftless Conveyors Systems

    DEWA provides both spiral shaftless conveyors as well as belt conveyors depending on customer requirements.

    By Dewaco Ltd based in LAITILA, FINLAND. from Sludge Thickening And Dewatering - Peripheral Equipment Product line

  • Shaftless Screw Conveyors

    High quality, shaftless screw conveyor products from Klinkenberg Zaanstad. Made with wear-resistant materials of your choice (including heavy duty versions) and in various diameters. Can be used in numerous situations (sludge transport/waste streams) with an extensive capacity. The term ‘low maintenance’ also applies to our shaftless ...

    By Klinkenberg B.V. based in Krommenie, NETHERLANDS. from Shaftless Screw Conveyors Product line

  • STS - Shaftless Screw Conveyors

    STS-type Shaftless Spiral Conveyors follow the principle of traditional shaftless screw conveyor design. The shaftless spiral is driven by a direct drive without the need for hanger bearings. Lengths of up to 50m are achievable without hanger bearings. Our technology is in the design of a very high tensile strength spiral which allows us to ...

    By Fay Environmental Services based in Cootehill, IRELAND.

  • Arlat - Model SC - Shaftless Screw Conveyors

    The Arlat SC shaftless screw conveyors are of rugged design with a shaftless spiral housed within a stainless steel enclosed U-trough. Elimination of the internal shaft results in higher performance and lower maintenance because it eliminates clogging, wrapping and bridging. There are no end or hanger bearings common with shafted conveyors. These ...

    By Arlat Technology Inc. - a division of Price-Schonstrom based in Walkerton, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Other Product line

  • Shaftless Screw Conveyors

    Shaftless spiral conveyors eliminate the central shaft and allow a much higher fill rate resulting in lower rpm’s, more efficient conveying and consequently less wear. Without a shaft, no intermediate or end bearings are required. The trough liner is the spiral’s replaceable bearing surface. The only machined bearings in a shaftless ...

    By Custom Conveyor Corporation (CCC) based in Rogers, MINNESOTA (USA). from Material Handling Product line

  • Vulcan - Model TF - Shaftless Screw Conveyor

    The Model TF Shaftless Screw Conveyor is utilized for the transport of screenings, grit or sludge in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications.

    By Vulcan Industries based in Missouri Valey, IOWA (USA). from Screenings Handling Product line

  • Helicon - Shaftless Spiral Conveyor

    The Helicon spiral conveyor is the answer for efficient, reliable automatic transport. The conveyor is frequently used in conjunction with other Hycor equipment to create a solids management system that conveys the screened solids to washing or dewatering, and ultimately to disposal. The Helicon conveyor is totally enclosed. Bolt-on covers contain ...

    By Parkson Corporation based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA). from Screenings & Headworks - Conveyance Product line

  • Shaftless Vertical Conveyors

    Shaftless Screw Conveyors are ideal for vertical conveying. Since they do not require a non-drive end bearing this eliminates the need for high maintenance bottom shafts and seals on a pulling shaftless vertical conveyor.   A shaftless vertical feed is obtained by directly connected pushing shaftless conveyor which optimizes layout ...

    By Custom Conveyor Corporation (CCC) based in Rogers, MINNESOTA (USA). from Material Handling Product line

  • Transporter Shaftless Spiral Conveyor

    The Transporter Unit is perfect for transporting screenings from one or several screens to a dumpster or compacting unit. The Transporter in principle is the Transpactor shaftless conveyor/compactor without the press zone at the end. The shaftless spiral rests in a polyethylene lined trough. Angle, length and even speed are custom designed for ...

    By Headworks Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Mechanical Equipment Product line

  • Model Type RL(N) - Robust, Shaftless Screw Conveyors

    The robust giants are rigid, shaftless spiral conveyors. Their main application include transport of large volumes (up to approx. 600 m³/h – e.g. recycling material) and conveying of bulky goods.

    By Wildfellner GmbH Optimale Fördertechnik based in Buchkirchen, AUSTRIA. from Recycling Product line

  • Shaftless Screw Conveyor

    The JDV Shaftless Screw Conveyor is a proven design to reliably transport solids with a lower total cost of ownership when compared to other transport methods. The Shaftless screw conveyor flight design allows for a greater fill rate versus other methods/equipment, increasing operational efficiencies and lower initial capital investment. Long life ...

    By JDV Equipment Corporation based in Dover, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Solids Handling Product line

  • Model TSA - Shaftless Screw Conveyor

    OY EKOTUOTANTO AB supplies also very high quality shaftless screw conveyors. Shaftless screw conveyor consist of rotating shaftless screw inside U-shaped trough having an inlet hopper and outlet spout, being the rest of conveyor completely closed. The shaftless screw conveyor allows to convey sticky and entangling material. The bottom of the ...

    By Oy Ekotuotanto AB based in Hyvinkaa, FINLAND.

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