slurry pump equipment available in Africa

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    Draygon MudHen - Model 2.0 - Concrete Slurry

    The 2.0 has twice the capacity of the 1.0 between cleanings and allows for more clean water production. The system can be designed with the portable sludge slab cart – or you can use a wheel barrel or other container for removing the sludge slabs. Dimensions 33” wide, 64” long, 48” high. Equipped with an air operated pump ...

    By Draygon LLC based in Venice, FLORIDA (USA). from Concrete Slurry Product line

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    Draygon - Model MudHen 1.0 - Concrete Slurry

    The MudHen 1.0 is the most effective portable slurry water recycling system made. It can fit in an elevator, through a standard 36” door, and on a tommy gate lift. Over 200 gallons per hour of slurry water can be treated – cleaning takes less than 3 minutes. Filter slabs are easily disposed of. The MudHen 1.0 dimensions: 33” ...

    By Draygon LLC based in Venice, FLORIDA (USA). from Concrete Slurry Product line

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    ENEXIO - Dense Slurry Mixer

    Hydrodynamic mixers for superb slurry quality; The core component of the Circumix Dense Slurry technology is the Circumix Mixer. The role of the Circumix Dense Slurry mixer is to receive the fly ash, mix it with the necessary make-up water to produce homogenous dense slurry with 0.8:1…1.2:1 water-to-solid ratio on weight basis to be ...

    By ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH based in Hürth, GERMANY. from Dense Slurry Mixer Product line

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    ENTA - Mono Pump

    They are commonly used in pumping municipal sewage sludge, mine waste water and slurries.

    By ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting LTD based in Seyrantepe-Sarıyer, TURKEY. from Mono Pump Product line

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    ENTA - Dosing Pumps

    Applications: Water and sewage treatment: Sampling, chemicals dosing: Ferric Chloride, Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium Bisulphite, etc... Abrasive products dosing: Lime slurry, Carbon slurry, Potassium Permanganate, etc. Polymers, Aqueous Ammonia, etc.

    By ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting LTD based in Seyrantepe-Sarıyer, TURKEY. from Dosing Pumps Product line

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    Komline Sanderson - Plunger Pumps

    K-S Plunger Pumps are engineered for heavy duty service in difficult sludge, slurry, float transfer, or metering applications. It is a self-priming positive displacement pump that can pass solid objects up to 1-5/8' in diameter, rags, or entrained air. Our pumps have capacities to 34 liters per second (540 gpm) at heads to 90 meters (300 feet). ...

    By Komline-Sanderson based in Peapack, NEW JERSEY (USA).

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    SafeLine - Model PipeChek / PipeChek Plus Series - Single Vertical X-ray Beam

    Single Vertical X-ray Beam Designed for inspection of pumped products, typically slurries, semi-solids and fluids before the final packaging and further value is added to the product. The PipeChek x-ray inspection system is a single vertical x-ray beam system designed for inspection of pumped products, typically slurries, semi-solids and fluids ...

    By Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc based in Greifensee, SWITZERLAND.

  • NNT - Model F6147 - Impeller F6147

    Efficiency impeller F6147/ slurry pump wet parts for 8/6E-NHR1. High-abrasive materials2. High in efficiency3.Steady in operate1. Slurry pump partsCompletely interchangeable with AH, L, M, HH, SP slurry pumps and G/GH gravel pumpsFor unlisted slurry pump parts, OEM service offered. Drawings needed.2. MaterialsHigh chrome alloy: A05, A07, A49, ...

    By Shijiazhuang Nainater Slurry Pump Co., Ltd based in Shijiazhuang City, CHINA.

  • Tongda - Interchangable Warman Pump Impeller

    Pump impeller is one of the most important pump parts. Only the pump impeller works well,then the slurry pump could meet requirements. However, it is an easlily worn-out pump parts. Therefore, material plays an important role for its lifetime. Pump Impeller 1.Our pump impeller has excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance large passage area ...

    By Hebei Tongda Pump&Valve Group Co.,Ltd. based in Baoding, CHINA.

  • Model THH - high-Head Slurry Pump

    THH slurry pump are designed for heavy dutyapplication require high heads per stage at highpressures.Suitable for long distance transportingor where others require more than one pumps inseries

    By Hanhe Pump Co.,Limited based in Shijiazhuang City, CHINA.

  • Model ​​THP - Vertical Slurry Pump

    THP vertical centrifugal slurry pump works underwater for delivering heavy concentration corrosiveslurry with big particles.Total casing is made byanti-abrasive metal and rubber made by impelleror anti-resistant alloy iron.For THPR type,allunder-water spares are equipped with liner rubbersuitable for delivering strongly corrosion slurry.

    By Hanhe Pump Co.,Limited based in Shijiazhuang City, CHINA.

  • Submerged Slurry Pump

    Main features: Big capacity available with unique impeller structure. Both ends, tungsten-carbide material sealing, more durable. Flow:100—500m3/h,. Lift:25—30m,. Power:11—75KW。

    By Doyen Machinery CO., Ltd based in Foshan City, CHINA. from Submerged Slurry Pump Product line

  • Discflo - Vertical Dry Pit Pumps

    Vertical Dry Pit Pumps are ideal for heavy-duty sewage, sludge and slurry applications. Discflo manufactures a complete line of sump and dry pit pumps for heavy-duty sewage, sludge and slurry applications. Using the unique Discpac technology, these pumps provide clog-free, low cost, long-lived operation, outperforming progressive cavity, ...

    By Discflo Corporation Inc. based in Santee, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model AH - Slurry Pump

    Features: Completely the same performance as Warman AH slurry pump, Can transport high density slurry containing highly hard abrasive particles like concrete, coal cinder, cement, clay, grit ,juice etc, The slurry density can be up to 60%.

    By Shanghai Guomei Pump Co.,ltd based in Qingpu, CHINA.

  • Tobee® Pump - Model TH/THH/TM/TL - Tobee® Slurry Pump Polyurethane Wetted Parts

    Tobee® Slurry Pump Polyurethane Wetted Parts directly connect with slurries, It is very crucial to the service life of slurry pumps. worklife is longer than Rubber materials for 3~5times,Tobee® Polyurethane wetted parts include Impeller,Throatbush, Frame plate liner, Cover plate liner, Frame plate liner insert etc. They are very easily worn-out ...

    By Hebei Tobee Pump Co.,Limited based in Shijiazhuang, CHINA.

  • slurry pump for Mineral processing

    EHM Series slurry pump is mainly using for handing strong abrasive, high density slurries and low density, high head slurries in the metallurgical, mining, coal, power, building material and other industrial departments etc.This kind of slurry pump mainly applies in coal washer processing, handling with the fine ore and tailings in metal mine, ...

    By Excellence Pump Industry Co., Ltd based in Beijing, CHINA.

  • Agrometer - Slurry Pumps

    At Agrometer you will find various types of slurry pumps, which will solve any pumping job you may have.With an Agrometer lineshaft slurry pump you both save money and become more efficient. Being completely hot-dip galvanized, the slurry pump has a very long service life. At the same time you also save money on daily maintenance, because the ...

    By Agrometer a/s based in Grindsted, DENMARK. from Slurry Pumps Product line

  • Dragflow - Model PSV Series - Vertical Pumps

    Vertical cantilever pumps designed and studied for the conveying abreasive slurries and tailings. Vertical axis with bearings in stuffing box designed to allow the lower part of the shaft to work overhang without mountings submerged into the liquid. Bodies are in cast-iron, divided in two halves with protective lining made in our special antiwear ...

    By Dragflow North America based in West Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Vertical Pumps Product line

  • Agronic - Model MRP 100 - Feed Pump

    Agronic MRP 100 is an electric shredding slurry feed pump. The pump shreds and feeds even slurry with high hay content e.g. from a pit to the slurry basin. The pump operates completely independently through an automated control. The pump produces sufficient pressure to transfer slurry even over long distances.

    By Agronic Oy based in Haapavesi, FINLAND. from Feed Pump Product line

  • NNT - Model sp - Centrifugal vertical slurry sand pump for sulfuric acid with high concentration

    Small sump pump specifications Pump size: 40-300mmCapacity: 17-1267m3/hHead: 4-40mMaterials: Cr27, Cr28, rubber liner Brief introduction of Small sump pump The SP(R) series Small sump pump are vertical, centrifugal slurry pumps submerged in sump during operation. They are designed for delivering highly abrasive, large particles and high density ...

    By Shijiazhuang Nainater Slurry Pump Co., Ltd based in Shijiazhuang City, CHINA.

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