sludge oil equipment in USA

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    Sludge Drying Process System

    Economic, compact and safe The ANDRITZ Paddle dryer can be used for dewatering sludge (of various types) in waste water treatment plants. Many wastewater treatment plants are coping with a waste stream of digested sludge. The sludge is normally dewatered by means of a centrifuge or belt filter press. After dewatering the sludge has a typical dry ...

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group Office in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Sludge Drying Process System Product line

  • Model 500 ltr. - 4000 ltr. - Sludge Oil Tanks

    Atlas Incinerators recommend a 1-tank system since it is much simpler to operate one tank automatically than two tanks manually. By not using a settling tank the crew will save time, not needing to settle water out. Sludge oil mixing tanks are delivered with a circulation pump and a mill pump for agitation and comminution of the tank contents. ...

    By Atlas Incinerators A/S Distributor in Salem, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

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    WesTech - Oil / Water Separator

    Designed according to API 421, WesTech API Oil / WaterSeparators combine state-of-the-art separation, skimming and sludge transport technologies into a highly efficient primary oil separation device.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Oil / Water Separator Product line

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    Pennram - Modular Crude Oil Sludge Waste Incinerator System

    Manufactured in five segments 4 metric ton modules. Transported by Helicopter. “Plug and Play” installation.

    By Pennram Diversified Manufacturing Corporation based in Williamsport, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Modular Crude Oil Sludge Waste Incinerator System Product line

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    Draygon - Oil/Water Separator Systems

    Draygon Oil / Water Separators meet EPA Method 413.2 and European Standard EN 858-1 (99.99% Free Oil Removal). Our Oil / Water Separators include a tank containing an inlet compartment, separation chamber, sludge chamber, and clean water outlet chamber. Droplets are intercepted by the corrugated plates as the oil/water mixture flows through the ...

    By Draygon LLC based in Venice, FLORIDA (USA). from Oil/Water Separator Systems Product line

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    Flottweg Tricanter(R) - Tricanter®

    The Flottweg Tricanter® For Three-Phase SeparationIn three-phase separation, it is possible to separated two liquid phases from one solid phase at the same time. The Flottweg Tricanter® is the perfect partner for separating these three phases.Tricanter® - Typical Applications For Three-Phase Separation- Processing of sludges containing oil from ...

    By Flottweg SE Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

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    Chemtex - Model OIL927 - Aqueous Polymer/Bentonite Blend

    Rapid solidification of aqueous sludge streams with residual organics and petroleum contamination. This is a blend of super absorbent aqueous polymers and bentonite and organo clay. The polymers will absorb up to 275 times their weight in water, and the bentonite clay will absorb the oil. This product is great for sludge stabilization prior to and ...

    By Chemtex, Inc. based in Cumberland, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Aqueous Polymer/Bentonite Blend Product line

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    Ecosorb - Model 610 - Super Concentrated Broad Spectrum Odor Neutralizer

    Ecosorb 610 is a Super Concentrated broad spectrum odor neutralizer that must be diluted with water before application. The diluted product is commonly atomized into odorous process air, but can also be added to water tolerant resin and sludge, to suppress the release of malodors. Given its effective strength, dilution with water ranges from ...

    By OMI Industries (OMI) based in Long Grove, ILLINOIS (USA). from Super Concentrated Broad Spectrum Odor Neutralizer Product line

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    Flottweg - Model Z4E - Decanter Centrifuge

    Whether for the processing of beverages, olive oil, wheat starch, or the recycling of oil sludge, the Flottweg Z4E is the machine for you. The Flottweg Decanter Z4E embodies high value, efficiency, and long service life, and is a true all-rounder. Satisfied customers use this decanter centrifuge in a wide variety of applications in centrifugation. ...

    By Flottweg SE Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

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    Ecosorb - Model 606 - Broad Spectrum Odor Neutralizer

    Ecosorb 606 is a broad spectrum odor neutralizer that can be diluted with water or used neat depending on application and delivery equipment. The product is commonly atomized into odorous process air, but can also be added to water tolerant resins, sludge, and the like to suppress the release of malodor. Given its effective strength, dilution with ...

    By OMI Industries (OMI) based in Long Grove, ILLINOIS (USA). from Broad Spectrum Odor Neutralizer Product line

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    Flottweg - Z8E Industrial Centrifuge

    The Flottweg Z8E: The Giant DecanterWith the new Z8E decanter centrifuge, Flottweg is extending its product range and setting new standards. Right from the start of development of the Z8E, the target was set of concentrating on the specific requirements of an extremely wide range of industries. The modular design of this decanter centrifuge means ...

    By Flottweg SE Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

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    BIOPAQ®AFR - Anaerobic Flotation Reactor

    Wastewater with fats, oil and grease and/or solids such as proteins and starch, can effectively be treated in the BIOPAQ®AFR. This anaerobic flotation reactor (AFR), with an effective sludge retention system, is an all-in-one system that converts organic compounds into valuable biogas. Wastewater from the food industry is especially suitable. ...

    By Paques B.V. Office in Burlington, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Anaerobic Flotation Reactor Product line

  • Oil Sludge Processing Hydrocarbon Separation & Recovery System

    ART provides waste treatment solutions to the petroleum, and petrochemical industries to treat and manage a multitude of hazardous and non-hazardous refinery waste streams. ART utilizes a combination of physical separation proven technologies for processing of Tank Bottom Sludges, Refinery Wastes, Hydrocarbon Residues, Hydrocarbon (oil) recovery, ...

    By ART Engineering, L.L.C. (ART) based in Land O Lakes, FLORIDA (USA).

  • ISOPur - Model HR Series - Oil Purifier

    The ISOPur HR Series is the smart purification solutions for flow rates in the 300 to1200 GPH (1140-4540 LPH) Range.  The HR Series contains ISOPur’s patented Balanced Charge Agglomeration (BCA) technology, which maintains hydraulic and lubricating fluids in pristine condition by preventing and removing the buildup of sludge and ...

    By ISOPur Fluid Technologies, Inc. based in North Stonington, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Oil & Gas

    Injecting Corrosion Inhibitors. Pumping alkalies to adjust pH of sour gas or crude oil to reduce corrosion. Injecting sludge inhibitors for fuel oils. Pumping additives for bacteria control of water for well flooding. Caustic soda to crude oils or soured gasoline for rerun through cracking stills. Sampling feed stock, jet fuels, gasolines, and ...

    By Aquflow based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Oil & Gas Product line

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    Flottweg Sedicanter(R) - Model S3E, S4E, S6E - Flottweg Sedicanter®

    Flottweg Sedicanter separates solids from liquids. Its special feature: the solids consist of a sediment with properties ranging between soft and fluid.Typical applications of the Sedicanter are 'soft products':► Biomass, yeast and protein suspensions.► Fermentation broths and UF retentate► CIP cleaning liquids and coarse matter-free live sludge► ...

    By Flottweg SE Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

  • CEI - Model ISO 150 - Vacuum Pump Oil

    Specifically formulated for use in vacuum pumps. Resists foaming and sludge or varuish formation. Extends life of O-Riugs and seals. Excellent anti-wear protection. Quickly displaces water.

    By Chandler Equipment, Inc. based in Springdale, ARKANSAS (USA). from Vacuum Pump Oil Product line

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    Eijkelkamp - Model 12.40 - Liquid Layer Sampler, Rod Operat. Stand

    This translucent teflon and stainless steel sampler is specially suitable for the indication of layers, measuring the thickness of the floating layer and the sampling of drums, tanks on lorries, gully holes and shallow oil separators. With the liquid layer sampler also depth specific samples can be taken. The translucent sample tube allows for ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA). from Liquid Layer Sampler, Rod Operat. Stand Product line

  • Model HDU 15/12 - Compact Oil Filter

    HDU 15/12 is a compact offline oil filtration filter for maintaining clean oil in (power) transmission, hydraulic and lubrication circuits. The cellulose-based filter insertremoves particlesto 3-micron absolute,retains oil degradation products (oxidation, resin/sludge, varnish), and removes dissolved / emulsified and free water from ...

    By C.C. Jensen A/S Office in Newnan, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Compact Oil Filter Product line

  • Thermo-System - Active Solar Sludge Dryer

    Parkson’s THERMO-SYSTEM uses the sun as its main power source to generate 95% of the energy required for drying sludge.  The result is significantly reduced operating costs compared to competing technologies like conventional gas or oil fired dryers. The system’s sustainable, drying process is fully automated and is designed with ...

    By Parkson Corporation based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA). from Active Solar Sludge Dryer Product line

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