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BBA Pump - Model BV140 D285 - Electric Drive Sludge and Bentonite Pump

by BBA Pumps     based in Doetinchem, NETHERLANDS

Self-priming centrifugal pump, electric drive, stackable frame max. 350 m3/hour, max. 22 mwc.

BBA Pumps - Model BV100 D260 - Electric Drive Sludge and Bentonite Pump

by BBA Pumps     based in Doetinchem, NETHERLANDS

Self-priming centrifugal pump, electric drive, stackable frame max. 165 m3/hour, max. 21 mwc.

BBA Pumps - Model BV100 D240 - Diesel Driven Sludge and Bentonite Pump

by BBA Pumps     based in Doetinchem, NETHERLANDS

Type: BV100 D240. Max. flow: 150 m3/hour. Max. pressure: 17 mwc. Connections: DN100 (4'). Solids handling: 86 mm (4'). Impeller type: Open impeller. Priming system: BBA MP100. Engine: Hatz 2M41. Canopy: E12-25. Weight (net): 2100 kg. Sound level: Approx. 60 dB(A) at 10 m.

Model T-Pump - Piston Pump

by Mavitec Green Energy     based in Heerhugowaard, NETHERLANDS

Function: The T-Pump piston pump is designed for viscous material like crushed shop return material, sludges, raw materials etc. Piston pump for different types of sludge and organic products.

Morselt - High Rate Clarifier

by Morselt Borne BV     based in Borne, NETHERLANDS

The formerly patented and proven slurry feed system can enable substantially smaller diameters than conventional systems.

Pumpex - Model SP 10-14, SPS 30-80 (50 Hz) - Sludge Pumps

by Pumpex     Distributor in NETHERLANDS

Trouble free and safe handling; Pumpex pumps are equipped for immediate use. The slim design, encapsulated motor and no external moving parts makes installation and operation easy and safe.

Air Diaphragm Pumps

by BakerCorp     Office in Oosterhout, NETHERLANDS

Ideal Usage: Sludge and slurries, flood control and dewatering situations associated with refineries. Applications where compressed air is available.

Model CFP - Filter Press

by CTech Europe Ltd.     Office in Weert, NETHERLANDS

CTECH Europe's complete range of side beam Filter Presses are available in various plate sizes from 250mm through to 1500mm, in both bib outlet or 4-corner outlet with recessed or membrane plates. All CFP Filter Presses are tailor made and available in virtually any volume by selecting the number of plates required. Various levels of automation ...

Koks - Model GullyVac - Sludge Gulper

by AQ-Rent     based in Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS

The Koks sludge-gulper will be sued for emptying street gullys. The GullyVac also can be used as vacuum unit for collection fats and emptying of septic tanks. Becuase of the hugh demand to sludge-gulpers on difficult reachable places, we developed the GullyVac narrow track for the rental fleet. With this sludge-gulper all gullies ...

Verderflex - Model Dura 45 - Industrial Peristaltic Hose Pump

by Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps - part of the Verder Group     Office in Groningen, NETHERLANDS

The Verderflex Dura 45 is the pathfinder in a new generation of medium flow, industrial hose pumps. A product of intensive engineering investigation, with genuine class-leading performance, the Verderflex Dura 45 combines a close-coupled pump’s compactness with a long coupled pump’s easy serviceability. Additionally, its innovative, ...

Model Mk II - Slop & Sludge Plant

by G-force Consulting Engineers BV     based in Alphen aan de Rijn, NETHERLANDS

The Plant in the photo is specifically designed for the treatment of Slop Oils. Its capacity is determined mainly by the viscosity of the feed. For example slop oils with a viscosity in the range of Cst30 at 50C can be treated 10 m3/hr whereas those having a Cst600 at 50C can be treated 2 m3/hr. We therefore recommend to treat at a temperature of ...

Verderflex - Dura 55 Peristaltic Industrial Hose Pumps

by Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps - part of the Verder Group     Office in Groningen, NETHERLANDS

The Verderflex Dura 55 is the class leader for this size of peristaltic pump, significantly outperforming its competitors in both continuous and intermittent duty applications. 

Sludge Dewatering Technology

by Cellulose Assisted Dewatering of Sludge (CADoS)     based in NETHERLANDS

Cellulose – which comes fom toilet paper – is sieved from the raw wastewater (influent) by means of a fine sieve. This reduces the load of solid matter in the subsequent biological wastewater treatment process, thus reducing the energy consumed for biological treatment.

Model TOP - Submersible pumps

by SPECK Pumpen Verkaufsgesellschaft GmbH     Office in Zevenaar, NETHERLANDS

The stainless steel submersible pumps from the TOP 71 range are especially suitable for handling clean, clouded or slightly contaminated water, for example swimming pool water, ground water, rainwater and clarified sludge. All wetted parts are made from stainless steel 1.4301. The non-return valve is included in delivery.

Slop Oils and Oily Sludges Plant

by G-Force BV     based in Alphen aan den Rijn, NETHERLANDS

Waste streams in oil refining and production facilities contaminated with excessive sediments are easy to separate from the liquid (oil & water) in a G-force decanter so that the liquid effluent portion can be returned to the refinery oil-water separators. If however after sediments are removed by the 2-phase decanter and the effluent phase ...

Model HRS/CHRS - Flange Pumps

by Entec International B.V     based in POORTUGAAL, NETHERLANDS

The Homa range of HRZ recirculation pumps is designed for pump applications with high flow rates at low delivery height up to dry solids contents of max. 1,5%, i.e . delivery of return sludge from nitrification, fish farming, amusement parks and/or natural pools. HRZ recirculation pumps have planetary gear drives and are fitted with motors of ...

Screw Pumps

by Spaans Babcock bv     based in Balk, NETHERLANDS

The (Archimedean) screw Pumps are well-known for their excellent qualities such as the Simple & Rugged design, the high efficiency, the capacity to pump raw water (even when it contains an amount of solids and debris) and their lifetime reliability.Spaans Babcock has a worldwide reputation of being the oldest and the largest manufacturer of ...

Model AD - Floating Weir Permanently Open Pump Discharge System

by Aquaturbo Systems, Inc.     Office in NORTORF, NETHERLANDS

Discharges subsurface laminar layer of clean water without disturbing the sludge blanket or floatables. Gravity and pump options are available with mechanical actuation to close the weir during aeration and mixing phases preventing wastewater or activated sludge entering the discharge pipe.

Vacuum Pressure Tank - Pump System

by Biogas Plus BV     based in Bakel, NETHERLANDS

The Vacuum Pressure Tank is an innovative pump system, specially developed for pumping liquids/sludges with a relatively high percentage of dry solids. The feeding of a biogas installation may not be interrupted because of errors or maintenance, these result almost immediately in a lower biogas production and thus a loss of income. The blockage of ...

TenCate Geotube - Dewatering and Solids Containment Systems for Pulp and Paper Applications

by TenCate - Geotube     Office in NETHERLANDS

TenCate Geotube industrial fabrics deliver solutions for pulp and paper applications. From our complete product line for the dewatering market, we offer materials that can be pumped to capacity with sludge and dewatered repeatedly. The effective reduction of sludge can range from 20% to as high as 80% depending on application, always yielding ...

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