soil remediation equipment in Netherlands

  • PuriSoil - Soil Remediation System

    G.I. Dynamics provide a unique in-situ soil remediation technology called PuriSoil, to clean up large contaminated areas in a single operation. The PuriSoil Process: PuriSoil is an eco-friendly technology. Pipes are inserted in the ground to a depth lower than the contaminated layer of soil. Air is injected into the soil through the pipes. A ...

    By G.I. Dynamics based in Voorschoten, NETHERLANDS.

  • People - Model GT - Soil Remediation System

    Groundwater Technology B.V., located in the Rotterdam Area, is a leading total solutions provider in soil remediation. The company established an outstanding reputation as the solutions provider for complex projects and develops state-of-the-art techniques. The organization assists clients with tailored turnkey services, providing advice, design ...

    By Groundwater Technology BV based in Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS.

  • Aerobic Degradation Tests Soil Remediation

    What? Screening of the aerobic degradation potential for the removal of polluents.

    By Avecom based in Wondelgem, NETHERLANDS.

  • Eagle-ES - Soil and Water Remediation Technology

    Eagle-ES International BV is an importer for Europe and the Middle East of several innovative Bio Remediation and Bio-based cleaners that solve problems in the ground and in/on water with hydrocarbons in an effective and cost-effective way

    By Eagle ES International based in Utrecht, NETHERLANDS.

  • Environmental Structures & Environmental Remediation Solutions

    Armada-Vingida can offer you remediation structures, decontamination structures and diversified tank covers like large fuel tank covers, chemical tank covers and sewage covers for remediation purposes. We are also supplier of portable cover solutions for water areas to protect algae growth, asbestos site covers and covered excavation sites of ...

    By Armada-Vingida Structures based in Weert, NETHERLANDS.

  • Electrokinetics

    The electro-kinetic technologies are based on electrolyses. Electrical power is supplied between electrodes in the soil. Contaminants are mobilized in the soil water and transported to the electrodes, where they can be extracted. Another approach is the spreading of nutrients to stimulate biological activity. Electrokinetic technologies are ...

    By In-Situ Technieken / Arcadis Nederland BV based in APELDOORN, NETHERLANDS. from Electrokinetics Product line

  • Direct Push Injection

    Direct Push Injection for remedial purposes is one of our key competences. Close to a decade has learned us how to deal with the challenges our soils give us.

    By Nocon BV based in Hoofddorp, NETHERLANDS.

  • Perozone

    In situ remediation late nineties are presented as the solution for (almost) all soil contaminants. By introducing the concept of function-specific decontamination was no longer necessary to get everything to the last crumb clean. Especially to remove the last traces of impurities appears to in-situ very difficult. 10 years in-situ taught us a ...

    By Infrasoil based in NETHERLANDS.

  • Electric Resistance Heating System

    The efficiency of in-situ remediation can be strongly limited due to low permeable or heterogeneous lithology's, because many in-situ methods are based at mass transport of gasses and fluids. This mass transport is difficult in low permeable layers and selective in heterogeneous soils. Soil heating strongly effects the kinetics of many organic ...

    By Nocon BV based in Hoofddorp, NETHERLANDS.

  • TCE-concept - Bioclear Technology

    The TCE-concept was developed by Bioclear earth in the 90s and has been optimized by us since. Nowadays it is the standard procedure for soil remediation of areas contaminated with hazardous chlorinated compounds such as tri- and perchloroethylene. These pollutants have entered the environment due to the activity of chemical cleaning companies or ...

    By Bioclear earth b.v. based in Groningen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Natural Attenuation

    Natural Attenuation makes use of the natural degradation capability of subsoil areas. Depending on pollutants as well as groundwater and soil characteristics, concentration and spreading of the contaminants tend to decrease over time. Intense investigation and monitoring provided, these processes can be used for site remediation. Natural ...

    By In-Situ Technieken / Arcadis Nederland BV based in APELDOORN, NETHERLANDS. from Natural Attenuation Product line

  • TRS - Model ERH - Electrical Resistance Heating

    TRS is the leader in the in situ thermal remediation marketplace. Property owners nationwide select the TRS ERH process for quick and reliable results.

    By TRS Group, Inc. Office in BD Ede, NETHERLANDS.

  • COMMANDER - Model T955 - Terrain Leveler surface excavation machine and trencher

    Obliterate tough surfaces with the T955 COMMANDER® 3 Terrain Leveler surface excavation machine and trencher. Its turbocharged ATAAC Caterpillar C9 ACERT Tier 3 electronic engine provides all the torque you need. Outfit it with an optional sectionalized boom for trenching or choose the innovative surface excavation attachment for surface ...

    By Vermeer Office in Goes, NETHERLANDS. from Terrain Leveler surface excavation machine and trencher Product line

  • PuriSoil Proven Technology

    PuriSoil is an eco-friendly technology. At the site that has to be cleaned up pipes are inserted in the ground to a depth lower than the contaminated layer of soil. Air is then injected into the soil through the pipes. A specially developed bio-active material (PuriSoil starter) is mixed with the top layer of soil. As the air flows upwards ...

    By Terreco B.V. based in Geleen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Green Cleaning Power of PlantsTechnology

    Phytotechnology is a perfect example of what we at Bioclear earth call: “working with the power of nature.” Phytotechnology is a technique, which uses plants and trees to clean contaminated soil, sediment, water, groundwater and air.

    By Bioclear earth b.v. based in Groningen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Water & Environmental Technology

    Improving and preserving the quality of water, soil and air is our core business. And the treatment of hazardous waste. Our companies offer custom-made solutions for environmental problems: research and development, consunltancy and engineering, manufacture and construction, supply and installation of high standard equipment, processes ...

    By Dagin based in Hoogezand, NETHERLANDS.

  • Bacterial Removal Technology

    Bacterial removal of mineral oil and aromatic compounds. When an area is contaminated with mineral oil or aromatic compounds, like for instance benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene and naphthalene (BTEXN), these pollutants can be removed via a biological approach we call biosparging. We make clever use of nature’s resourcefulness by ...

    By Bioclear earth b.v. based in Groningen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Filter Overpressure System

    A filter overpressure system is equipment which is placed on the cabin of a vehicle that works in a contaminated environment. The system provides clean air in a hermetically sealed cabin. The health of the driver depends on the clean air delivered.

    By BMAir based in Nieuwkuijk, NETHERLANDS. from Filter Overpressure System Product line

  • EOS BioJet™ - Waterjet Cutting System

    Subsurface waterjet technology engineered to deliver a slow release hydrogen donor for effective in situ bioremediation in low-permeability soils. BioJet provides a solution for one of the most difficult challenges of environmental remediation in low permeability (clayey and silty) soils. The technology uses BioJet tools to create intimate contact ...

    By EOS Remediation, LLC Distributor in NETHERLANDS. from Waterjet Cutting System Product line

  • Trisoplast - Innovative Mineral Barrier for Environmental Protection and Waterproofing

    Trisoplast is a patented mineral barrier, which was developed in the Netherlands by Trisoplast Mineral Liners. Its outstanding performance is achieved on-site by simply mixing the special bentonite-polymer component with a mineral filler. Sand is typically the preferred filler material due to its excellent shear strength characteristics, ease of ...

    By Trisoplast Mineral Liners International Bv based in Velddriel, NETHERLANDS.

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