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soil washing equipment

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    innuSPEED - Soil DNA Kit

    The innuSPEED Soil DNA Kit is a tool for extracting microbial DNA from soil samples. The extraction combines rapid homogenization of extremely complex starting material with efficient digestion of microbial cell walls in specially developed Lysis Tubes (using a SpeedMill or other homogenizer). After breaking down the material mechanically followed ...

  • Soil Washing Process

    Through the washing of the inert materials with water and appropriate chemicals and separating their different particles by size, the soil-washing process allows the extraction of the pollutant as a floater in water, with its consequent isolation in the finest fractions (clay and silt fraction).The following materials (divided into homogenous ...

    By ECOTEC Srl based in Rome, ITALY.

  • Diemme - Soil Washing Technology

    The industrial achievements of the last two centuries have invariably left a legacy of land contamination, as it was established practice to dispose of waste by tipping on the land, often but not always, close to the site of production. Poorly managed raw materials, chemicals and fuels lead to spills and releases to land with contamination and ...

    By Diemme Soil Washing S.r.l based in Lugo - RA, ITALY.

  • ECOMIN - Soil Washing Plant

    According to recovery and decontamination requirements, it becomes usefull to plan and build small plants, easily handed, in order to remove contaminants from sand and from soils. The experience in mineral concentration is translated in planning and building of soil washing plants. According to soil characteristic, Ecomin supplies equipment which ...

    By ECOMIN s.r.l. based in Genova, ITALY. from Plants Product line

  • Terra Wash - Model TW300 - Soil Washing Units (SWU)

    The TW300 is intended to be the mainstay of our Soil Washing Units (SWU). The TW300SWU will have a production capability of 30 CY/hr (22.94M3/hr) of -12IN (-304.2mm) diameter soil particles/rocks. Larger units can be built, but daisy chaining TW300s can provide greater capacity. Road mobility is the limiting factor for an all-in-one unit like the ...

    By Terra Resources, Ltd. based in Palmer, ALASKA (USA). from Terra Wash Product line

  • Soil Washing Treatment Plant

    The effectivenes of soil washing is based on the fact that most organic and inorganic contaminants tend to bind preferentially to clay, silt, and organic soil particles. In the washing process, the fine clay and silt particles are separated from the coarser sand and gravel soil particles. The separated fines and contaminants are dewatered into a ...

    By ART Engineering, L.L.C. (ART) based in Land O Lakes, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Terra Wash - Model TW75 - Soil Washing Units (SWU)

    The salient features common to all SWU systems are mobility and processing efficiency. Fines processing capability was demontrated in the TW75 prototype testing in 1991 and in the more recent 2009 invert R&D at Nexen Drill Rig #19 in British Columbia and in Alberta, Canada. Mobility is the emphasis in the basic design philosophy. These systems ...

    By Terra Resources, Ltd. based in Palmer, ALASKA (USA). from Terra Wash Product line

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    Orange Solv Degreaser Plus (5 gallon)

    A high solids liquid natural orange cleaner and degreaser with the added cleaning power and the freshness of natural orange solvents. It is water dilutable and will instantly dissolve greasy, oily soils and wash dirt away. May be used by hand or with a high-pressure machine. Heavy duty all purpose cleaner degreaser for engines, concrete, ...

  • Baioni - Model Soil Washing - Contaminated Soil and Sediment Treatment

    Soil washing equipment for stationary or mobile solutions. Baioni has been active in the remediation of soil and groundwater. Remediation concepts are developed and implemented for public authorities and private companies. Baioni has, at its disposal, a whole range of remediation techniques, ranging from selective excavation, extraction and ...

    By Baioni Crushing Plants Spa based in Monte Porzio, ITALY. from Waste Treatment Plants Product line

  • Keteca Water Works - Blanket Press Wash Cleaner Concentrate

    BLANKET WASH is advanced water-based cleaning technology that chemically emulsifies printing ink and other soils in the press room environment. Blanket Wash is designed for on and off press cleaning applications, including press maintenance, roller and blanket washing, parts cleaning, general all-purpose and floor cleaning. Blanket Wash meets the ...

    By Silver State Environmental Inc based in Las Vegas, NEVADA (USA).

  • Diemme - Sediment Washing Technology

    DIEMME Soil Washing is a qualified interlocutor with innovative solutions for marine-fluvial sediments treatment and recovery by polyfunctional platform. DIEMME Soil Washing designs, develops, produces and installs complete sediments treatment plants by means of the Soil Washing technologic process, which can be defined in this field also as ...

    By Diemme Soil Washing S.r.l based in Lugo - RA, ITALY.

  • Tummers - Dry Soil Remover

    Industrial stainless steel machine for removing soil from potatoes and tubers. This machine is used to remove soil, stones and other pollution from the product before it is washed, thereby reducing the strain on the washer and ensuring that less water is needed for washing.

    By Tummers Machinebouw b.v. based in Hoogerheide, NETHERLANDS. from Sorting Product line

  • Recovery Plant for Contaminated Soil

    Recovering Method of Contaminated Soils(soil washing method). In many cases, contaminated substances in soils are attached to relatively small-sized clay and earth particles which are often called ‘silt’. This soil washing method can reduce the volume of contaminated soils by eluding various organic compounds and heavy metals using ...

    By Keosan Machinery Co., Ltd based in Kimhae, SOUTH KOREA.

  • Diemme - Plants for Remediation of Contaminated Sites and Sediments

    DIEMME Soil Washing designs, develops and install complete plants for remediation of contaminated sites and sediments by applying the Soil Washing process technology.

    By Diemme Soil Washing S.r.l based in Lugo - RA, ITALY.

  • Renegade Part Washers and Detergents - Jet Wash and Parts Wash Solvent-Free Detergents

    The Renegade Jet Wash and Parts Wash Detergents for automatic and manual parts washers are formulated to be environmentally safe and health risk free. The detergents remove grease, soil, paint, corrosion, oil and other contamination from the surfaces of different types of parts.

  • AURA-PURE - Model SW - Anionic Surfactants

    Ready-to-use ecological surface detergent for oily and greasy dirt washing. Powerful washing abilities with sensitive care to the object being washed. The product does not contain hazardous and dangerous substances and is biodegradable in water or soil environment. Usage: Apply the product on a dirty surface and leave it on for a while. Then wipe ...

    By AURAVIA Ltd based in Riga, LATVIA.

  • ESD - Biological Wash Water Recycling System

    ESD’s biological wash water recycling system is designed to decontaminate waste water from the washing of industrial equipment or parts. This environmentally friendly wash water recycle system employes a biological remediation process that uses biological agents to remove or neutralize contaminants from polluted soil or water. ESD’s ...

    By ESD Waste2Water, Inc. based in Ocala, FLORIDA (USA). from Wash Water - Golf Course Wash Area Pads Product line

  • DT Dijkstra - Cleaning and Washing Machines

    DT Dijkstra provides effective cleaning and washing machines for the removal of the soil attached to the potatoes and any other undesirable material from the product flow.  Your product can be cleaned with or without water, or a combination of both. DT Dijkstra’s cleaning machines excel in terms of product friendliness, user ...

    By DT Dijkstra based in Emmeloord, NETHERLANDS.

  • Amisy - High Pressure Ginger Spraying Washing Machine

    High Pressure Ginger Spraying Washing MachineFeatured with high-pressure water flow and great cleaning capacity, Amisy ginger high-pressure spray washing machine is suitable for fruits and vegetables of delicate skin and with many impurities and products that are growing in the soil.Capacity for Choice: 2000kg/h, 3000kg/h, 4000kg/hMore details: ...

    By Amisy Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • Eco Wash & Go

    Is an environmentally acceptable multi purpose degreaser and cleaner which contains no solvents. acids, ammonia, caustic or paraffin it is readily biodegradable , user friendly. Due to the efficient cleaning effect of Eco Wash on organic soils , such as grease and oil Eco Wash can often replace much harsher solvent based cleaners. It does not ...

    By EcoDynamics Pty Ltd based in Chamdor, SOUTH AFRICA.

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