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  • Premium

    GPE - Model LA156-723 / 3315-10061 / RLA156-538 - ECLM Sensors

    GPE provides a variety of sensor heads for the Series 2100 Measurement System. The easy-to-install sensor heads continuously monitor the level and automatically communicate to the GPE electrohydraulic control system, which modulates a tundish slide gate or stopper rod to maintain a desired value.

    By Shand & Jurs (L&J Technologies & L&J Engineering) based in Hillside, ILLINOIS (USA). from ECLM Sensors Product line

  • Golden Harvest - Model GH-40 & GH-44, GH-46 - Aluminum & Stainless Steel Slide Gates

    Golden Harvest Inc. Fabricated Slide Gates are the industry standard for price and performance. UHMW seating faces in guide grooves and neoprene face seals provide for low leakage solutions at modest head levels. The resilient P-bulb seal design provides for a low leakage closure.

    By Golden Harvest, Inc. based in Burlington, WASHINGTON (USA). from Aluminum & Stainless Steel Slide Gates Product line

  • Model GH 60 & GH-66 - Aluminum & Stainless Steel Weir Gates

    Golden Harvest Inc. Weir Gates are designed to control upstream water elevation and can provide a rough estimate of flow using notched gates via the downward- opening design. Weir gates function like slide gates, except that the disc opens downward allowing outflow to weir over the top of the gate.

    By Golden Harvest, Inc. based in Burlington, WASHINGTON (USA). from Aluminum & Stainless Steel Weir Gates Product line

  • TIP-TITE - Drum Dumper

    This Drum Dumper from Flexicon seals drums against a discharge cone, tips the drum, mates the cone against a gasketted connection, and discharges bulk material dust-free through a slide gate valve. Trademarked TIP-TITE, the dumper accommodates drums from 30 to 55 gal (114 to 208 liter). The drum platform is raised by a single hydraulic cylinder, ...

    By Flexicon Corporation based in Bethlehem, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Drum Dumper Product line

  • Effox-Flextor - Guillotine Slide Gate Dampers

    The Effox-Flextor brand Guillotine Slide Gate Damper is a heavy-duty design used when tight shut-off is required to isolate specific portions of a flue gas system. Our custom designs are proven reliable in some of the most demanding environments such as gas turbine outlets, high dust loading cement plants, high corrosion in coal-fired power ...

    By Effox-Flextor based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA). from Guillotine Slide Gate Dampers Product line

  • Model KSA-MD 100 - 1500 series - Medium Duty Penstocks

    KWT penstocks are available in various designs and are used  in surface, sewage and process water systems. This sluice gate is a tried and tested penstock model, as it has  been a core product for many years. The KSA-MD sluice gate is a spindle operated and reinforced  sliding plate that shuts off a round or square opening; it moves ...

    By KWT Group/ KWT International based in Biddinghuizen, NETHERLANDS. from Medium Duty Penstocks Product line

  • Doyle - Model 8FT - Trailer Mounted Side Discharge Tender

    (1) 258 cu. ft. compartment in 12 ga. 304 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel auger tube. 304 stainless steel auger flighting on mild steel pipe. Heavy duty mild steel square tubing main frame, with mild steel 'boxed' support arm and cross braces. Bolt together design, hopper to chassis. Stainless steel manually operated slide gates. Tandem ...

    By Doyle Equipment Manufacturing Company based in Quincy, ILLINOIS (USA). from Trailer Mounted Side Discharge Tender Product line

  • YPAB - Slide Gate Dampers

    Dampers for on-off or regulating of air and flue gases in tough industrial environments with a lot of dust.

    By YPAB Dampers International AB based in Kramfors, SWEDEN.

  • Model BU Series - Bonneted Gates

    Completely enclosed rectangular-port sliding gate for regulating and closing flow through the outlet works of dams. They are designed to be embedded (except the actuator) in concrete after installation. Robust fabricated construction of carbon steel, with high-performance bronze or stainless steel seats.

    By Orbinox based in Anoeta, SPAIN. from Bonneted Gates Product line

  • Model CC Series - Channel Penstock

    Square or rectangular sliding channel gate, with fixed parts embedded in concrete and seals on 3 sides.Used for on-off or control applications in open channels.Carbon or stainless steel fabricated construction, with tight sealing by means of an elastomer seal. Available in a wide range of dimensions and for many different pressure heads.Actuator: ...

    By Orbinox based in Anoeta, SPAIN. from Channel Penstock Product line

  • Gate Valve

    BAF Gate valves are designed to meet various applications in the chemical, petrochemical, upstream storage and power industries. BAF design covers wedge type as well as parallel slide gate valves towards the latest international standards and can be supplied in a large variety of ferrous, non ferrous and alloy materials. Packing seal arrangements ...


  • Solids Outloading Systems

    Claro designs and manufactures fully-automated outloading systems for wastewater screenings, grit, sludge, and a wide variety of other materials. Backed by over 25 years of design and applications experience, Claro systems fill material bins or truck trailers evenly, without spillage or splashing, and to precise volumes, levels, or weights all ...

    By Claro Inc based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Solids Outloading Systems Product line

  • Deimos Ultra - Model BT A - Motors for Sliding Gates

    Motors for sliding gates up to 600 kg with magnetic limit switch and U-link integration. Range of operators for sliding gates weighing up to 600 Kg. Maximum leaf speed up to 16 m/min. Newly designed magnetic limit switch for quicker installation; precise and perfectly integrated with architecture of site. Residential use. Control unit designed for ...

    By Bft based in Stockport, UNITED KINGDOM. from Motors for Sliding Gates Product line

  • Model C560 - AWWA Heavy Duty Cast Slide Gates

    WATERMAN HEAVY-DUTY CAST IRON SLIDE (SLUICE) GATES are used in applications where safety and reliable performance are essential (dams, tidal environments, water treatment plants) and where outstanding product longevity is desired. Waterman cast gates are preferred for high-head (up to 200′) and high debris (water treatment) environments as ...

    By Waterman Industries based in Exeter, CALIFORNIA (USA). from AWWA Heavy Duty Cast Slide Gates Product line

  • Accupanther - Model AP01 - Slide Gate Valve Devices

    Slide Gate Valve Devices for buried slide valves an above floor hydrants. Voltage: Accu 20 V

    By elomat GmbH based in Sasbach, GERMANY. from Slide Gate Valve Devices Product line

  • Handymat - Model 230 VAC/ HY01 - Slide Gate Valve Devices

    VAC/ HY01 - Slide Gate Valve Devices for hand wheels and buried slide gate valve. voltage: 230 V. Power: 1200 W

    By elomat GmbH based in Sasbach, GERMANY. from Slide Gate Valve Devices Product line

  • Rodney Hunt - Bonneted Slide Gates

    Bonneted Slide Gates are fabricated gates for high head (flow rate) dam inlet-outlet and turbine bypass applications. Heads up to 500’ (150M) with a maximum velocity of 115 Ft/Sec (35M/Sec). Carbon or stainless steel construction. Bronze or stainless steel seat. Proven performance in installations throughout the world.

    By Rodney Hunt Company - VAG Valve and Gate Group based in Orange, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Valvulas - Channel Penstocks Valves

    Unidirectional or bidirectional valves whose dimensions and design depend on the customer’s specific needs. These penstocks ensure watertightness on all three sides (at the bottom and the two sides), thanks to the closing seal located on the penstock seat. Square or rectangular sliding channel gate. The materials used for manufacturing these ...

    By Válvulas Zubi S.L. based in Bajo, SPAIN. from Channel Penstocks Valves Product line

  • Dry Hopper Container

    Dispense measured amounts of dry products with ease and accuracy. Our patent-pending, Powder-Saver dry hopper container stores dry products in a proprietary hopper and dispenses the powders in accurate, measured amounts through a slide gate valve. Precise batches and shots put an end to material waste. The hopper cone is designed at the ideal ...

    By MODRoto based in Madison, INDIANA (USA).

  • Slide Gate Refractories

    VESUVIUS is the largest producer of slide gate refractories worldwide offering an extensive range of ceramic and carbon bonded slide gate refractory materials for a wide range of applications.

    By Vesuvius plc based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Slide Gate Refractories Product line

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