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sluice trough equipment

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    WesTech - Fish Recovery and Return Screens

    The U.S. EPA Clean Water Act Section 316(b) allows for numerous different compliance methods to meet Best Technology Available (BTA) requirements for impingement mortality standards. One of the more cost-effective means of compliance is based on option 5, allowing the owner to “operate a modified traveling screen that the ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Intake Screens Product line

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    Hydroflux epco - Primary Settlement Screen

    The HUBER LIQUID Drum is an in-channel ultra-fine screen that is used as an alternative to longitudinal and circular primary clarifiers in a sewage treatment plant. The system requires 90% less space than a traditional clarifier resulting in a significant reduction in construction costs, or alternatively freeing up existing tanks that can be reconfigured into aeration basins or wet weather ...

    By Hydroflux Pty Ltd based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. from Hydroflux epco - HUBER Technology - Screens Product line

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    Ovivo - Ozzy Cup Drum Screen

    Ovivo’s high performance, low maintenance, elite screening technology. The Ozzy Cup Drum Screen delivers Ovivo's proven drum screen technology in a small, and in channel design. Ovivo’s Ozzy drum screens are designed to meet the increasing demand for high capacity coarse and fine screening of raw or wastewater coupled with a robust low maintenance ...

    By Ovivo USA LLC based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Municipal Wastewater - Inlet Works Product line

  • TurboTank - Stand-Alone Washing Unit

    The TurboTank is the stand-alone version of the TurboWash which includes the TurboWash and Spiralman screen, suitable for large volume screenings washing, ie: flow through a sluice ...

    By Headworks Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Mechanical Equipment Product line

  • Eliminator Band Screen

    the stainless steel sieve elements and exits through the sides of the unit. Screenings are captured by the elements and are carried up to the discharge point where they are removed by the Dual-Surge spray header system. The material is discharged into a sluice trough and conveyed for collection and disposal, ...

    By Headworks Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Mechanical Equipment Product line

  • JMS - Model Delta-Compactor - Screening Compactor Process System

    , a conveyor, or sluice trough. Varying in design, they all use a compacting screw mechanism to wash and dewater screenings. This results in reduced organics content, volume, and weight resulting in a substantial reduction in hauling and landfill ...

    By Jim Myers & Sons, Inc. (JMS) based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Delta-Separation Product line

  • TurboWash - Screenings Washer

    The TurboWash agitator creates a highly turbulent mixing regiment zone in a channel or tank (similar to the water around a propeller on a motor boat), immediately preceding the screening equipment. Wastewater enters the agitation zone and is heavily mixed. The turbulent zone of influence created by the TurboWash agitator loosens and emulsifies the organic BOD material attached to the screenings ...

    By Headworks Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Mechanical Equipment Product line

  • WTR-Engineering - Model 316b - Fish Recovery & Return Screens

    WTR’s Fish Recovery & Return (FRR) Screens are one of the most cost effective means for compliance under 316(b), Sec. 5 and are available for new intakes or retrofit into existing ...

    By WTR Engineering, LLC based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA).

  • Vulcan - Model EWP - Washing Press

    The Model EWP Washing Press is a spiral press used to wash organic matter out of screenings material. The Washing Press washes, dewaters, compacts and transports screenings to a conveyor, container or other suitable receiving ...

    By Vulcan Industries based in Missouri Valey, IOWA (USA). from Screenings Handling Product line

  • Mensch Severe Duty - Bar Screen

    The Mensch Severe Duty™ Bar Screen is well known for its versatility in a wide array of pumping station and head works projects, along with setting the standard for robust design in the most severe waste water, combined sewer, and storm water applications. You cannot find a more durable screen on the ...

    By Vulcan Industries based in Missouri Valey, IOWA (USA). from Screening Product line

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