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Tenax - Model T-Block - Retaining Wall System

by TENAX Group / TENAX Spa / TENAX Corporation     based in Viganò, ITALY

The reinforced soil technique is a construction method that is thousands of years old and has in the past used different types of soil reinforcing materials. Today’s geosynthetics, in particular the use of geogrids and the structures designed to use them, are the subject of well researched mathematical solutions. Several types of ...

TENAX - Model TT - Mono-Oriented Geogrid

by TENAX Group / TENAX Spa / TENAX Corporation     based in Viganò, ITALY

TENAX TT geogrids are manufactured by extruding and mono-directional drawing of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) grids. This technology produces products having important technical properties that permit their usage in structural applications.TENAX TT geogrids, being chemically inert and having a high tensile strength and modulus are specifically ...

Tenax - Model Equiter - Panel Wall System

by TENAX Group / TENAX Spa / TENAX Corporation     based in Viganò, ITALY

The Panel Wall System is an innovative method for the construction of confinement walls with a reinforced soil structure through the application of geogrids. The Panel Wall System is unique and can be considered as a state of the art system, developed from the joint cooperation between two of the most experienced and qualified companies in the ...

Tenax - Model Rivel - Integrated Geogrid System

by TENAX Group / TENAX Spa / TENAX Corporation     based in Viganò, ITALY

The reinforcing element provided by the TENAX RIVEL System is composed of a TENAX TT series monoriented HDPE geogrid (1) and on the face by a non structural guiding and supporting 'left in place' formwork (2), produced by bending to the slope angle a sheet of welded wire mesh (150 x 150 mm mesh or also 200x200 mm, Ø 8 mm). The formwork is ...

Tenax - Model GT - Geocomposite

by TENAX Group / TENAX Spa / TENAX Corporation     based in Viganò, ITALY

TENAX GT is a polypropylene (PP) geocomposite designed specifically for the stabilisation of soils where both a reinforcing action as well as the separation between a granular base and very fine soil is required. Laminating a nonwoven geotextile to a TENAX LBO geogrid produces the TENAX GT geocomposite. TENAX GT has both a high tensile strength ...

Tenax - Model LBO - Bi-Oriented Geogrid

by TENAX Group / TENAX Spa / TENAX Corporation     based in Viganò, ITALY

TENAX LBO geogrids are specifically designed for the stabilisation and the reinforcement of soil. TENAX LBO geogrids are manufactured from polypropylene (PP), produced by a patented extrusion method and successively biaxially drawn to increase their tensile characteristics. TENAX LBO geogrids have an elevated tensile modulus and optimal ...

TENAX - Model 3D GRIDS - Stabilisation Of Soils

by TENAX Group / TENAX Spa / TENAX Corporation     based in Viganò, ITALY

TENAX’s 25 years experience has confirmed that stabilisation of soils is an extremely cost effective method of converting areas of weak soil into a usable and environmentally sound construction material. Combining the use of TENAX bi-oriented geogrids with soils to create a much improved grid/soil composite has meant that many soils found on ...

Duna System

by Officine Maccaferri S.p.A.     based in Zola Predosa, ITALY

The Duna System is a reinforced soil bund used to form acoustic and visual barriers. Each face can be selected to either vegetate, or have a stone finish according to client needs. The embankment is constructed from modular two-sided elements which are stacked onto each another to form the steep, or even vertical, faces of the bund. The face ...

Downhole Drill Equipment

by Pauselli SRL     based in Citta di Castello [PG], ITALY

The Downhole Drill Equipment is a special equipment that can be applied on the Self Propelled Pile Driving machine for the drilling of road pavements in every hard condition. The Downhole drill hammer drills every kind of soil, reinforced concrete, rock and granite.  

RUNFLOOR - The Grid for the Creation of High Resistance Green Drivable Areas

by Geoplast US Corp.     Office in Grantorto, ITALY

RUNFLOOR is the solution for the creation of grass and gravel permeable and high resistance car parks. Thanks to its reinforced structure, it is very resistant to the typical stress produced by vehicles in motion.

Green Terramesh - Environmentally Friendly Modular System

by Officine Maccaferri S.p.A.     based in Zola Predosa, ITALY

Green Terramesh is an environmentally friendly modular system used to form vegetated (green) faced soil reinforced slopes (also known as Mechanically Stabilised Earth) and embankments. It has been used globally on some of the most significant infrastructure schemes. On taller slopes and structures, it can also be used in conjunction with our high ...

Biomat - Curlex Blankets

by Full Service Srl     based in Saletto, ITALY

Full Service selects high performance products that guarantee the best results in every situation. Among these products, Curlex blankets are the top products – they are known all over the world and thanks to Full Service, they are now available also in Italy. The long wooden fibres of these blankets are a soft mattress reinforced with one or ...

MODULO - A Solution for Vapor Intrusion

by Geoplast US Corp.     Office in Grantorto, ITALY

MODULO is a single-use formwork for the construction of ventilated crawl spaces which physically separate the building from the ground. The system creates an under slab void that works as a capillary barrier against moisture - yet uses less concrete than other standard slab equivalents but has, at the same time, a superior load bearing capacity. ...

SPRINT - Front Mower

by Marangon SRL     based in San Giorgio In Bosco (Padova), ITALY

 Front or rear mower coupled to the tractor through the third quick fit point or by the triangle of the second category. Adjust cutting height by the third point of the tractor. The front linkage type enables the towed mower to follow the progress of the soil with extreme precision, smoothing over bumps and dips eliminating the risk of damage ...

Covered Parking Lots Oil Separators

by Boer Group S.r.l.     based in Cordenons (PN), ITALY

This type of systems is used for intercepting any oily residue released from vehicles driving through covered parking lots or parked in the same. Oil separation can reach 98% and is strictly bound to the quality of incoming water. Outgoing water must undergo regular chemical tests to assess quality.

Model M410 LC - Hillside Combines

by Laverda S.p.a.     based in Breganze (VI), ITALY

Continuous feed and uniform cutting even in difficult conditions.Large -diameter auger: thanks to a large-diameter auger with larger flighting, it allows for increased and improved feeding capacity.Open-profile frame: provides better visibility (facilitating crop flow control) and improves the handling of long-stemmed crops. The frame is designed ...

Coir - Erosion Control Blankets

by Coir Lanka     based in Negombo, ITALY

Erosion control blankets are created with 100% coconut fibre with photo degradable or biodegradable bottom and top grids sewn up together according to the given diagram.

Biomac - Biodegradable Blankets

by Officine Maccaferri S.p.A.     based in Zola Predosa, ITALY

Biomac® blankets are used for surface erosion protection. Also known as Rolled Erosion Control Protection (RECPs) mats, they provide immediate protection to vulnerable slopes to the effects of erosion such as wind, rain and surface run-off. Placed onto topsoiled and seeded slopes, Biomac® supports the establishment of vegetation. As the ...

Water discharge Measurements: Current meter

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     Distributor in ITALY

The instrument is used for the accurate determination of the current velocity in water ways, channels, rivers and the sea. The meter can also be applied in polluted water currents. The measurements are executed with the propeller mounted on the rod(s) or connected to a cable. The current velocity meter has a measuring range of 0.025 to 10 m/sec.

ARES - Retaining Wall Systems

by Tensar International     Distributor in Curno, ITALY

From the ground up, everything about ARES® Retaining Wall Systems has been designed to resist chemical, biological or electrical corrosion. Like all of our mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) systems, ARES Systems feature integrated components developed to work together for optimum efficiency, top performance and ease of installation.

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