Sodium Hypochlorite Generator equipment available in Mongolia

  • Natchlor - Seawater Analysis System

    Cumberland’s NATCHLOR cells and systems are designed specifically for operation on artificial brine sources, i.e. food grade salt. These products and process are used extensively on potable water applications where the requirement for minimisation of disinfection by products (DBP’s) is paramount.

    By Cumberland Electrochemical Limited based in Bicester, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • PSA - Model 10.025 - Millennium Merlin For Mercury Testing In Solids, Sludges And Liquids

    As mercury is present throughout the environment the analyst needs a versatile analyser to be able to measure all forms of this toxic contaminant. Mercury is extremely toxic and harmful to human health. The biodegradable products methyl mercury and dimethylmercury are even more toxic and accumulate especially in fish tissues where they enter the ...

    By P S Analytical Limited based in Orpington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Systems for Mercury Determination Product line

  • Crossed Linked Poly Tanks

    Sulfuric Acid to 98% Concentration. HDLPE resin # 880046, natural in color, 1.9 specific gravity, 600 psi, meets. ASTM D1998-97 standards and is warranted for a FULL 3 YEARS for storage at ambient temperatures.

    By Sierra Sales Double Wall Plastic Tanks based in Perkasie, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Model MPX - Cross Flow Scrubbers

    Our cross flow scrubbers feature a number of advantages compared to vertical packed bed towers. Ducting is simpler and the crossflow design makes it convenient to fit the scrubber in a ducting system. In the case of a single stage design, a packed tower may be preferred in view of its convenient combination with a stack. Choice of material is ...

    By Pure air solutions bv based in Heerenveen, NETHERLANDS. from Chemsorption Product line

  • PSA - Mercury Determination in Liquid, Solid and Gaseous Media

    Mercury analysers are now an essential tool for all analytical laboratories as mercury which is extremely toxic to humans is a major contaminant throughout our environment. Analysts therefore need a versatile analyser in order to measure mercury in all the types of material which may be presented to them. The PSA 10.025 Millennium Merlin mercury

    By P S Analytical Limited based in Orpington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Lab Product line

  • C-TREAT - Ballast Water Treatment System

    The most commonly occurring method of Global transfer of non indigenous species has been found to be transfer through shipping industry ballast water. The resulting ecological and economical damage has been enormous and resulted in whole new market for Cumberland traditional disinfection technologies.

    By Cumberland Electrochemical Limited based in Bicester, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Non-Hazardous Disinfection Systems

    The Aquadron is GUARANTEED to improve hygiene in beverage and bottling lines.  It can also reduce energy and water use and save time on clean-in-place (CIP) cycles. The Aquadron can provide continuous disinfection during a running bottling process. This reduces the risk of microbiological contamination of the beverage and ensures that a ...

    By Aquadron based in Oldbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Aquadron - Water Disinfection Technology

    How does the aquadron system work? Aquadron is a disinfection technology developed in Germany. The system is installed at hundreds of sites around the world. It is effective as a water treatment system, for the control of pathogens, and is used as a disinfectant system in the food industry, brewing and beverage industries and more.

    By Aquadron based in Oldbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

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