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size reduction system equipment

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    Anguil - Emission Concentrator with Integrated Oxidizer

    Typical air pollution control projects focus on the capture mechanism and a destruction device. With regulations driving towards higher capture efficiencies, combustion devices must treat larger volumes of air with lower concentration of pollutants. The Anguil rotor concentrator is an adsorption system designed to concentrate large volume, low ...

    By Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Emission Concentrator with Integrated Oxidizer Product line

  • Size Reduction System

    The Company WiPa offers various systems for the size reduction of plastics.

    By WiPa Werkzeug und Maschinenbau GmbH based in Stadtlohn, GERMANY.

  • Ecopulsar - Wood Sizing Reduction System

    The innovative Dieffenbacher product ecopulser reduces the size of material without touching and is therefore nearly wear free. Inside the machine, two rotors turn in the opposite directions at very high speed. The rotors are equipped with blades, which create defined turbulences called shockwaves. The air flow inside the ecopulser forces the ...

    By Dieffenbacher GmbH based in Eppingen, GERMANY. from Wood Sizing Reduction System Product line

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    Saturn Grizzly - Model M-80 - Industrial Rubber Grinder

    The Saturn Grizzly M-80 is a size reduction grinder system utilizing a unique staggered knife single rotor design. This durable industrial rubber granulator is easy to maintain and provides incredibly clean rubber and separated steel when processing tires. The Grizzly's unique rotor construction and proprietary blade material allow the ...

    By Granutech-Saturn Systems based in Grand Prairie, TEXAS (USA). from Industrial Rubber Grinder Product line

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    Harden - Primary Shredders for Bulky Waste Processing System

    HARDEN primary shredders, or coarse shredder, with dual powerful hydraulic drivers designed for various kinds of bulky waste size reduction. Primary shredders are used  in MSW disposal plants, biomass power stations and RDF processing systems as an indispensable first stage shredder. Strong shafts, bearings, chamber, cutting hooks in ...

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    Saturn Grizzly - Model Super 80 - Industrial Rubber Scrap Grinder

    Highest Capacity Grinder on the market (10+ tons/hr). The Saturn Grizzly Super 80 by Granutech-Saturn Systems is an industry-leading medium speed grinder that provides efficient, high performance size reduction for processing shredded tires. Granutech’s 40 years of experience designing size reduction equipment means the Saturn Grizzly Super ...

    By Granutech-Saturn Systems based in Grand Prairie, TEXAS (USA). from Industrial Rubber Scrap Grinder Product line

  • The TCS System - Tire Reduction System

    The Tirex Corporation’s TCS System is a state-of-the-art tire reduction system which uses a patented fracturing unit in combination with a proprietary  freezing process which does not require liquid nitrogen to produce crumb rubber of exceptional purity and quality. Depending on market requirements, the crumb rubber output can be ...

    By The Tirex Corporation based in Westport, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Integrated Water Systems

    Integrated water systems allow you to pick and choose products to best support your water needs. With the difficulty and cost of disposing contaminated water, these systems greatly reduce the cost of disposal fees. In this industry it is hard to find a complete solution to problems that face the purity of water. With the EPA enforcing new policies ...

    By HF Pure Water based in Compton, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Integrated Water Systems Product line

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    HARDEN - Model TL1316 - High Efficient of Municipal Solid Waste Shredder/MSW shredder

    Municipal Solid Waste due to the rising energy costs, landfill directives and importance of alternative energy sources it will be necessary to exploit the energy content of the waste to substitute fuel, RDF - residual derived fuel. The production of RDF is the optimum solution both environmentally and economically. The Harden Recycling System is ...

    By Harden Shredder Machinery Ltd. based in Zhongshan City, CHINA.

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    Saturn - Quad Shaft Shredder

    Granutech-Saturn Systems' designs extend to our unique rugged quad-shaft industrial shredders for applications that require uniform size reduction. Granutech’s quad-shaft Saturn shredders lead the market in performance, durability and reliability in evolving applications. Saturn industrial shredders can work with a broad range of materials ...

    By Granutech-Saturn Systems based in Grand Prairie, TEXAS (USA). from Quad Shaft Shredder Product line

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    ELDAN - Model R800/1200 - Rasper

    The Eldan Rasper R800/1200 and R807/1207 is used for primary size reduction of material in small and medium capacity recycling plants. It is typically used for granulation of materials like cables and electronic and electrical waste (i.e. WEEE). The Raspers has both flying and static knives. The flying knives are either wedge mounted or bolt ...

    By Eldan Recycling A/S based in Faaborg, DENMARK. from Rasper Product line

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    ELDAN - Model R400-3 - Rasper

     The Eldan Rasper R400-3 is used for primary size reduction of material in small capacity cable systems. This is the ideal solution for preparing all types of dry cables including steel armoured cables for granulation. Max. cable diameter of Ø40 mm. The smaller Rasper 400-3 has many similarities with the larger Raspers. It has an ...

    By Eldan Recycling A/S based in Faaborg, DENMARK. from Rasper Product line

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    HARDEN - Model QS1010 - High eficient of four Shaft Shredder

    Four shaft shredder is an industrial shredder with four-shaft cutting system, which is especially suited for applications such as e-scrap, rubber tire recycling, alternative fuel production, and size reduction of contaminated materials where uniform, small to medium particle size is desired.Four Shaft Shredder ApplicationsShredding applications ...

    By Harden Shredder Machinery Ltd. based in Zhongshan City, CHINA.

  • Extructor – Size Reduction Machine

    The Extructor is a size reduction machine designed for crushing and grinding large frozen blocks or barrels of bulk materials. While processing frozen blocks, the slow speed high torque rotor crushes and fractures the blocks whereas a tearing action is incorporated with pliable products. This size reduction technology is designed to handle tough ...

    By Bepex International LLC based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA). from Extructor – Size Reduction Machine Product line

  • Model MTX-H - Straw Bale Breaker

    The Cormall MTX-H straw bale breaker is a new system based on our traditional diet feed mixer. The system allows you to break up the bale with a minimum of power consumption, lower noise, lower auger speeds and a minimum of wear and tear on the machinery. Consequently it is a highly durable system that can handle stones and other ...

    By Cormall A/S based in Sønderborg, DENMARK. from Straw Bale Breaker Product line

  • Model FID - Sludge Reduction System

    Sludge Reduction system installed directly before the centrifuge. As a result of the reduction in fuel droplet size, centrifuges and filters will be able to more effectively remove in-organic contaminants and stay clean much longer. Consequently, sludge generation from centrifuges and filters will be reduced by approx. 50 to 80%. As a result, ...

    By IPCO Power B.V. based in Dordrecht, NETHERLANDS. from Sludge Reduction System Product line

  • Crusher System

    Size reduction of materials, Magnetic separation.

    By TES-AMM based in Irvine, UNITED KINGDOM. from Crusher System Product line

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    AirGen - Model ZA-HC & ZA-Total - Gas Generators

    The AirGen series ZA-HC is able to remove the total hydrocarbons to less than 0.05 ppm from the external compressed Air. If higher purity is requested, then the ZA-Total will also remove other pollutent like Humidity, CO2, CO, NOx, SO2 and Hydrocarbons. Very small in size, the ZA-HC and ZA-Total can filter up to 30 L/min of compressed Air and can ...

    By LNI Swissgas SA based in Versoix, SWITZERLAND. from Gas Generators Product line

  • PaR - Remote Handling and Robotics System

    PaR remote handling and robotics systems reduce obsolete nuclear reactor components using waterjet technology, and structural materials for processes such as plasma arc and saw cutting. Our size reduction systems feature automated and remote-operated cutting processes.

    By PaR Systems, Inc. based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA). from Remote Handling and Robotics System Product line

  • Hammer Mill System

    Further size reduction of materials, Powder form.

    By TES-AMM based in Irvine, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hammer Mill System Product line

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